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Laboratory Equipment

Bruker Daltonics  
A manufacturer of Mass Spectrometry instruments, including consoles, magnets, accessories, and software.
Submitted: Nov 13, 2000
IET Ltd: International Equipment Trading Ltd.  
IET Ltd buys, leases, rents, trades, and sells refurbished analytical equipment. IET Ltd. specializes in electron microscopes, gas and liquid chromatography, atomic absorption, infrared, uv-vis, mass and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers from leading manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, Thermoquest, Sciex, Varian, Bruker, Perkin Elmer,Shimadzu, Hitachi, JEOL and others.
Submitted: Feb 10, 2003
The independent service for laboratory scientists including comprehensive information on laboratory products, news, events and jobs.
Submitted: Oct 01, 2001
Bio-World.com- Laboratory Supplies and Chemicals  
Bio-World.com offers a wide variety of laboratory supplies, chemicals, reagents, and more. Discount pricing available. Serving government, research labs, and educational institutions worldwide.
Submitted: Sep 20, 2004
Equipment Trading, Ltd.  
International Equipment Trading Ltd. is your premium source for buying, selling, and trading new, refurbished, and used lab equipment.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Micro Containment System  
We are an upcoming Company dealing with manufacturing quality Laboratory equipment and furniture in South East Asia. Dealers and International supplier who wants to market our products please contact info@microcontainment.com .
Submitted: Nov 10, 2003
Analytical Instrument Recycle, Inc.  
Sells reconditioned and used lab equipment and instrumentation. Instruments include GC/MS, GC, HPLC, ICP and AA. Warranties, installation, service, renting and leasing available.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
DM Scientific  
Supplying you with the finest and most affordable in laboratory equipment and supplies from IEC, Corning, Orion, Brinkmann, and many, many other excellent manufacturers.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Labequip Ltd.  
Over 4,000 items In Stock, and new items arriving daily, Labequip is your supermarket of values. A complete line of top quality new instruments, as well as demonstrators and reconditioned laboratory equipment. Labequip offers significant savings over current replacement prices. Through our international contacts with over 150 dealers, if we don't have what you need in stock, we can probably find it for you!
Submitted: Jun 09, 2003
Laboratory equipment at lowest prices - pH, HPLC, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, biotechnology, ion, food testing, etc.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Lehman Scientific  
Lehman Scientific sells New, Used, Surplus electronic and laboratory instruments such as microscopes, oscilloscopes, analytical balances, pH meters, rubidium oscillators, power supplies, etc.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Used laboratory equipment auctions and classifieds at LabX.com. Find used lab microscopes, centrifuges, used autoclaves, lab furniture, HPLC, used GC/MS and more.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Since 1982 MTX Lab Systems has directly imported, sold, and serviced Microplate Instrumentation in 96 and 384 well, Plate Washers, Dispensers, Stackers and Pipettors as ICN/Flow Labs.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Ted Pella, Inc.  
Offers electron microscopy supplies and instruments, light microscopy, atomic force microscopy, laboratory supplies.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Antec, Inc.  
Sells any chemical, in any amount, in any grade, to industry, schools, and individuals. Also sells laboratory equipment.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Electron and Light Microscopy Supplies  
The world's largest source for sample preparation equipment and consumable supplies for electron and light microscope laboratories
Submitted: Oct 26, 2006
Expotech USA  
Supplier of scientific, petrochemical, environmental testing, or laboratory products, supplies, and equipment.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Infra Scientific  
Infra Scientific market a full range of material characterisation instrumentation in the UK and Eire. Particle size by laser diffraction (from Honeywell), sieves (from CISA), and rheometers and viscometers are their specialalities. They are also associated with REOLOGICA Instruments AB, Bohlin Reologi AB and Vilastic Inc. who manufacture a range of high precision rheometers and viscometers - including dedicated blood / plasma / biological fluids rheometers.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Process NMR Associates LLC  
Analytical NMR services and on-line NMR application development.
Submitted: Oct 10, 2002
Spectrum Laboratory Products  
Spectrum Laboratory Products is a customer-focused manufacturer and distributor of high quality chemicals, safety products and lab equipment for the laboratory and manufacturing facility.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Technosklo Ltd.  
Producer of Laboratory glass, all kinds of pipettes, burettes, automatic burettes, apparatuses, test tubes and many other products from pyrex and duran glass, competitive prices, Laboratory, glassware.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Biocompare.com is the consumer guide for the life scientist, offers unbiased laboratory product information online.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
BIODESIGN is specialized in the worldwide supply of Monoclonal Antibodies, Polyclonal Antibodies, Native and Recombinant Antigens and Assay Development Reagents.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Biosource International  
Biosource International, Inc. provides biomedical researchers with tools and basic materials used in signal transduction, immunology and cell biology.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Yellow pages for life science and biomedical research products. Order catalogs and browse product lines from suppliers of reagents, laboratory equipment, more. Free source book.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Brinkmann Instruments, Inc.  
BrinkmannTM is a supplier of laboratory products and instrumentation, representing world-renown manufacturers such as Metrohm®, Eppendorf®, Büchi®, Lauda®, and Binder.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Coffee Break  
Coffee Break is a collection of short reports on recent biological discoveries. Each report incorporates interactive tutorials that show how bioinformatics tools are used as a part of the research process.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Discounted laboratory equipment, scientific supplies and instruments for chemistry, laboratory research, and biotechnology laboratories provided by Daigger.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Electron Microscopy  
Electron Microscopy supplies, instruments, consumables, and supplies designed by microscope users for microscope users. Customers can buy microscopy accessories from the on-line catalog.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Environmental Chambers - Darwin Chambers  
Manufacturer of environmental chambers and incubators.
Submitted: Mar 08, 2005
GenTech Scientific  
GenTech Scientific provides the best in recycled analytical equipment and complete instrument service for mass spectrometers and other GC and GC/MS products.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Labconco manufactures lab equipment including fume hoods, safety cabinets, clean benches, glove boxes, water purifiers, freeze dryers, glassware washers, concentrators, chloridometers.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Larodan Fine Chemicals AB supplies a wide range of lipids of high and documented purity.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
New England Biolabs  
New England Biolabs is a world leader in the production of restriction endonucleases and other related products for the recombinant DNA field.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Norell, Inc. is a leading producer and supplier of NMR consumables, including NMR Sample Tubes, Deuterated Solvents, Teflon Tubing and various Scientific books. Online purchasing and Message Community available.
Submitted: Dec 09, 2001
Scientific Surplus  
Buys, sells, reconditions and services high quality new and used lab equipment. Specializes in fermenters, centrifuges, shakers and all general lab equipment.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Treff AG  
In addition to general custom components, manufactures highest quality customised disposables (pipette tips, microtubes) for manufacturers of diagnostic instruments and robot handling devices.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Voigt Global  
Providing a wealth of science and health related supplies to individuals and institutions worldwide.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Welcome to Glas-Col® Laboratory Products  
Glas-Col is an international supplier of heating and mixing equipment for chemical, biotech, environmental, and pharmaceutical laboratories. The company also specializes in standard and custom heating and mixing equipment for semiconductor, petroleum, food processing, and other related industries.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Wilmad Glass Co.  
Mfr. Of Precision Bore Glass & Quartz Tubing, Grinding, Polishing, Cutting, Special End Finishing, Glass-To-Glass & Glass-To-Metal Seals, Centerless Grinding & Polishing, Concentric Grinding, Ultra Precision I.D.'s & O.D.'s, NMR Sample Tubes, ESR Sample Tubes, Pyrex and Quartz Sample Tubes.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Wolfs Laboratory  
Laboratoria WOLFS produces a unique scale of products in every conceivable form and size: Tablets (film-, sugar- and enteric coated tablets), Tablets with controlled release, Hard gelatin capsules filled with powders and granulates and pellets, Hard gelatin capsules (film- and enteric coated capsules). WOLFS also produces powders and granulates.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)  
ATCC is a global nonprofit bioresource center that stores and distributes biological materials such as cell lines, bacteria, viruses and antisera, clones and other molecular biology materials, fungi, protozoa, and algae. They also manage databases and offer repository management and other laboratory services.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
AWI - Analytical Wholesalers Inc.  
Good quality used and reconditioned lab equipment to environmental, universities, industrial, and private research labs.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Cartesian Technologies  
Cartesian Technologies develops and manufactures precision microscale liquid handling and automation equipment for DNA microarrays, high-throughput screening, and combinatorial chemistry.
Submitted: Nov 13, 2000
CLONTECH Laboratories, Inc.  
CLONTECH develops, produces and markets innovative biological products to the life science market worldwide.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Cytoskeleton Inc.  
Cytoskeleton specializes in the manufacture of proteins, reagents and kits that are useful in cytoskeletal research.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Kromasil is a premium, spherical, silica-based HPLC packing material for analytical to production scale chromatography, available as silica, reversed phases and chiral phases.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
MadgeTech Designs and manufactures Data Loggers for various applications. Our Data Loggers interface with personal computers or laptops and are operated world wide using our Windows based software designed to activate the logger and to view and analyze the collected data. MadgeTech also offers design services for custom Data Loggers.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2002
Molecular Probes  
Molecular Probes is a biotechnology company specializing in the area of fluorescence technology.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Nycomed Amersham  
Nycomed Amersham plc is specialized in in-vivo diagnostic imaging and in life sciences. The company has annual sales of £1.3 billion and 8,500 employees worldwide.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2000
Precision Weighing Balances  
Weighing balances, scales & accessories on the internet. Precision Weighing Balances sells A&D Balances, Ashiba Mini Scales, Ohaus Precision Toploaders, Acculab Portable Scales, Tanita Jewelry Scales and Triple Beam Balances.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Scientific Adsorbents Inc.  
Pprovides fine quality products and expertise available for chromatographic separation techniques. Sample Applications are included.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000

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