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Research and Design

Aircraft Design Resource Center  
"Aircrafts Design" includes a broad range of information, documents and articles on the subject. It also includes useful MATLAB codes on pilot visibility pattern and weight and balance diagrams, it may be so useful for aerospace engineering students who are interested in design.
Submitted: Jul 10, 2004
Aircraft Designs, Inc.  
Aircraft Designs, Inc comprises a group of aircraft scientists and engineers, includes brief overviews of conceptual design, flutter analysis, stress analysis, vibration and fatigue analysis, and manufacturing. also provides information on other company products and software.
Submitted: Jun 06, 2000
Aerospace Structural Research Corp. Mechanical Engineering Design Analysis Drafting Services  
Full service mechanical design and analysis company. Mechanical engineering services include: design, CAD, solid modeling, layout, drafting, stress analysis, FEA, vibrations, thermal analysis
Submitted: Jun 12, 2000
Raymer Aircraft & RDS - design, research, and consulting with a primary focus on aircraft conceptual design.
Submitted: Apr 27, 2000
Aerospace Engineering - University of Cincinnati  
Aerospace Engineering Department- University of Cincinnati.
Submitted: Jun 12, 2000
Aircraft Research Association Ltd.  
complementary services of the aerodynamic design cycle - computational fluid dynamics to develop the aerodynamic lines, the design and fabrication of wind tunnel models, the installation and test of the models in its experimental facilities and the analysis of the data.
Submitted: May 08, 2000
Lockheed Martin  
Deals with researches, designs, develops, manufactures and integrates advanced technology systems, products and services. Major products of the Space & Strategic Missiles Sector.
Submitted: May 13, 2000
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame  
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame.
Submitted: Jun 12, 2000
Engaged in research, development, and education activities with applications spanning many areas including work on airplanes, automobiles, yacht keels & sails, submarines, etc.
Submitted: May 28, 2000
Western Avionics provides products for the design and development, simulation and test,and analysis of MIL-STD-1553 and STANAG 3910 databus systems and equipment.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
Avionics -NLR  
An independent non-profit research institute based in the Netherlands that carries out contract research for national and international customers.
Submitted: May 28, 2000
Alabam University,department of aerospace eng.Faculty, degree programs, facilities, research .
Submitted: May 28, 2000
Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical  
Design, development and manufacture of high performance aerial target systems, advanced technology unmanned aerial vehicle systems, and the next generation of unmanned airborne deception systems.
Submitted: May 20, 2000
Universal Propulsion Company, Inc.  
research, design, development, qualification and manufacture of complete aircraft ejection systems plus related individual components such as rocket motors and catapults, pyrotechnic gas generators, ejection seats, precision electroexplosive devices, propellants, linear actuators, safety and arming devices.
Submitted: May 06, 2000
Designs and builds micro and nano satellite sand components.
Submitted: May 14, 2000
AVIATION LABORATORIES Inc. Specializes in Fluid analysis, Fuel Products, Airframe inspection kits, Filter Elements, Chemical Products, and a complete line of lubricants, cleaners, & Degreasers.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Eaton Aerospace Controls Division  
designing, manufacturing and marketing electro-mechanical, mechanical and electro-optical controls.
Submitted: May 11, 2000
Honeywell ( BCAS)  
Honeywell Business and Commuter Aviation Systems (BCAS) designs, develops, manufactures, deploys and services avionics systems and products for the worldwide business aircraft, regional airline and helicopter marketplace
Submitted: May 12, 2000
Technology Service Corporation (TSC)  
design, development, test, evaluation, and simulation of advanced radars and related technologies.
Submitted: May 13, 2000
ViGYAN, Inc.  
ViGYAN, Inc. - aeronautics R&D, scientific, engineering, and business software development, and computer technology support.
Submitted: May 03, 2000
Aerospace AG  
Specializing in development, project management & system analysis .
Submitted: May 27, 2000
DELTAHAWK, INC. Recreational Diesel Engines  
No Description
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Global Aerospace Corporation  
Global Aerospace Corporation - utilization and development of the global information infrastructure; miniaturization of sensors and instrumentation to allow new capabilities and concepts; autonomous, self-aware, state-driven systems; global in-situ sensing, monitoring, and data dissemination.
Submitted: May 03, 2000
Harris Corporation  
Focused on producing communications payloads, deployable mesh reflectors, signal/data processing, phased arrays and space-borne switching for spacecraft,
Submitted: May 14, 2000
Aerospace Engineering department at Mississippi State University,
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
PC-Aero is a practically oriented engineering office for the design and certification of light aircrafts.
Submitted: May 28, 2000
Triumph Group, Inc.  
Triumph Group, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures, repairs and overhauls aircraft components. It serves a broad spectrum of the aviation industry on a worldwide basis, including commercial airlines and air cargo carriers, as well as original equipment manufacturers of aircraft and aircraft components.
Submitted: May 20, 2000
AAI Corporation  
AAI Corporation is a leader in designing and manufacturing high technology mechanical and electronic systems for both government and industry.
Submitted: May 08, 2000
Agile Aerospace Manufacturing Research Center  
Research on agile business practices , processes, and technologies in the aerospace industry.
Submitted: May 28, 2000
Autronics Corporation has designed and manufactured custom aviation electronics for the commercial aircraft, defense, and aerospace industries.
Submitted: May 05, 2000
Aviation Partners  
It is Aviation Partners, Inc.'s mission to design, develop and manufacture advanced technology blended winglets for business and commercial aircraft, designed to give the Gulfstream II more range and the performance of a brand new airplane.
Submitted: May 20, 2000
BEEL Technologies Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of solid state AC & DC industrial motor speed controls, power supplies and air traffic control.
Submitted: May 10, 2000
Broad Reach Engineering  
Broad Reach Engineering is a small business, dedicated to building space flight hardware and vehicles that serve the science community. Broad Reach strives to create a solution that meets all the science objectives while minimizing cost and schedule, rather than tailoring the mission to fit existing solutions.
Submitted: May 03, 2000
German Aerospace Research Establishment . Three future-oriented fields of research form the key areas of DLR activities: aviation, space flight and energy technology.
Submitted: May 28, 2000
DRS Technologies  
DRS Technologies a supplier of defense electronics systems, providing high-technology products to goverment and commercial markets worldwide.
Submitted: May 06, 2000
EJM Aerospace  
Provides design, manufacturing, integration, and FAA/ICAO certification.
Submitted: May 27, 2000
ELDEC designs and manufactures electronic and electromechanical products for demanding aerospace, defense and industrial applications.
Submitted: May 06, 2000
Huck International, Inc  
Huck International, Inc. ("Huck") is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance, proprietary aerospace fasteners and fastener installation systems.
Submitted: May 06, 2000
Integral Systems, Inc  
Building of ground systems for a great variety of satellites.
Submitted: May 28, 2000
Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute - IAMI  
IAMI addresses the needs of physicians, scientists and allied professionals who conceive, develop, operate and work in the aerospace medicine field.
Submitted: Jun 06, 2000
Middle River Aircraft Systems!  
Provides design, development, production, integration, and support to over 150 airline customer around the world.
Submitted: May 13, 2000
Neptec | Mission Critical Aerospace and Defense Engineering  
Focusing on the design of space vision and communication systems.
Submitted: May 13, 2000
Orbital Technologies Corporation  
ORBITEC - developing and demonstrating innovative technologies and advanced products that enhance the quality of human life and support mankind's exploration of the Universe.
Submitted: May 03, 2000
Personal Press  
Manufacturer of small hydropresses specifically beneficial to the aerospace manufacturing industry.
Submitted: May 13, 2000
Texas State Technical College System  
Texas State Technical offers hands-on training leading to rewarding careers in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Aircraft Pilot Training, Aquaculture, Audio Visual Production, Auto Collision, Automotive, Aviation, Avionics, Biomedical, Chemical, Commercial Art, Computer Networking, Computer Science, Computer Systems, Computerized Control Systems and Robotics, Dental, Diesel, Drafting, Electrical Systems, Electronics, Industrial, Digital Imaging, Laser, Manufacturing, Occupational Safety, Plant Engineering, Semiconductor, Telecommunications, and Welding Technologies.
Submitted: May 29, 2000
Aerospace and Defense  
MATLAB® and Simulink® products for Model-Based Design and technical computing are the industry-standard tools for designing, implementing, and testing air, space, naval, and land systems. Aerospace and defense companies worldwide rely on these products in major programs, such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and Mars Exploration Rover, as well as for unmanned aerial vehicles and advanced wireless systems, such as software defined radio (SDR).
Submitted: Mar 29, 2010

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