Center for Molecular Modeling  
The Center for Molecular Modeling (CMM) is a major supplier of molecular modeling resources and expertise to the NIH research community.
Submitted: Sep 16, 2000
Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society of the Americas  
Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society of the Americas (MGMSOA) is the American arm of the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society.
Submitted: Dec 26, 2000
MDPI Molecular Diversity Preservation International  
The missions of the nonprofit organization MDPI in Switzerland are: to preserve permanently historically significant research chemical samples in the chemical museum in Basel, Switzerland and to share and exchange any other rare chemical samples worldwide to make the samples readily available to other professionals by publishing in MDPI's searchable database at the server.
Submitted: Dec 26, 2000
Molecular Applications Group  
Molecular Applications Group was founded to address the growing need among scientists for powerful bioinformatics data analysis and visualization tools. Through its proprietary technology and expertise in the science of bioinformatics, MAG has enabled pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agricultural companies to better understand gene function, thereby dramatically accelerating the identification, selection and prioritization of drug targets and enabling a more concurrent approach to research and development.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society (MGMS)  
The MGMS was set up in 1981 as a society dedicated solely to the interests of molecular modelling and related aspects of computational chemistry. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, with chapters of the society formed in America and Germany. Current membership of the society is around 500 with a geographical spread including most European countries, North America, Japan and Australia. The society organises many large meetings around the world which bring together people from all aspects of the discipline. Smaller, more focused meetings are also arranged to allow more detailed discussion of particular areas.
Submitted: Dec 26, 2000

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