AARO Broadband Wireless Communications, Inc.  
AARO Broadband Wireless Communications, Inc. provides wireless connectivity up to 155 Mbps. AARO Broadband Wireless Communications, Inc. services such as unified communications, IP telephony and videoconferencing services are delivered via a highly secure, carrier-class IP network.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Building information technology solutions for financial services companies, mortgage providers and the telecommunications industry. ALLTEL is a recognized leader in enterprise networks and wireless communications.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Bell Atlantic Mobile  
The company provides customers with a full range of wireless voice, paging, and data communications solutions.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
BellSouth International Wireless Services, Inc.  
BellSouth International Wireless Services (BSI-WS) is the leading provider of roaming and clearinghouse services in Latin America. BSI-WS provides a roaming network connecting wireless carriers in South, Central and North America, as well as the Caribbean.
Submitted: Mar 23, 2001
Cellular Specialties, Inc.  
Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) develops wireless amplifier products for the cellular industry and also provides turnkey, in-building solutions for wireless customers throughout the United States.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Canadian wireless communication company that offers digital wireless service throughout Canada.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Digiph PCS  
Using state-of-the-art digital wireless technology, Digiph PCS offers a complete personal communications system in one compact handset. That handset, tied to the global system for mobile communications network (GSM), delivers a complete communications system such as you have never experienced before.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Fedingas Ltd  
Specializes in radio communications and service. GPS receivers. Wireless LAN and Internet. Antennas, transceivers, accessories.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Global Village  
Delivers real-time data via wireless CDPD technology using a number of different wireless communications.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Globalstar offers world-class products and services, including high quality voice, roaming and Short Messaging Service (SMS).
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Hancol Systems  
Provides a full range of turnkey solutions and individualized services to the wireless telecommunications industry.
Submitted: May 05, 2001
His and Her Mobile LLP.  
Messages to wireless text devices, including pagers, PCS phones, GSM phones and PDAs.
Submitted: Dec 21, 2000
LCC International, Inc.  
LCC offers a full complement of RF engineering and network deployment consulting services including system design and optimization, network and cell site zoning, construction management, acquisition and implementation.
Submitted: Dec 16, 2000
linkUall is a communication infrastructure provider focused on collaboration applications. Based on patented technology, linkUall provides an open, modular and customizable suite of collaboration applications for community sites, on-line and wireless portals, Application Service Providers and corporations.
Submitted: Mar 22, 2001
Nextel Communications  
Nextel Communications, Inc. is the nation's provider of fully integrated all-digital wireless service. The Nextel National Network provides customers with a 4-in-1 business solution-guaranteed all-digital cellular service, text/numeric paging capabilities, Nextel Direct Connect® digital two-way radio, and wireless Internet services.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Pegasus Technologies  
Pegasus Technologies is an independent product design, development and analysis firm dedicated to providing the best in RF, wireless, and Spread Spectrum consulting services.
Submitted: Dec 22, 2000
Powertel, Inc.  
Powertel, Inc. provides wireless personal communications services (PCS) nationwide from base in the southeastern United States.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
ProMobility is a Canadian Company, mandated to providing communications solutions to consumer needs in the Information Age. ProMobility provides a safe and secure environment for all our affiliates.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
RPG Cellular Services Limited  
GSM cellular service provider. Wireless, paging and telecommunications services in Chennai, India.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Swisscom is Switzerland's telecommunications provider. The innovative, customer-driven and highly competitive company provides comprehensive solutions in mobile and fixed-line voice and data communications. Swisscom provides a complete range of leading-edge data services ranging from leased lines to integrated solutions for business customers.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Symbian's mission is to set the standard for mobile wireless operating systems and to enable a mass market for Wireless Information Devices. Symbian platform provides the robust mobile operating system that has real-time capabilities to be the platform for Nokia's new generation of Communicators and advanced mobile.
Submitted: Jan 04, 2001
TELUS Mobility  
Provides mobile communications solutions in Canada - including wireless data, cellular, paging, satellite and Autotel.
Submitted: Dec 23, 2000
Tetrapol is the name of a particular radiocommunication technology used for professional communications systems; Tetrapol interfaces are defined on the Publicly Available Specification (PAS Tetrapol). Tetrapol radio interfaces use a fully digital transmission both for signalling and traffic (voice and data). The technology, developed simultaneously with the GSM (Global System for Mobile Radiocommunications), benefits from synergies with GSM in terms of development and production.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
TRL Technologies  
TRL Technologies, Inc. is an RF design, development and manufacturing company serving the wireless telecommunications industry.
Submitted: Apr 01, 2001
VoiceCue Technologies, Inc.  
VoiceCue Technologies, Inc.is a provider of enhanced subscriber services to the wireless and wireline telecommunications industry.
Submitted: May 12, 2001
VoiceStream Wireless Corp.  
VoiceStream Wireless Corp., is a provider of digital wireless communications in the United States. VoiceStream uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology - the world's most widely used digital standard.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Wireless Applications  
Wireless Applications offers top-line RF engineering consulting services and state-of-the-art software products. Provides high-level wireless RF engineering and technical consulting services and customized web and intranet-based software products.
Submitted: Dec 21, 2000

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