Brackett Aircraft Company  
Brackett Aircraft Company manufactures quality products for both helicopters and G.A. airplanes.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.  
Designers and builders of the world's most advanced helicopters for commercial, industrial and military use.
Submitted: Jun 03, 2000
Avsupport Inc.  
Aircraft parts & helicopter parts locator, aviation pma's, mcrd, procurement history, drms, drmo , surplus, Avsupport Online, free inventory listings services.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Masco Service Corp.  
MASCO Service Corp. Excels in sales, repair, and exchange of helicopter instruments and solid-state accessories. They are approved vendors for Agusta, Bell, Eurocopter, and Sikorsky Helicopter Instruments.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
All-System Aerospace International, Inc  
All-System Aerospace International, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of U.S. manufactured Helicopter, Aircraft and Engine spares.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Dakota Air Parts  
Helicopter and Aviation related parts. They specialize in T53, Huey, UH-1, Bell, and Allison 250 parts. T53 PMA Distributor.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Phoenix Products, Inc.  
Phoenix specializes in composite solutions and custom interiors for military aircraft, especially H60 and H1 helicopters. Phoenix also provides a leak proof drip pan for the H60, fairings, ducting, passenger, cargo, and access doors.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Eurocopter manufacturer of civil and military helicopters transport, proposes a wide range of utility helicopters and is the first fully-integrated aircraft company in Europe.
Submitted: Jun 03, 2000
Extex is a Manufacturer of turbine engine replacement parts for the world wide helicopter industry.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
HP Aviation Inc - Helicopter Parts Spares - Bell Sikorsky Eurcopter  
Provide helicopter parts and spares to the global aviation marketplace. Inventory includes Bell 206, 212, 407, Sikorsky s76 a,b,and c models, Eurocopter (MBB - Aerospatiale) AS 355F1, AS 355N, Bolkow BO 105CBS, BO 105LS. Also with over 20 years expertise in this field, we provide fee for service consulting on the valuation of helicopter parts and salvage.
Submitted: Oct 11, 2002
RotorWay International  
RotorWay International is a manufacturer of kit helicopters, producing the award-winning Exec 162F.
Submitted: Jun 03, 2000
Robinson Helicopter Company  
Robinson Helicopter Company Maker of the R22 and R44, The World's Most Popular Helicopters.
Submitted: Jun 03, 2000
Vertiflite, Inc.  
Vertiflite has performed repairs, maintenance, parts overhaul, custom painting and NDT on a wide variety of helicopters.
Submitted: May 20, 2000
new and pre-owned helicopters sales, refurbishment and new aircraft completions, maintenance, overhaul and repair, avionics, paint and overall customer support.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Heliport Systems, Inc.  
Heliport Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and constructs steel and aluminum rooftop heliports including lighting and fire protection for hospitals, and businesses worldwide.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Touchdown Enterprises Ltd.  
manufactures a strong, light weight, adjustable portable permanent helicopter landing and drilling platform that can be adapted to varying terrain/conditions for skid mounted helicopters up to 12,000 lbs.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Aluminum Heliports Helidecks  
Design, fabrication and installation of rooftop, ground level and offshore heliports.Aluminum, steel and fiberglass structures.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2000
Breeze-Eastern specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of load lifting, positioning, and restraining products -- principally helicopter rescue hoists, external cargo hooks, aircraft cargo winches, hoists for weapon loading systems, cargo tie downs and motion control systems.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Full Lotus Manufacturing Inc.  
Full Lotus Manufacturing Inc. develops and manufactures inflatable floats for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Onboard Systems  
Onboard Systems has developed a comprehensive line of helicopter cargo hook equipment to support the lift industry. Products include Cargo Hook Suspension Systems, Cargo Hooks, Onboard Weighing Systems and accessories.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Simplex Manufacturing  
offering a line of helicopter application equipment for fire fighting/generation and agricultural uses.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Aviation Welding Services  
We are a small business who do high quality weld repairs to gas turbine components. All our welding staff are AMS-STD-1595a Approved for the repair of hot section components. We are dedicated to the repair of Allison 250 parts as well as other engine types. Contact us with your enquiry.
Submitted: Mar 07, 2001
Aerospace and Defense  
MATLAB® and Simulink® products for Model-Based Design and technical computing are the industry-standard tools for designing, implementing, and testing air, space, naval, and land systems. Aerospace and defense companies worldwide rely on these products in major programs, such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and Mars Exploration Rover, as well as for unmanned aerial vehicles and advanced wireless systems, such as software defined radio (SDR).
Submitted: Mar 29, 2010

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