Pattern Recognition Systems (PRS)  
PRS develops software, gives courses and does consulting work in the field of multivariate data analysis. This field is also known as chemometrics. PRS works in close relationship with the chemometric research group at the Chemical Department of University of Bergen.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Custom Synthesis, Combinatorial Chemistry  
We offers custom synthesis of fine chemical intermediates and bulk active substances, including complex multi-step custom organic synthesis.
Submitted: Dec 02, 2004
Infometrix is a developer of software products in the field of Chemometrics, employing pattern recognition and modeling techniques for the analysis of multivariate data sets in chemistry and biotechnology.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Agan is one of Israel's largest producers of agricultural crop protection chemicals, supplying markets worldwide with a comprehensive line of field-proven herbicides, acaricides and plant growth regulators. Agan exports over 90% of production to more than 100 countries, competing successfully with the leading multinationals in the chemicals industry.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
ChemInnovation Software  
A provider of innovative software for chemistry graphics, molecular modeling, chemical nomenclature, and information management.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Falcon Software, Inc.  
We are an educational software publishing company that specializes in science programs, primarily chemistry. Falcon publishes over 30 software titles in the areas of general and organic chemistry, environmental science, and electronics.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
G&P Engineering Software  
G&P Engineering Software specializes in delivering high quality chemical engineering software for chemical professionals.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  
Focuses on the discovery and development of small molecule, biotherapeutic and predictive medicine products.
Submitted: Nov 13, 2000
Small Molecule Therapeutics  
Small Molecule Therapeutics, Inc. (SMT) is a privately held drug discovery company. SMT uses proprietary whole-cell high throughput screening systems to discover novel compounds of therapeutic value for a broad range of disorders including cancer and immunological, infectious and metabolic diseases and for applications in agriculture.
Submitted: Nov 14, 2000
Thistle Publishing  
Offers two software packages that evaluate toxic chemical exposure, hazard, and risk: RISK*WORKS for occupational health and industrial hygiene applications, and RISK*ASSISTANT for more general risk assessment scenarios.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
ACMOS develops and manufactures barrier-layer-products for all industrial applications where contact between two materials must be prevented or minimised.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
AECI Limited delivers specialty chemical products and services to key sectors of the domestic, regional and international economies.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
BioFocus provides chemistry products and services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, offering a full range of integrated medicinal, combinatorial and computational chemistry support for lead discovery and optimisation.
Submitted: Nov 13, 2000
CAS is the producer of the world's largest and most comprehensive databases of chemical information.
Submitted: Jan 19, 2001
The CleoSci homepage, developer of chemistry software databases, entry point to information about CleoSci and its products and services.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
HDS is a specialized in customized software and systems for the Chemical Information Industry specializing in chemical and reaction search software particularly for CD-ROM and across the Web.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Hypercube is a scientific software company, incorporated in 1985, specializing in molecular modeling software.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
MolMo Services: a molecular modeling and drug design company  
MolMo Services provides a wide range of computational research services for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Submitted: Apr 06, 2005
MVS Solutions, Inc.  
Research and Development (R&D) Company and Consulting Firm providing chemistry development and chemistry support to business, government, and nonprofits in the chemical, biotech, environmental and related industries. The MVS website also has a number of resource pages with links useful to those in the chemical, biotech, environmental, materials, and related industries.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2003
Premier providers of combinatorial libraries and compound collections preformatted for high throughput screening.
Submitted: Nov 14, 2000
Promega Corporation  
Promega Corporation is a dedicated to applying biochemistry and molecular biology to the development of innovative, high-value products for the life sciences. The Promega mission statement is: To be the most responsive supplier of biological reagents and reagent systems used in research and applied technology applications worldwide.
Submitted: Nov 24, 2000
Sunicom Oy  
Sunicom Oy (est. 1987) is an independent software company specialized in developing Windows® based software for analytical chemistry.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Tate & Lyle North America  
A provider of sugar, cereal sweeteners, starches and citric acid...Domino, Redpath (Canada) &Western Sugars, A. E. Staley and T& L Citric Acid.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000

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