SIGMA Medizin-Technik  
Innovative development of systems and equipment for neurophysiological function diagnostics like EEG EMG ANS.
Submitted: Jun 28, 2002
Alpha Omega Engineering  
Develops and manufactures biomedical research and clinical equipment designed to record and analyze electrical activity of the brain and nervous system.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2000
APS Dynamics  
Information on APS Dynamics, manufacturer of ELCTRO-SEIS Long Stroke Shakers for Modal Testing and Low Frequency Calibration with DUAL-MODE Voltage-Current Amplifiers and Portable Shaker amplifiers.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2000
BD Biosciences  
BD is a medical technology company that manufactures and sells a broad range of supplies, devices and systems for use by healthcare professionals, medical research institutions, industry and the general public.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Axon Instruments, Inc.  
Axon Instruments designs and manufactures quality laboratory instruments and software for the neurosciences and genomics, and clinical monitoring instruments for neurosurgery and neurology. Our product lines include microelectrode amplifiers, hardware and software for data acquisition and analysis, cellular ion imaging systems, a DNA chip reader (microarray scanner), and intraoperative neurosurgical monitoring systems.
Submitted: Nov 13, 2000
Dépex is a distributor of technological products for laboratory, bioprocess and process-control, as well as medical electronics. Dépex has a solid reputation, thanks to the customer-orientated attitude and personal approach. The well skilled and highly motivated employees are continuously searching for ways to improve the customer satisfaction.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2000
Metris B.V.  
Metris B.V. is a young and innovative company active in the field of research instrumentation, measurement systems and data analysis systems for the pharmaceutical, medical and transport industry. Products developed, manufactured and marketed by Metris are LABORAS, GATE-WATCH, ...
Submitted: Oct 25, 2000
Sapidyne Instruments  
Sapidyne Instruments Inc. manufactures instruments for measuring binding constants. Sapidyne instruments are based on Kinetic Exclusion Assay (KinExA) technology. This technology allows us to perform complete binding analyses (affinity and kinetics) on biomolecules unmodified by label or immobilization.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2000

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