Tissue Engineering

Biomedical Design  
Biomedical Design's three core technologies have been licensed for application on heart valve bioprostheses. They are available to potential licensing partners for joint development of other medical devices, such as vascular grafts, pericardium, tendons, ligaments, meniscus, bladder slings, or collagen implants.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2000
Dentigenix Inc.  
Dentigenix Inc. is dedicated to bringing advances in tissue engineering to the fields of dentistry and craniofacial restoration. Dentigenix is developing novel biologically-derived therapies that treat patients suffering from dental disease, xerostomia (dry mouth), and other unmet clinical conditions. A family of products is being developed to treat and repair this progressive destruction of tooth structure. The goal is to preserve, repair or regrow natural tissue. Regenerated whole teeth would provide much more natural appearance and function than currently is provided by dental implants, dentures or bridges.
Submitted: Mar 11, 2003
The Georgia Tech/Emory Center (GTEC) for the Engineering of Living Tissues was funded in the fall of 1998 as a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center . Tissue engineering is the development of biological substitutes incorporating living cells and synthetic or natural materials and the fostering of tissue regeneration and/or remodeling for the purpose of repair, replacement, or enhancement of tissue function.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2000
The Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative  
The Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative (PTEI) strives to facilitate the recognition of Pittsburgh as an international center of excellence in tissue engineering research and education. Using this emerging national resource as a driving force, PTEI seeks to foster and encourage the growth of a regional biotechnology industry rooted in tissue engineering. PTEI achieves its goals by sponsoring research, providing educational outreach programs for a broad spectrum of students, and facilitating access to efficient technology transfer systems.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2000
Tissue Engineering Pages  
The Internet Platform for Tissue Engineering. Research Projects worldwide, Tissue Engineering Search Engine, Companies, News, Conferences and more.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2000
Tissue Engineering Journal  
This authoritative peer-reviewed journal focuses on the engineering of new biologic tissues. The journal brings together scientific and medical experts in the fields of biomedical engineering, material science, molecular and cellular biology, and genetic engineering.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2000

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