Wireless Encryption  
GSM mobile handsets are secured by an in-line user device connected to the handset, thus securing the transmission from the mobile handset through the entire cellular carrier infrastructure ­ including the RF component. The in-line encryption device currently supports T-series Ericsson mobile phones on GSM networks. This device provides up to high-grade military encryption.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2003
INS Technologies  
INS Technologies - leading the way in progressive connectivity, telecommunications and network solutions for office telecommunications.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Fluke Corporation  
Specializes in products and services for the installation and maintenance of communications networks, offers a wide range of testing solution products to meet the needs of the telecommunications industry.
Submitted: May 12, 2001
IT and Telecommunication Consultant, Project Manager, Business Relocation  
We are an independent telecommunications consulting firm specializing in telecommunications management, IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure Design, Vendor and Project Management, Office and technology relocations, problem resolution, network analysis and system design and acquisition. We offer consulting services that help organizations make the best use of the telecommunications technology available today.
Submitted: Jan 09, 2003
Lightguide Systems  
Lightguide Systems provides fiber optics design and consulting services, including analysis of products and technologies, equipment design services, manufacturing process design assistance, and installation and test analysis.
Submitted: Feb 08, 2001
Advanced Network Integration, Inc.  
ANI (Advanced Network Integration) specializes in LAN and enterprise network design, installation, and consultation services for corporate and educational data communications.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Consultation, design, implementation and maintenance of sophisticated satellite, RF, media retrieval, video-conferencing, data, telephony, and security networks. ASCC designs, engineers, installs and maintains these networks utilizing fiber-optic, twisted-pair, coax, Ethernet, 10 Base T, satellite and various other transport media.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Axent Communications, Inc.  
Axent Communications Inc. is your complete telecommunications center. Specializes in voice and data installations and service.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Black Box Networks Services (Cambridge) Ltd  
Provider of voice and data networking installations throughout East Anglia and the Midlands and to establish a nation-wide presence in the industry.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Cable Technology Contractors  
Contact information and Company synopsis for Cable Technology Contractors. Specializing in network data and telecommunications cabling. Outside plant cabling and Engineering for WAN and Fiber Optic Networks.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Cabling Concepts, Inc.  
Installation of copper/fiber optic structured cabling and wireless systems for LAN, WAN,T1, Data, Telephone and Paging applications in Michigan and Ohio.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Cibertec specializes in development and installation of telephone and cellular fraud prevention and detection systems, telephone signaling, interfaces, signaling converters, and anti-callback.
Submitted: Feb 07, 2001
Communications Connection Company  
Providing communications cabling, low-voltage devise installation, telecom programming and communications support services.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Compuconn, Inc.  
COMPUCONN, INC. is a custom data network installer based in Bethel, Connecticut and specializing in small to medium sized office designs.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Computer Room Installations  
Computer Room Installations offers its clients the complete installation package including installation, components and cable.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Provides coordination services for the installation of data and voice cabling, fiber optic cabling and equipment installation on a national level utilizing a network of qualified data installation companies.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Dash Network Services  
Dash Network Services are a Nottinghamshire based structured cabling and network solutions company, with an area of service covering the Midlands.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Provides full turnkey AME design consultation and Project Management for critical data room construction to make sure your facility is coordinated properly.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
eziaz is the provider of broadband Internet business solutions to commercial office tenants, including high speed Internet access, virtual private networking, web hosting, domain name services, and more.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Falls Connect  
Provides data and voice network cabling design and installation for the network technologies.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Fiber-Link Communications, Inc.  
Fiber-Link Communications, Inc. (FLC) specializes in the installation, design and maintenance of computer network systems. FLC also provides certified cable installation services for all aspects of computer networking to include installation of all cables, termination and network software. Cabling services are also provided for LANS, WANS, Printers, Video, Voice, Security Systems and Telephone Systems.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Fiberworks, Inc.  
Fiberworks, Inc. specializes in full-service, professional telecommunications solutions including the design, construction and maintenance of local, long haul and "last mile" fiber optic network infrastructures.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Full Spectrum Communications  
Full Spectrum Communications offers complete turnkey installations, engineering, design, maintenance and consultation on all types of communication systems, LANs, WANs, fiber optics, and telephone systems.
Submitted: Feb 24, 2001
Gateway Communications Services, Inc.  
Behind every successful cabling system is a company that has the insight and the expertise to provide solutions to today's telecommunications issues, while enabling implementation of future technologies.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
International Data Sciences, Inc.  
IDS serves the Telecommunication, Data Communication, Local Area Network, and Wide Area Network markets with products that fulfill the needs of Installation and Service Technicians, Network Managers, Production Final Test, and R & D Engineers. IDS products are available worldwide and are designed to meet all standard international power and interface requirements.
Submitted: Dec 09, 2000
Jessie Electric  
Offers a full line of design and installations such as closed circuit TV monitoring, network cabling, nanny cams, and electrical installations.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Ken Wier Telecom  
Ken Wier Telecom provides sales, service, and installation of business telephone and voice mail systems. Also offers a full range of communication cabling services for voice or category 5 networking.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
KTL Computing Solutions  
Specializes in bespoke manufacture and installation of Intel® based UNIX®, Windows NT and Netware® Servers and ancilliary equipment, most commonly following consultations with clients over thier current operations and projected requirements.
Submitted: Dec 09, 2000
LinksUp-Conexion Corporation  
LinksUP-Conexion specialties include the installation and support of Commercial and Residential Communication / structured cabling systems, small Local Area Networks as well as PC repair and maintenance.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
MesoAmerica Distributors, Inc.  
MesoAmerica Distributors, Inc. offers an array of telecom and networking services and products. Our customers include Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), Certified Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and business end-users (including Fortune 500 companies).
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
MTS Services  
MTS Services has specialized in communications cabling, including data, voice, video, and fiber. Services range from design and installation to inspection services.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Native Tele-Data Services, Inc.  
Native Tele-Data Services, Inc. is a locally owned and operated telecommunications and cabling company and an Authorized Lucent Technologies Dealer. Offers voice and data systems networking with state of the art backbone to desk top cabling technology.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Netcomm Systems SI Ltd  
UK based IT infrastructure company offering data cabling, network design, network installation, website design, NGFL connections, National Grid For Learning connections. Providers of Hubs, switches, routers and wireless lans.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Network Integration & Consulting Services  
NICS provides networking solutions that support routers, lan, wan, and internet. Installation of LAN and WAN routers and router related products, LAN and WAN hubs and hub related products (multiport repeaters), and LAN and WAN switches and switch related products are other areas of networking specialization that NICS can provide by design, management, and integration.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
Nortech Telecom  
Nortech designs, installs and services telecom systems.
Submitted: May 11, 2001
Nova Technologies  
Nova Technologies is a cabling contractor specializing in network insallation.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
One Call Communications  
Service provider located in central Oklahoma City. Provide installation, maintenance, and service on most makes and models of telecommunications equipment and both Key Systems and PBX. Our services include Networking and Network cabling with on staff Microsoft certified personell.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2003
ORCKIT COMMUNICATIONS Ltd. is a leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced high-speed digital modems that enable broadband data access over existing copper telephone lines.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
Penn Telecom, Inc.  
Provides analysis, recommendations, products and installation for a wide variety of telecommunications needs.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Phoenix Network Communications Ltd.  
Phoenix offer a complete network cabling solution, including all communication cabinets, cabling, enclosures, patch panels and connectors. Phoenix Network Communications Limited is a RW Data Registered installer.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
Prime Communications  
Prime Communications provides nationwide Engineering Installation and Furnish Services to the telephone industry, including Central Office power, switch and transport networks.
Submitted: Feb 10, 2003
R. l. allen Communications, Inc.  
R.L. Allen, Inc. has extensive experience in campus cabling, new installations in large corporate environments, business communications systems, and project coordination.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2001
RCO Systems, Inc.  
The company provides cabling installations including the new Category 6 standards, as well as fiber optics installation and termination. RCO provides fileserver installation, network operating system (Novell Gold Partner, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and Certified NetWare Engineer on staff, and Linux) loading and configuration, as well as client workstations, software, installation, setup and training.
Submitted: Apr 29, 2001
Sausalito Networking, Inc.  
Sausalito Networking provides Local Area Network and Wide Area Network installations and support to business and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Submitted: Dec 29, 2000
SH3 Computer Systems, Inc.  
SH3 specializes in network installation, network maintenance, consulting, interactive web sites and programming.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000
The FISHEL Company  
Utility construction contractor specializing in Copper and Fiber optics cabling, Outside/Inside Plant Telecommunications, CATV, Gas, Electric, Engineering/CAD, and Underground/Aerial cable placement.
Submitted: Dec 31, 2000

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