Batavia Downlinks  
Batavia Downlinks is a transportable satellite downlink service provider servicing New York State, Western Pennsylvania, and Eastern Ohio with full videoconferencing services.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Delta Wave Communications, Inc.  
Delta Wave Communications, Inc. specializes in marine and terrestrial applications for worldwide mobile satellite communications, offering the latest in Inmarsat, AMSC / MSAT, Globalstar and Iridium services and equipment for global communications requirements.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Research and development firm for satellite mobile communications and digital networking services.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
GMPCS Personal Communications  
GMPCS Personal Communications is a provider of Mobile Satellite Telephone Services. GMPCS is certified as an Inmarsat Service Provider (ISP 8047). GMPCS works with Inmarsat, its Service Partner France Telecom, and Equipment Suppliers Nera Telecommunications, Globalstar, Thrane and Thrane.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Iridium Satellite LLC  
The IRIDIUM system is a satellite-based Personal Communication Services (PCS), or Mobile Satellite Services (MSS), system supporting global, wireless digital communications. IRIDIUM provides voice, paging, messaging, and data services to mobile subscribers using handheld user terminals.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2001
Marconi Marine  
Manufactures a wide range of communication equipment, and also provides administration, accounting and consultancy service for marine, landbased and offshore communications of satellite and terrestrial users.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
O'Gara Satellite Systems  
OSS is bringing global communications down to earth by supplying end-to-end, one-stop shopping for all Inmarsat satellite communication products and services.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
PETREX International  
PETREX International is a full service provider of satellite communications components and connectivity. PETREX can supply critical elements of your satellite earth station such as transceivers, modems and M&C software, as well as provide space segment and teleport interconnections.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2000
Redwing Satellite Solutions Ltd.  
Redwing Satellite Solutions Ltd. (RSS) offers organisations a full range of global satellite Solutions that are unsurpassed in terms of availability, reliability, geographical reach and cost effectiveness.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Satcom Direct, Inc.  
Direct aeronautical calling for both satcom and terrestrial communication systems. Consolidates all aeronautical telephone communication systems and ground telephone network infrastructures into a single number. Giving each aircraft its own 10-digit global telephone number.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Solo Satellite Communications  
Solo Satellite Communications are a leading independent UK based provider of mobile satellite uplink services to the Broadcast TV and Business TV industries.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Service providers of Inmarsat and iridium satellite phones, selling hardware and airtime - includes phones from many makers, portable, vehicular and maritime. Speeka opened two separate divisions, Internet and WAP, to offer B2B and B2C solutions to the market.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000

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