Web Tools

Sensitive database search tool using Smith-Waterman algorithm.
Submitted: Sep 05, 2000
Form for PDB query  
This facility combines a full text search of the PDB database with a FORM interface to customize the format ( TEXT, IMAGE, INTERACTIVE ) of the selected structure.
Submitted: Sep 15, 2000
ORF Finder  
The ORF Finder (Open Reading Frame Finder) is a graphical analysis tool which finds all open reading frames of a selectable minimum size in a user's sequence or in a sequence already in the database.
Submitted: Sep 04, 2000
PatScan is a pattern matcher which searches protein or nucleotide (DNA, RNA, tRNA etc.) sequence archives for instances of a pattern which you input.
Submitted: Sep 04, 2000
This server uses the pfscan program to search a single protein sequence against currently available profile databases (profiles are also available in a format suitable for frame-tolerant searches using DNA query).
Submitted: Sep 05, 2000
PSORT is a computer program for the prediction of protein localization sites in cells. It receives the information of an amino acid sequence and its source orgin, e.g., Gram-negative bacteria, as inputs. Then, it analyzes the input sequence by applying the stored rules for various sequence features of known protein sorting signals. Finally, it reports the possiblity for the input protein to be localized at each candidate site with additional information.
Submitted: Sep 05, 2000
Searches Structural Classification of Proteins via the MRC.
Submitted: Sep 05, 2000
Searching Transcription Factor Binding Sites (ver 1.3).
Submitted: Sep 05, 2000

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