Aneda Limited  
Aneda, formerly Edinburgh Biocomputing Systems, develops and markets software tools for biologists including the MPSRCH (tm) suite of Smith-Waterman sequence analysis programs which run on general purpose hardware at BLAST-like speeds.
Submitted: Jun 20, 2002
Rosetta Inpharmatics, Inc.  
Rosetta Inpharmatics, Inc. is a developer of technologies and information systems for obtaining knowledge of compound and drug target activities within human, animal and plant cells.
Submitted: Sep 03, 2000
InforMax Inc.  
InforMax is a developer of bioinformatics software for accelerated drug discovery, enabling over 20,000 researchers worldwide to achieve greater insights into genetic function through biological data mining and integrated sequence analysis. Presently, InforMax offers Vector NTI® Suite for desktop sequence analysis and GenoMax™ for enterprise bioinformatics.
Submitted: Sep 03, 2000
Paracel Inc.  
Paracel offers highly automated genomic sequence and text analysis systems (hardware and software) with an unprecedented combination of speed, sensitivity and selectivity.
Submitted: Sep 03, 2000

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