MathWorks - Model Based Calibration Toolbox  
The Model-Based Calibration Toolbox provides design tools for the calibration of powertrain systems. The toolbox is built on the high-performance technical computing environment of MATLAB as well as the simulation capabilities of Simulink. The Model-Based Calibration Toolbox reduces dynamometer testing time, increases engineering productivity, saves calibration time, and has the potential to improve powertrain performance and reliability.
Submitted: Jul 02, 1999
AutoPro Automotive Software  
Home page for automotive engineering that help to analyze performance or designing requirements.Such as vehicle stability and handling , vehicle tractive effort , vehicle operating cost due to running characteristics and complete design programs for engine components and clutch.Also automotive articles related to suspension systems and modeling,automotive components like engine , torque converter , break systems and clutch.
Submitted: Nov 06, 2000
Cimatron Ltd.  
Cimatron Ltd. provides comprehensive CAD/CAM solutions for Mold, Tool & Die makers.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Automotive Calculations  
Offers a big collection of automotive calculation programs.
Submitted: Jun 24, 2000
Carley Automotive Software  
Provides Windows & DOS software for automotive technicians.
Submitted: Jun 25, 2000
Automotive Software Link Directory  
Automotive Software Link Directory.This site has been created to serve those who are looking for automotive software solutions and for the benefit of the automotive software developers.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Drivers Daily Log  
Free software download for truckers Drivers Daily Log. Used by 30000+ drivers, inspectors, auditors, and smaller motor carriers.
Submitted: Nov 13, 2000
Code readers are easy-to-use tools that allow you to access your car's computer to pinpoint any problem in your vehicle.
Submitted: Jul 07, 2000
AN easy to use program designed exclusively for Automotive repair facilities.
Submitted: Jun 25, 2000
Automotive Computer Management Software  
Repair shop management software system.Manage time, increase profits, control business direction.Computer Management Software.
Submitted: Jun 30, 2000
Milliken Research Associates, Inc.  
Vehicle Dynamics & Tire Mechanics. Consulting engineering, analysis, simulation software, training and education for passenger cars and race cars.
Submitted: Nov 10, 2003
Fleetwise VB  
FleetWise VB is a comprehensive maintenance management software system offering: PM Scheduling, repair orders, inventory control, fuel tracking, tire module and more.
Submitted: Jun 30, 2000
Automotive Electronics Services  
Automotive Electronics Services (AES) is a source for lab scopes and accessories. They have a wide range of scopes, test leads, probes, clips, adapters, software and reference materials for analog and digital scopes.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
AFS Information Systems  
AFS Information Systems provides F&I, Accounting, Payroll,Parts Inventory, Repair Order Management, Vehicle Inventory, Buyhere-Payhere, Credit Bureau, Sales Management, Prospecting, Followup, and Tracking software for use in both new and used automobile dealerships.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
AutoPro Automotive Garage Workshop Software  
AutoPro Software develop complete and robust automotive products.
Submitted: Jun 25, 2000
AutoTech allows the NON-mechanic to easily troubleshoot common car, truck, and van problems. Covers most makes/models.
Submitted: Jun 30, 2000
Auto Inventory  
Specifically designed auto dealer software for auto dealers both wholesale and retail. Organizes your auto dealership, prints window stickers, purchase orders, and a whole lot more.
Submitted: Nov 06, 2000
EZ Lien and EZ DMV software specialize in Vehicle Lien Sales and Dismantling with Instant DMV record access and built in VIN Decoding.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
The OmniFleet(R) family of fleet maintenance management software offers reasonably priced fleet maintenance solutions to business of all sizes.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
TMTsoftware Company  
Maintenance software focused on fleets and equipment. Developed to cut costs, reduce inventory, recover warranty, and provide reporting in a paperless shop environment. For Windows or the AS/400.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
AutoPro Software  
AutoPro Software develop complete and robust automotive products.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Borg-Warner Automotive  
Borg-Warner Automotive is a manufacturer of highly engineered components and systems for vehicle powertrain applications in engines, automatic transmissions and four-wheel drive.
Submitted: Jun 16, 2000
Grant-Day Motor  
Software for the motor vehicle dealers, car workshops and small finance companies.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Image Sensing Systems  
Company behind Autoscope, also known as image processing or artificial vision, a technology that combines video imaging with computerized pattern recognition.
Submitted: Jun 29, 2000
PPT VISION, Inc. is the world leader in the design and manufacture of completely digital 2D and 3D machine vision systems.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Computer Assistance Inc.  
GarageKeeper Automotive Software products for the MS-DOS operating system and Motive Power products for the MS-Windows operating system.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Performance Trends  
Automotive and Racing related computer software and data loggers.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Automotive Software Group provides an easy to use and reasonably priced software package to both new and used car dealerships, enabling you to quickly create custom window stickers and buyers guides using your own PC.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Computerized Fleet Analysis, Inc.  
A pioneer in the field of computerized fleet/equipment maintenance software.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Equiptech Information Technology  
Authors of the on-screen manual for Vehicle Engine Management Systems and Electronic Fuel injection.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
The ARGO Project for automotive control and interaction.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Auto/Mate is a fully integrated in-house computer system designed exclusively for automobile dealerships. It is an affordable alternative to the systems offered by companies like ADP and Reynolds & Reynolds.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Foothill Software  
Develops custom products for the public safety sector. Consultants to business in Fresno and Madera counties.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Offers software for automotive dealers.
Submitted: Jun 29, 2000
ISSISS Automotive Software  
Automotive software for truck and auto repair shops, gas stations, used car dealers, fleet managers (anyone who owns a vehicle) and general retail.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
AUTOS2000 by Jazz Designs  
AUTOS2000 is a complete automotive shop managment system covvering everything from Work Order creation to sending your customer reminders.
Submitted: Nov 06, 2000
C&R Technologies, Inc  
Software products and engineering consulting services for thermal management of vapor compression cycle modeling (air conditioning modeling)
Submitted: Jul 19, 2002
Data Tranz Data Systems  
GlassShop Software Provides independent glass shops with automated features that were previously only available to large national franchises.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
OMS offers a variety of computer software products for racers and race teams.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
World Information Systems, Inc.  
Providing fleet maintenance management solutions to the transportation industry.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Automobile restoration project management software.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Beven D Young  
Australia's Finest selection of automotive, motorcycle, karting books and software.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Motor Trade Software  
Motor Trade Software, National Rescue, Lambert genealogy and Brooklands pages - Garage, Recovery and AVL Software, plus items for Car, Truck and Aviation Enthusiasts.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Transmission Rebuilders Network International  
A network of world class automatic transmission rebuilders interacting on transmission diagnostics and repair. An online store, chatroom, & transmission fix database are a few features.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
VDO Kienzle  
Makes monitoring and navigation instruments for cars, commercial vehicles, marine craft and cycles; also provides fleet management software, taxi products, and accident-data recorders.
Submitted: Jun 30, 2000
Autologue Computer Systems Inc.  
Autologue Computer Systems offers powerful menu-driven, interactive, Point of Sale, Inventory Control, Customer Accounting and Sales Analysis programs designed for inventory intense businesses.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Computer Modeling  
Windows-based industry-specific software."Windows-based industry-specific software.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
GenesisFour Corporation  
Manufacturer of automotive shop management software(Senior Service Manager).
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Motor Trend  
AutoTech for Windows - software to troubleshoot and diagnose cars, trucks, and vans.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
R.O. Writer™  
Progressive Automotive Systems is dedicated to providing the leading software for automotive repair shops.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Sales Forecasting Software for the Automotive Parts Industry  
Prophecy is a Windows based, multi user, web enabled software system which lets you generate forecasts by product by customer, from units through to profit. An optional module, the Prophecy Data Integrator, lets you integrate external industry forecasts from companies like CSM and LMC into your forecasting database. You can then compare internal and external forecasts at the part number level as well as any level in your internal reporting product and customer hierarchies.
Submitted: Oct 10, 2002
DP Solutions Inc.  
DP Solutions is a world-class leader in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). They offer the tools and services you need to improve your maintenance management program, decrease your downtime, and increase your productivity.
Submitted: Jul 07, 2000
A comprehensive and affordable software package for the service professional: Shop Controller 4.0 Service Management Software for Windows 95, 98 and NT.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Logic Extension Resources is a leading developer of software tools for educational measurement.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Miller Automotive  
Miller Automotive Import Service in Peoria Il. Preowned Vehicles, Invoice software for small Automotive repair shops.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Scanlon Associates  
DrugPak, random drug testing software for TPA's, MRO's and many others involved in DOT drug testing and drugfree workplace testing.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
TSD, Inc.  
Car rental software.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
AG Enterprises, Inc.  
A leading Auto Dealer Software distributor in US/Cannada, with over 1500 customers.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
AutoExec Systems  
AutoExec develops the most useful and innovative software and web design in the computer industry designed for the Auto Industry.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Car Care City  
Oil change and scheduled maintenance tracking software.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Integra Management Systems  
STAR Service Manager software management system for automotive, aviation, and marine service and repair businesses. Runs on Windows and Macintosh.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
LoneWolf Software  
Award winning database , personal organizer and Information management software solutions.
Submitted: Jun 25, 2000
ANX provides users with central oversight plus reliability, security and speed not available on the Internet.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Navigation Technologies  
NavTech makes the map information found inside navigation systems.
Submitted: Jun 24, 2000
American leading shop management software.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
ASA Tire Systems  
ASA Tire Systems: leading provider of tire software for the independent tire dealer, wholesale and retreads in North Ameri
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Lankar Systems  
Lankar Systems is a developer of automotive business management software for the automotive repair industry. Providing service centres, with online and real-time business information to better manage their business, save time, save money and increase profits.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Wireless data equipment and services for automatic vehicle location (AVL), point of sale (POS) for credit/debit card transactions and fleet dispatch.
Submitted: Jun 30, 2000
Pi Technology  
Pi Technology - supplier of innovative software and electronics solutions for the commercial automotive sector.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
ShiftMaster Inc.  
This site describes a product that can be used to recalibrate the stock EEC-IV processor used in 1988-1995 5.0l Mustangs.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Summit Ordering Systems  
Automotive and transmission shop management software from Summit Ordering Systems.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Teletrac is a provider of vehicle location and fleet management services to large and small businesses. TeletracÕs real-time vehicle tracking, communications and security products.
Submitted: Jun 30, 2000
Texas Instruments Semiconductor Applications Overviews  
Texas Instruments Semiconductor Group provides innovative solutions in more than 15,000 customer products worldwide in the computer, communications, consumer, automotive,military and industrial markets.
Submitted: Jun 25, 2000 Provides Automotive Performance Dynamometer Graphs comparing aftermarket car parts.
Submitted: Jun 02, 2001
Gateway Software Corporation  
Gateway Software Corporation designs school administrative software for the IBM AS/400® midrange computer.
Submitted: Jun 27, 2000
Creates Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions using both GIS and GPS technologies for fleet management.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Model-based software design and testing.
Submitted: Mar 11, 2003
Surfside Software Systems, Inc.  
Surfside Software Systems, Inc. a division of Inventek, Inc. Specializing in the transportation industry, Surfside's flagship product line is the TranWare(tm) Transportation Software System.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Tenn Tech  
Provider of industrial automation controls programming, integration services,and power monitoring services to a wide range of industries.
Submitted: Jun 10, 2000
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Benchmarking - Automotive Suppliers Benchmarking Association  
The Automotive Suppliers Benchmarking Association (ASBA™), an association of suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive industry, is dedicated to providing members with an oportunity to identify, document and establish best practices through benchmarking to increase value, efficiencies, and profits.
Submitted: Jun 25, 2000
Dragon2000 is based near Silverstone in Northampton and has been providing solutions for the motor trade.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
The Automotive Network eXchange – ANX – is a members-only, secure, maximum availability business-to-business Virtual Private Network originally developed by Daimler-Chrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation to streamline automotive industry supplier communication efficiency while avoiding the inconsistencies and security risks associated with the public Internet.
Submitted: Jun 29, 2000
Protow and ProRepo for Windows  
Tow management software, Auto Repair software, Repair shop software, Repo software solutions.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2002
MaddenCo, Inc.  
MaddenCo, Inc. markets and supports a comprehensive business systems solution for the independent tire dealer. MaddenCo offers software applications designed specifically to fit the requirements of the tire industry.
Submitted: Jun 29, 2000
Q-PC Real Car Computing  
Q-PC Real Car Computing is a Windows 98 based in-car computer, unlike AutoPC that operates with Windows CE operating system.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Sales tax software  
Sales tax rates and forms by ZIP code, covering the U.S., Territories, and Canada. Industries covered are automotive, leasing, food, occupancy fuel, telecom, general retail, and utilities.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
SGO Technologies  
SGO Technologies Inc. develops database and Internet products for the PC/Windows platform.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
SimuQuest provides services for model-based control system and model-based software development.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2001
Sunbelt Companies Home  
EZ Auto Leasing97© gathers, organizes and summarizes automotive leasing information from leasing companies, dealerships, information services, banks and auto brokers.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Tactical Computer Company  
Professional Deal Quote is a software solution for auto leasing companies and dealerships to easily, quickly, accurately present a lease and loan by supplying and organizing with up-to-date vehicle, MSRP, funding source, rate, residual, and lease parameter data.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Brokerage Concepts  
Transportation tracking software, manage freight movement, customer and carrier profiles and invoice/billing activities.
Submitted: Jun 27, 2000
Rolling Stock  
Windows PC software for complete vehicle and trip records for cost control. Use for cars, trucks, motorhomes, trailers, construction equipment, farm equipment, fleet vehicles.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Summary Systems  
Developing and building a state-of-the-art, on-board computer and communications system for the transportation industry.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Roadnet Technologies  
Supplier of transportation solutions for the destribution industry.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Teletrac is a provider of vehicle location and fleet management services to large and small businesses. TeletracÕs real-time vehicle tracking, communications and security products will boost your companyÕs productivity.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Transportation Technology Group, Inc.  
Premier Technology Solutions for the Transporation Industry.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
SkyCom S.à r.l. Telematics Systems  
Fleet management, automatic vehicle location, wireless data applications, and customized software solutions.
Submitted: Jun 18, 2000
Automotive Aftermarket IT Products  
Company Provides Products for Automotive Aftermarket business, like workshop time and planning, vehicle sales (graphic) Tool, Used Vehicle sales Product. Lot others are made on request.
Submitted: Jan 08, 2006
Using MATLAB® and Simulink®, automotive engineering organizations speed up embedded controller development and calibration, and deliver vehicles that meet market requirements for safety, comfort, functionality, fuel economy, and vehicle performance.
Submitted: Mar 29, 2010

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