Cancer Genetics

Cancer and Genetics  
The purpose of this site is to provide an information resource to help you understand the genetic basis of cancer and to be able to interpret new discoveries in the field of cancer genetics.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Atlas Chromosome in Cancer  
The Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology give concise and updated reviews on genes, cytogenetic and clinical entities in cancer, and on cancer-prone diseases; it is also a portal towards databases devoted to genomics and cancer. It is made for and by: cytogeneticists, molecular biologists, and geneticists in general, clinicians in oncology and in haematology, and pathologists.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Credible, current, comprehensive information from the National Cancer Institute on cancer risk factors, genetic risk factors, causes of cancer, and cancer prevention.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Human Genome News  
No Description
Submitted: Jan 14, 2001
Cancer directory; links to hundreds of cancer sites, cancer news, discussion boards.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2003

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