Molecular Immunology  
Everything regarding molecular features of human immune system in health and disease.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2002
Immunology Link  
Information for graduate and medical students, post-doctoral fellows, clinical fellows, faculty in immunology and research scientists in basic medical sciences and biotechnology.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
HIV Sequence Database  
The HIV Molecular Immunology Database contains an annotated, searchable collection of HIV-1 cytotoxic and helper T-cell epitopes and antibody binding sites. These data are also available in the form of a printed HIV Molecular Immunology Compendium which is updated yearly and provided free of charge to scientific researchers (click here to request a printed copy). The goal of this database is to provide a comprehensive listing of defined HIV epitopes.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Manchester Schoool of Epidemiology and Health Sciences  
The University of Manchester, School of Epidemiology and Health Sciences, Manchester, UK.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000

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