Satellite Communications

Buchanan Communication Systems, Inc.  
Buchanan Communication Systems Inc. offers consulting and design services for Intercom, BGM, paging, public address, sound systems, satellite TV & video distribution, communication systems, computer sales, computer upgrades and computer installation.
Submitted: May 15, 2001
AUDENS provides technical design and analysis support in the area of satellite telecommunications systems, space segment and ground segment.
Submitted: May 15, 2001
Provides system integration services in the satellite communications industry.Specializes in establishment of a complete, nationwide telephone company infrastructure for alternative carriers, design and implementation of complete "alternative networks" for private and public businesses and organizations throughout the world offering voice, data, and video services, design and implementation of Internet access networks providing both backbone networks for developing world ISPs as well as corporate access networks for remote office locations.
Submitted: May 15, 2001
Donegal Holdings Ltd., Inc.  
Donegal Holdings Ltd. provides a full range of services through its affiliated companies. These services range from maritime consulting to transportation services through power generation and satellite communications.
Submitted: May 15, 2001

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