Communications Providers Long Distance Network gives you the power to compare long distance rates for free using our BottomLine Calculator. Save on long distance, local telephone service, toll free, calling cards, internet, wireless and more.
Submitted: Feb 10, 2003
Linx Communications  
Linx Communications is a Communications Service Provider, providing services that allow remote and mobile professionals to manage and unify their voice, fax, and messaging devices by providing one number for all calls, messages, and faxes. Linx' web and phone accessible Unified Communications (Unified Messaging with real-time call connection) solutions simplify communications and increase connectivity and user control.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
800 Voice Mail Store  
Build credibility and increase sales with 800 voice mail. Provider of 800 voice mail, virtual office, and related services.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2002
Airnex Communications  
Offers long distance, international and digital wireless telecommunications, high-speed Internet access and Web hosting services.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Atlanta Voice Mail  
Atlanta voice mail services that include Live Connect, Virtual Office, and Virtual PBX. For less $ than a single telephone line, never miss another call.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2002
CallbackUSA, Inc.  
CallbackUSA provides robust, flexible solutions for mobile, fixed, and integrated multimedia wireless communications all over the Globe.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Calling Bargains  
Low cost long distance calling plans and Internet services. Rate comparison search engine available.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2002
Choice One Communications, Inc.  
Choice One Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: CWON) is a integrated communications services provider offering local exchange and long distance telecommunications services, data services including Internet and DSL solutions, and web hosting and design, primarily to small and medium-sized businesses in second and third-tier markets.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
iPcenta™ provides a complete portfolio of business class Internet services ranging from high speed Internet access and hosting to hardware supplies and system integration.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
ConferenceCall provides value added voice conference calling service which has guaranteed quality as well as a lowest price guarantee.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Eclipse Integrated Systems, Inc.  
Eclipse Integrated Systems Inc. is a full service data & voice communications provider.
Submitted: Feb 24, 2001
Ephone Telecom  
ePHONE Telecom is a global Internet telephony services carrier for businesses and individuals enabling long distance calling at local pricing via access devices that connect to regionally placed Internet Protocol ( IP) telephony switches. Customers use existing telephone equipment to make voice, fax, and other communications calls to anywhere in the world.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
ESATEL Communications, Inc.  
ESATEL Communications, Inc., is an international satellite communications company that provides voice, data, and Internet access.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited  
Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited, whose headquarters are in Birmingham, England, is a leading supplier of quality telecommunications products and services.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Gabriel Communications, Inc.  
Gabriel Communications delivers a seamless package of integrated services that includes local voice and data, national and international long distance, DSL and essential Internet services.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Global Internetworking  
Global Internetworking (GI) provides complete end-to-end turnkey solutions to the most complex telecommunications systems in the industry.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Global TeleSystems  
Voice, data and video to meet communication requirements across Europe. Offers a range of Internet and communication services that are helping thousands of European businesses to harness the power of the Internet to achieve and beat their specific business objectives.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
GTC Telecom  
GTC Telecom is a full service telecommunications company providing a full range of products and solutions for residential and business customers.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Heartland Telecom  
Heartland Telecom specializes in providing telecommunications services to the private payphone industry.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Integra Telecom, Inc.  
Integra Telecom is a facilities-based, integrated communications provider (ICP), primarily focused on serving small and mid-sized companies located in the business centers of Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
King Communications, Inc.  
Integrated telecommunications services - your single source for integrated local, long distance,internet, and data services bundled on one ISDN PRI or T1 pipe including design, carrier order management, and account management.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
LDCircuit provides leased line, frame relay and point to point T1, DS3 and DS1 line connections. LDCircuit works with leading telecommunications companies to provide extremely cost-effective leased data line solutions.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Provides voicemail greetings, answering services, voice overs, and custom answering solutions for voice mail, pager and corporate answering systems.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Complete telecoms service provider in the UK for Internet and Intranet solutions, voice services (including freephone and non-geographic numbers) and high speed data transmission facilities.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Midas designs and provides state-of-the-art telecommunication technologies that are sold internationally to licensees. These licensees are responsible for large volume production, field deployment and operation.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
The North American Association of Telecommunications Dealers is an international trade association which represents the interests of companies that provide voice and data communications products and services.
Submitted: Feb 06, 2001
Paragon Telecommunications  
Paragon Telecommunications can provide a full range of Non Geographic Phone Numbers and various other telephony services at very competitive prices.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000 helps companies outsource Internet, data and voice communications.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
RSL COM Canada  
Voice and data telecommunications services for home and business including local and long distance service, DSL, calling cards, internet access and wide area networking.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Sabio provide an innovative and professional approach to business communications using voice, data and internet technologies.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Supra Telecom  
Supra Telecom is a facilities-based national Alternative Local Exchange Carrier ("ALEC") targeting the consumer market. The company provides services to its customers by collocating its equipment in facilities owned by "Baby Bells."
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000 is a neutral website for comparing and purchasing Long Distance, Local, DSL, T1 lines, Internet Dial-Up and Web Hosting.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
TelecomEXPRESS provides bandwidth (frame relay, private line, internet transit) to carriers, ISPs, and corporations. Nationwide service through regional offices and agents.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
TelecomSmart is a free and unbiased source of telecom services for small businesses. Offering Quality Service Providers, simplified purchasing, and the benefits of competitive dynamic-pricing.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Telenetworks is an independent Broker/Consultancy, advising on and arranging Low Cost telephone services for fixed lines and mobiles.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Wireless Internet Daily  
Wireless Internet Daily is the leading source of current developments on the convergence of wireless networks and the Internet, as well as new and developing wireless technologies and standards.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000

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