MathWorks - Bioinformatics Toolbox  
The Bioinformatics Toolbox offers computational molecular biologists and other research scientists an open and extensible environment in which to explore ideas, prototype new algorithms, and build applications in drug research, genetic engineering, and other genomics and proteomics projects.
Submitted: Apr 30, 2004
NeoBio - Bioinformatics Algorithms in Java  
NeoBio is a Java class library of computational biology algorithms. The current version consists mainly of pairwise sequence alignment algorithms such as the classical dynamic programming methods of Needleman & Wunsch (global alignment) and Smith & Waterman (local alignment).
Submitted: Nov 10, 2003
Discrete Laboratories  
New developments and technologies in the field of computational biology and computer-aided drug design. Includes free source code, algorithms, and programs.
Submitted: Nov 05, 2000
BioTools Incorporated  
PepTool and GeneTool provide comprehensive protein and DNA sequence analysis and annotation solutions.
Submitted: Sep 03, 2000
Geospiza, Inc.  
Bioinformatics software specializing in high throughput data analysis.
Submitted: Sep 03, 2000
Sequence Analysis Software  
Bioinformatics Toolbox provides sequence analysis software and visualization tools for genomic and proteomic sequence data.
Submitted: Mar 07, 2010

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