myRF - Telecommunications  
This web site has a great resource of free PDF eBooks for Telecommunication engineers, students and enthusiasts. Topic include WiMAX, 3G and etc.
Submitted: Jan 22, 2007
myRF - Telecommunications  
This website is a great reference of free PDF eBooks for Telecommunication engineers, students, and enthusiats. Topics include WiMax, 3G, etc.
Submitted: Jan 25, 2007
Network Engineering  
Provides on-site support and deployment/integration telecommunications and network services.
Submitted: May 05, 2001
Network Integration Professional, Inc.  
Network Integration Professionals, Inc. consists of a team of well-trained PMI Project Managers and technical support professionals with extensive experience in all types of LAN/WAN data and voice systems.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Oncept Consulting  
Consulting firm with a special focus in the telecommunication industry. Specializes in telecommunication product pricing, bandwidth commoditization and risk management, broadband access strategies, international and domestic policy issues, as well as other opportunities (such as e-commerce solutions) created by the global deregulation of the telecommunication industry.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Fraud Solutions  
Provide a wide range of comprehensive, investigative, consulting and educational services to telecommunications companies.
Submitted: May 12, 2001
Evans Associates  
Serving the telecommunications needs of education, government, and business for over 30 years. Technologies include broadcasting, satellite, PCS, microwave, fiber optic and wireless voice, video and data LANs and WANs. Expertise includes conducting needs assessments, evaluating network design alternatives, RFPs, negotiating with vendors, and construction supervision.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
GLS Associates, Inc.  
GLS Associates, Inc. provides the full complement of communications and computer systems applications and hardware including: Satellite Communications, Radar and Detection Systems, Microwave Systems, DS-0 to T-3 Transmission Services, Fiber Optic Systems, Software Engineering, Network Management, Hardware/Software Development, Program Management, Very Small Aperture Terminals, Complete System Test Programs.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
HEI is a specialized telecommunications consultancy focused on communications and collaborative technologies using video, image and speech processing. HEI clients include manufacturers, service-providers and end-users.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Incomnet Communications Corporation  
Provider of low-cost residential and business Telecommunications services.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
JRA John Richard Associates, Inc.  
Management and telcommunications consulting firm specializing in telecommunication services, public communications services, payphone services, operator services, networks and information technology for domestic and international clients.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
NT Communications  
NT Communications is a dynamic company providing consultancy services and product development, with special expertise in real-time software and hardware electronic systems, and telecommunication systems.
Submitted: Feb 18, 2001
Pacific Access  
Pacific Access telecommunication systems integration, data networking products, consulting, broadband network design, Datakit/BNS, custom hardware/software, financing, used computers, power management.
Submitted: Dec 29, 2000
Spectralliance LLC  
Spectralliance is a global telecommunications consulting firm which specializes in delivering optimal business and information technology solutions to high risk, high value business situations.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Webb & Associates  
Independent telecommunications consulting firm specializing in telecommunications management, problem resolution, network analysis and system design and acquisition.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Access, LLC.  
Access specializes in a full suite of Telecommunications Services focusing on launching new products and services, maximizing sales productivity, and accomplishing our clients sales objectives.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Albany Telecom  
Supplier of professional telecommunications services to a broad spectrum of Europe’s Cellular Network and Wireless Radio Operators.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2000
Americas Telecom Consultants  
Americas Telecom Consultants serves exclusively the information needs of strategic planners who have a stake in the telecom markets of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
ASAP Telecommunications Services  
Telecommunications staffing company providing Bell Systems experienced quality staffing solutions in Telecommunications, Management, Training/Safety, Consulting, Wireless and IT.
Submitted: May 11, 2001
ATLANTIC-ACM is an international strategy, consulting and research firm serving emerging and converging networked communications industries worldwide. Offers authoritative reports on the telecommunications industry and proprietary consulting to companies in telecommunications information industries worldwide, as well as merger and acquisition counsel.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Atlas Group  
Atlas Group provides consulting resources to assist corporations with telecommunications planning, design, vendor sourcing and project management in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Receive quotes for business telephone systems, unified messaging systems, telephone equipment, voice mail systems, telephone installation and more.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
Bottaboom Communications offers a free telecommunications review, to investigate overbillings and find hidden savings.
Submitted: May 16, 2001
Byers Engineering Company  
Byers Engineering provides products and services including geospatial software solutions, telecom and utilities engineering, staffing, and training for the telecommunications and utility industries.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Campbell and Campbell Consulting  
Campbell and Campbell provides professional consulting services, including Project Management, Training, and Technical Consulting on a per contract basis. specializes in consulting to and Project Management for InterExchange Carriers (IXCs) and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs). Special Areas of Expertise include Local Number Portability, network configuration and optimization, process development, process documentation, telephony training, and vendor selection.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
CellTrace offers cellular users - regardless the equipment brand, network or service provider - a unique cell phone identity registry service and lost cell phone recovery assistance on a global basis.
Submitted: Dec 30, 2000
CES Network Services, Inc.  
CES Network Services, Inc. is a telecommunication engineering and management consulting firm committed to assist both commercial and governmental telecommunication providers. CES Network Services, Inc. is at the forefront of developing applications for new technology and creating innovative telecommunication services.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
Crystal Communications, Inc.  
Crystal Communications, Inc. is a privately held company that provides telecommunications consulting and contracting services, mainly, but not limited to the cruise ship and maritime industry. Services include: Telecommunications project planning and design, Project Management, Provider of Inmarsat and MSAT satellite airtime and hardware, PBX integration, Call accounting and answer detection, Satellite system design and installation, Auto attendant integration, Computer telephony.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
CT Labs Testing Services  
A full service testing and analysis lab serving Computer Telephony (CT) and IP Telephony (IPT) product manufacturers. Areas of expertise include CT testing automation in IP Telephony, telephone user interfaces (TUI), and graphical user interfaces (GUI).
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Dataprobe, Inc.  
Offering a wide range of products and services to the data and telecommunications industry.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
eTinium, Inc.  
eTinium is a boutique consulting and market research company specializing in the converging telecom and Internet markets with an international scope.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
G2 Telecom  
Telecommunications contract negotiation services - for all voice and data services. G2 Telecom provides a variety of customizable services which we refer to as our "Core Services".
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Information Services For Telecom Industry. Consulting company offering a range of services for network operators and telecommunications service providers.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
HiNet is a provider of communication infrastructure, bandwidth, facilities hosting and data centric IP-based services. Offers these services primarily to other telecommunications services providers and corporate.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
German based consultancy in telecommunications, entirely independent from any operator or manufacturer, one of the few whose activities encompass both engineering consulting and strategic studies,employing a synergy between market perception and technological insight.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
InfoTech Telecommunications and Network, Inc.  
InfoTech provides a wide range of low cost premium voice services to customers around the world.
Submitted: Feb 08, 2001
Interactive Systems Incorporated  
Provides data processing and telecommunications services to commercial and federal clients.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
INTERSTAR Communications Group, Inc.  
INTERSTAR Communications Group, Inc. is a management consulting firm providing custom information and innovative solutions to clients conducting business in the communications and high technology industry through our primary lines of integrated services; Market Research, Marketing Consulting, Global Homologation, and Partner and Distribution Agreements.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
IPBridges LLC  
Leaders in embedded VOIP / Gateway products.
Submitted: Apr 15, 2003
JCI Communications  
JCI Communications (JCI) is a full-service telecommunications and data communications company. Services include installation, systems administration, support and maintenance of Premise Equipment (voice and data) and Structured Cabling and Wiring.
Submitted: May 05, 2001
KC-Global's mission is to provide unbiased, high-value, strategic and technological information to executives in the telecommunications and broadband services industries through a range of high-level summits and networking events. KCG provides its services to telecommunications operators/carriers, content providers, ISPs, equipment manufacturers and software suppliers.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Linnabery Telecom and Video Services Consulting  
Linnabery Telecom and Video Services Consulting specializes in assisting companies new to telecom, video services, and Internet delivery.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
M2S2 Communications  
The firm researches, designs and presents specialized sales,customer relations, product training, ADSL, SDSL, Class Services, VoiceMail, Cellular, Internet and industry update seminars to independent telephone companies.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Mahindra-British Telecom Limited  
Mahindra British Telecom (MBT) provides IT consulting and software services. MBT covers a wide range of business areas including e-business, telecom and customer management.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
Malouf Engineering International, Inc.  
Malouf Engineering International (MEI) is a Structural Engineering Consulting Firm specializing in the design and analysis telecommunication structures.
Submitted: May 05, 2001
Manitoba Telecom Services  
Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS), Manitoba's pre-eminent, full-service telecommunications company.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
Michael Boyle & Associates  
Michael Boyle & Associates are independent telecommunications management consultants providing telecommunications management services to the business community and the telecommunications industry.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Motivity Telecom Inc.  
Specializing in telephony signaling, provides solutions to many problems providers face building next generation networks and interface existing equipment. Some representative projects include building a high capacity SS7 ISUP to Primary Rate ISDN protocol converter and a DS3 based system to monitor call progress and generate answer supervision signaling where none was available.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
MOUNTAIN, LTD. provides engineering solutions through contract staffing and permanent placement services to the telecommunications and utility industries.
Submitted: Feb 08, 2001
National Telecom Search  
Specializes in the hi-tech environment of the telecommunications industry, placing professionals in sales, management, marketing and technical careers.
Submitted: Feb 08, 2001
New Horizons Telecom, Inc.  
Providing commercial and industrial electrical contracting, specializing in the design and construction of telecommunications facilities.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Northstar Unlimited  
Northstar Unlimited specializes in Nortel - Norstar Meridian telephone systems, sales, service and installation.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2001
PowerHouse Consulting  
Powerhouse Consulting is a premier telecommunications technologies consulting firm specializing in the areas of Call Center Solutions, Telecommunications Consulting, Strategic Planning, and Call Center Management Training.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
PQM Consultants  
Independent consultancy for the QSIG / PSS1 signalling system.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Quality Communications, Inc.  
QCI is the unrivaled, unbiased telecommunications expert, offering full-spectrum consulting and management services and products for data, Internet, voice and video communications.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Questus Limited  
Telecommunications consultancy for fixed and mobile telecommunications networks and operators.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Quintum Technologies, Inc.  
Quintum Voice Over IP Technologies is an innovator in the Voice over IP (VoIP) arena. Quintum Voice Over IP Technologies understands the complexities of integrating and supporting VoIP in corporate datacom and telecom networks.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Riser Management Systems  
Riser Management Systems, L.P. is a provider of telecommunications engineering, consulting, and riser management services to the commercial real estate industry.
Submitted: May 10, 2001
SCIENTECH provides advice, information, assessments, project management, analysis, designs, systems, technical security, and other operational and regulatory support to energy companies, government agencies, and the telecommunications industry.
Submitted: Jan 11, 2001
Sentient Limited  
Sentient is a technology company, providing web applications and eBusiness solutions to the telecommunications, banking and media industries.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2001
Spectrum Strategies, Inc.  
Provides detailed information on telecommunications network deployment strategies and business opportunities for clients.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Sperco provides independent, management consulting services in telecommunications and information technology.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Sri Lanka Telecom  
Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) is the pioneer in telecommunications in Sri Lanka and reputed as the National Telecom Service provider in the country.
Submitted: Jan 09, 2001
TCS International, Inc.  
International consulting services and operations management to the telecommunication and public utility industries including cable tv and wireless broadband solutions.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
TecTel Solutions  
TecTel Solutions, is a consulting firm offering information technology and telecommunications consulting in the following areas: needs analysis, research, RFP preparation, vendor selection, financial justification, contract negotiation and project management. TecTel Solutions, performs analysis, design, RFP preparation, recommendation and project oversight of LAN/WAN, frame relay networks, ATM networks, fiber networks, long distance networks, call centers, CTI systems, IVR systems, PBX systems, cabling systems, voice mail systems, multi-media messaging systems, call accounting systems, ACD systems, Centrex systems, intelligent networks, telephone operator productivity systems, enterprise management systems (NOCs), and enhanced call processing systems.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Tele-Communications, Inc.  
Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI), former international corporation that provided cable television and telecommunication services.
Submitted: Jan 11, 2001
Telecom Certification & Filing, Inc.  
Telecommunications consulting, filing, certification, tariff and application preparation, and licensing services to local, long distance and international telecommunications carriers.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Telecom Fiji  
Telecom Fiji Limited is the domestic telephony access provider in Fiji.
Submitted: Jan 09, 2001
Telecom Management Consulting Group, LLC  
TMCG is a consulting firm that provides systems integration expertise to the Telecommunications Industry. The TMCG strategy is to provide high level solutions for the design and development of Telecommunications Industry applications. Those applications range from the typical stand alone Customer Care, Billing, Network and Marketing systems to integrated TMN implementations.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Telecom Management Services, Inc.  
Telecommunications consulting, voice and data network design, strategic planning, vendor selection and contract negotiations.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Telecom Management, Inc.  
Telecom Management, Inc. provides objective telecommunications advice and independent consulting for voice communications, data networks, and information systems.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Telecom Visions, Inc.  
Unbiased telecommunications experts, offering consulting and management services and products for data, Internet, voice and video communications.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd  
Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL) is a leading ISO - 9001 certified public sector undertaking under the Ministry of Communications. TCIL is a telecommunication consultancy and engineering company with a strong base in information technology (IT).
Submitted: Feb 22, 2001
Telecommunications, Inc.  
Area of expertise includes the converging telephony, information technology, wireless transmission and cable television industries.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Tellennium, Inc.  
An independent telecommunications consulting firm providing customized RFP development, objective selection processes, bill auditing, and more.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Supplier of products and solutions for enhanced voice and video telecommunications services, including Intelligent Network platforms and programmable switches.
Submitted: Feb 09, 2001
Telwares, Inc.  
Telwares provides expert telecom contract negotiation and RFP procurement services which are guaranteed to reduce costs and enhance service value for clients.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
The Beacon Group  
Full service telecommunications consulting firm.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
The Faneuil Group  
Provider of teleservices and e-business solutions including customer service, inbound and outbound sales, customer acquisition, inbound service desks, direct mail and surveying. Consulting services include tactical planning, strategic analysis, targeting/modeling, scripting and market consulting.
Submitted: Mar 25, 2001
The InTech Group, Inc.  
The InTech Group is an international management consulting practice with a focus on technology and telecommunications strategies and deployment.
Submitted: May 10, 2001
The Kohl Group, Inc.  
Global telecommunications consulting and staffing firm in telecommunications networks, network planning engineering, operations, software, technology and business.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Total Software Solutions, Inc.  
A software development and consulting services provider specializing in the telecommunications industry.
Submitted: May 06, 2001
Totel Pty Ltd  
TOTEL is a provider of Total Telecommunications consultancy services throughout the Asia Pacific region. TOTEL offers expert research and consulting services in the field of telecommunications.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
TRC Engineering Services, Inc.  
Provides a broad range of telecommunication and data networking services. Offers realistic and practical solutions required to link rural and urban areas into the Global Network of the future.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
U.S. Advanced Network, Inc.  
USAN is a telecommunications service bureau whose corporate mission is to provide advanced network services to local and long distance providers as well as to provide commercial institutions with turn-key solutions to their telecommunications needs.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2001
Provider to deliver all three video services simultaneously to the desktop - multi-party videoconferencing, video broadcasting from cable TV or satellite, and access and retrieval of stored video materials - and do it all over existing, active telephone wiring.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
Voice & Data Telecommunications  
Independent distributor of Nortel, Norstar, Meridian, SL1, Avaya, Siemens/Rolm Classic equipment and systems. Nationwide installation, de-installation for multisite locations. Equipment warehouse and asset management services. Sale, purchase, trade, repair/return, services available.
Submitted: Jul 19, 2002
YRH is a Canadian Engineering Consulting company specializing in telecommunications and broadcasting.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000

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