Paternity Testing

Beta Paternity DNA Laboratory  
Beta Paternity DNA Laboratory performing DNA paternity testing utilizing painless mouth swabs. Beta Genetics offers affordable in-home, convenient, private paternity DNA testing worldwide.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
Paternity testing laboratory since 1987. Accurate, affordable, confidential, and convenient dna testing. Many testing, collection and payment options.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
GeneTree Inc.  
Offers a complete package of services from paternity testing to genetic testing and counseling. GeneTree has experience providing both professionals and the general public with convenient and reliable genetic services.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
Niagen DNA Testing Laboratories is your complete source for DNA and genetic testing services.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
Paternity Testing Home DNA Test Kit  
This is fast and inexpensive DNA test. The "Swift Response" home DNA test kit can be used for Paternity, Motherhood, Grandparent Studies, Sibling Studies, Twin Studies, or for Personal Identification.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
Personal Paternity Testing Answers  
Home DNA paternity testing answers with and emphasis on personal customer care. $25 coupon available for taking our paternity testing survey.
Submitted: Jun 09, 2003

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