Neural Network Training Program  
This program can be used to train an artificial neural network with arbitrary input/output data. It may be quite helpful to those who are doing research or is interested in this field. You can use input/output data from any system to construct and train the network. To effectively simulate the system, you have to include all the key parameters of the system as input or output of the net.
Submitted: Dec 09, 2000
DataFit is a science and engineering tool that simplifies the tasks of data plotting, regression analysis (curve fitting) and statistical analysis. What sets DataFit apart from similar curve fitting and regression programs is its ease of use. With the combination of the intuitive interface, online help and wide range of features, it is a tool that is used effectively by both beginners and experts.
Submitted: Oct 21, 2000
PakMed Biomedical Solutions  
PakMed presents one of the largest collections of biomedical software developed in/for Microsoft Office. You can download Demo- and shareware-versions of these biomedical tools/applications/programs by visiting PakMed Web site.
Submitted: Sep 14, 2004
GelCompar II  
Since its release in 1991, GelCompar has grown into the gold standard for comparative analysis of electrophoresis patterns. The software been continuously refined and extended to be compatible with latest developments, and to answer the need for analyzing ever growing amounts of information.
Submitted: Dec 09, 2000
GraphPad Prism combines scientific graphics, curve fitting and basic statistics using an organized approach. GraphPad InStat performs basic statistical calculations and you can learn it in two minutes (really).
Submitted: Nov 17, 2000
Spellex Biotech  
Spellex Biotech is a comprehensive spelling dictionary reference that adds more than 200,000 bioscience terms to the user’s spell checker for specialties ranging from Agronomy to Zygote research. Spellex Biotech covers more than 40 different bioscience fields including agronomy, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, biophysics, ecology, molecular and genetic biology, microbiology, organic chemistry, taxonomy, toxicology, and pharmacology, to name only a few.
Submitted: May 11, 2005
This software will manage any type of biological experimental data, from phenotypical tests and arrays to protein and nucleic acid sequences, and including all kinds of fingerprints. It will analyze and compare any kind of data and generate consensus groupings and identifications of organisms based on all available data, in a multiphasic research context.
Submitted: Dec 09, 2000
GraphPad Prism combines scientific graphics, curve fitting and basic statistics using an organized approach. GraphPad InStat performs basic statistical calculations and you can learn it in two minutes (really).
Submitted: Sep 20, 2000
Software Reviews  
Included on this page are links to over 150 reviews of biological software packages.
Submitted: Nov 05, 2000
This page is intended to provide information about NeuronC, a neural circuit simulation language that allows a user to construct a realistic biophysically-based model of a neural circuit (1 to 10,000 neurons) and simulate a physiology experiment on it.
Submitted: Dec 22, 2000
Genchek - Sequence Analysis Software  
Genchek™ is a comprehensive, multi-platform, sequence analysis software package. It facilitates analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs), Complete Genome, and SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) data. Genchek™ is a research information and experiment management tool that integrates public and proprietary data through a discovery workspace that provides contextual access to sequence analysis tools, content and services. Genchek™ has an integral database system that can be used to access, store, organize and retrieve DNA, RNA, and protein sequences in an intuitive environment that offers editing, management and annotation of sequences.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2003
The Populus software contains a set of simulation models that we use in teaching population biology and evolutionary ecology at the University of Minnesota.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
Statistical Solutions  
Statistical Solutions is a software company dedicated to providing a range of niche and general statistics applications to statisticians involved in all areas of research.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
FOAM: The Fast Ocean Atmosphere Model  
FOAM is a fully coupled, mixed-resolution, general circulation model designed for high-throughput (simulated years per day) while still providing a good simulated mean climate and simulated variability.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000  
Web portal on open-source bioscientific and bio-informatic software that run on Linux.
Submitted: Jan 06, 2001
Theory and Windows-based program to calculate mass spectra. For research and for teaching mass spectrometry and reaction kinetics
Submitted: Dec 10, 2002
ACES II is a series of programs for performing ab initio calculations. The package has a high degree of flexibility, and supports many kinds of calculations at a number of levels of theory. The major strengths of the program are in performing calculations using "many-body" methods to treat electron correlation.
Submitted: Jan 06, 2001
Genowiz - Microarray data analysis and management tool  
Genowiz is a powerful gene expression analysis program that has been designed to efficiently store, process and visualize gene expression data. It includes a suite of advanced analysis methods and offers choice for selecting analysis that is appropriate to a researcher’s dataset.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2003
Intelligent biochemical databases and database-tools.
Submitted: Oct 03, 2005
Technical Database Services  
Technical Database Services, Inc. is the premier source for scientific databases. Our products include: SCIENCEBANK- The Internet Search-Engine for scientists and healthcare professionals and a wide variety of online services and software products.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
InforMax Inc.  
Developers of bioinformatics software featuring ResearchLogic. Vector NTI Suite and GenoMax. GenoMax is a next generation of enterprise bioinformatics software for large research organizations. Vector NTI Suite is an integrated, desktop, sequence analysis package for molecular biology. InforMax also provides custom bioinformatics systems integration for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
Submitted: Nov 24, 2000
PQS is a High Performance Parallel Quantum Chemistry Software for Linux Workstations and Clusters Optimized to run on PQS Parallel Linux Clusters.
Submitted: Dec 22, 2000
This is the home page of EBS, the company formed in order to develop and market the established MPSRCH sequence analysis tool. The software implements the full Smith and Waterman algorithm and runs on reasonably priced, general purpose hardware. It can be accessed free of charge at the demo server on the site.
Submitted: Jun 02, 2001

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