The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System.
Submitted: Sep 27, 2000
Animated IR Spectrum: Acetophenone  
An online tool for identifying spectral modes.
Submitted: Oct 20, 2000
Biochemical Society  
The Biochemical Society's aim is to further the molecular life sciences, with particular reference to biochemistry. Its web pages provide information about the society, its membership, meetings and publications.
Submitted: Sep 15, 2000
CACTVS is a distributed client/server system for the computation, management, analysis and visualisation of chemical information of any, even dynamically and ad-hoc defined type.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Chemical is a site formed by chemists, for chemists, in the analytical industry. You'll find books, discussion lists, referral services, instrument manufacturers, and anything else related to analytical chemistry at
Submitted: Dec 26, 2000
Argonaut Technologies  
Argonaut Technologies provides innovative technology that enables chemists to use parallel chemistry to improve productivity and accelerate discovery and development. Its products include organic synthesizers, software and chemical resins and reagents for solution-phase and solid-phase chemistry.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
Requesting quotes for chemical products or posting chemicals for sale is fast, easy and efficient on Chemarket.Com. A growing network of suppliers and buyers.
Submitted: Sep 20, 2000
Chemdex is the directory of chemistry on the World-Wide Web with about 6000 links now.
Submitted: Jan 19, 2001
ChemKey Search  
Keyword searching using Professor Albert Padwa's synthetic method database will save you both time and money. 75,000 references have been collected over a thirty year period from journals that organic chemists traditionally use. Particular attention has been devoted to synthetic methods, heterocycles, reactive intermediates, organometallic chemistry, photochemistry, stereochemistry, theory, asymmetric synthesis and many more. Yearly updates (ca 5,000 new references) are available at an attractive, low cost. Add your own references to the search routine for more personal customized searches.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)  
Whether you are considering a career in chemical engineering, working toward your engineering degree, or are a seasoned engineering professional, we hope you'll find the AIChEWeb a terrific source of information.
Submitted: Dec 26, 2000
Computational Chemistry List. Resource for Computational Chemists. Discussions on chemistry software, data, conferences, jobs, quantum chemistry, molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics, QSAR, molecular graphics, molecular modeling, and associated archives.
Submitted: Dec 22, 2000
Institute of Technical Biochemistry at the University of Stuttgart  
Institute's mission is to develop industrially useful biocatalysts, do frontier research in biochemical analysis, train chemists and biologists at the cutting edge of biotechnology, promote international cooperations.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
CambridgeSoft.Com develops, markets and supports high quality internet software applications for chemists and engineers.
Submitted: Sep 20, 2000
Melanie 3  
Melanie 3 is the all-in-one solution for analyzing, annotating and querying your 2D gel samples. This easy to use package offers sophisticated analysis for both single and large-scale 2D comparison studies. Its design and functions address the needs of both experts and beginners and includes both automatic as well as interactive gel analysis.
Submitted: Nov 05, 2000

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