Affiliated Genetics  
Committed to providing low cost, accurate, convenient, private personalized, DNA diagnostic parentage confirmation testing as well as twin zygosity testing since 1994.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
The GENASSIST™ CONCEPT is a service designed to assist you and your doctor to research, record and review your (and your partner's) family history for inherited conditions. The results of the GENASSIST™ Family Genetic Profile will indicate whether or not you are a candidate for further genetic evaluation.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
A clinical information resource relating genetic testing to the diagnosis, management, and genetic counseling of individuals and families with specific inherited disorders.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
GeneDx, Inc. is a full service genetic testing and diagnosis company dedicated to serving the diagnostic and genetic counseling needs of individuals and families with rare hereditary disorders.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
A genetic testing resource at the University of Washington, includes an introduction to genetic counseling & testing and a genetics laboratory directory.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
Genetic Assays  
Genetic Assays offers over 50 DNA tests and research trials. View each by title or search the database.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
Genetic Counselling and Testing Centers  
Locate counseling or genetic testing for risk of breast or ovarian cancer. There are a select number of cancer risk assessment centers nationwide that offer genetic counseling and testing services. Search through our database by state.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
Genetrack Biolabs Inc.  
DNA paternity testing laboratory, world-wide service.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000
Proactive Genetics, Inc.  
Proactive Genetics, Inc. offers an affordable, accurate, and blood-less zygosity test, the most conclusive test to prove whether multiples are genetically identical or fraternal.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2000

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