Wireless Networking

AirLink Corporation  
AirLink provides high-speed Internet access to its customers via wireless (radio) communications. To ensure that customers have fast and reliable access to their services, AirLink is building a dedicated, secure, and robust radio spread spectrum technology infrastructure backed by Sonet Fiber rings.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Offers a wireless, internet access modem and software for traditional wireline, dial-up business and consumer internet access.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Arising Internet Services  
Arising is a national broadband internet service provider with state-of-the-art data centers and turnkey e-commerce solutions.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Brown's Enterprise Access SYstem  
We produce secure access systems for organisations with large populations of distributed computer users. Our products, known generically as the Brown's Box, are flexible, scalable and secure.
Submitted: Apr 15, 2003
Clarinet Systems  
Clarinet Systems is a global provider of wireless network connectivity for laptops and handheld PC devices. The company's products include, infrared wireless connectivity products (Bluetooth and IrDA-compliant)
Submitted: Apr 22, 2001
EMCS, Inc.  
EMCS is an Internet bandwidth and network solutions provider. Along with the basic ISP services, such as WWW surfing, e-mail, and web hosting, our infrastructure offers a far superior level of service. EMCS provides strategic planning, design, installation and training of information systems technology to small and medium sized businesses.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
eMobile Data, Inc.  
eMobile Data Inc., one of the top information technology firms providing cost-effective, web-based wireless applications for Mobile Resource Management solutions to the field-services industry.
Submitted: Apr 22, 2001
ESYON is a global provider of broadband wireless communications services. Offers "instant" high-speed wireless connections to the Internet or any existing data network at a cost substantially less than other traditional high-speed alternatives.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Systems designers, integrators and operators of wireless access infrastructures - offering a range of value-add solutions for both consumer and corporate arenas'.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Fuzion Wireless Communications  
Service offerings include fixed wireless solutions, wireline services and custom Internetworks. Fuzion's Public Network fixed wireless services are marketed under the AccessNOW (hyperlink to Wireless Services AccessNOW) service line, offering Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) from 0.5 to 155 Mbps.
Submitted: Apr 22, 2001
GoAmerica, a national wireless Internet Service Provider. Provides flexible and reliable wireless Internet services across a number of wireless networks and mobile devices, such as handhelds, and laptop computers.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
lesswire AG  
Offers wireless platforms and software based on their Local Application Client Server (LACS) system.
Submitted: Apr 22, 2001
March Networks  
Manufacturer of products for IP networks, including video and voice transmission. Product, solutions, company information, career listings.
Submitted: Aug 30, 2002
Midcoast Internet Solutions  
Distributor of BreezeCOM wireless Internet access products and ISP for Maine.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
mobile.com, Inc.  
mobile.com Inc. is a wireless Internet application service provider with wireless Instant Messaging technology and Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN) integration expertise.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Mobility Concepts  
Provides wireless networking including hardware, software, communications, implementation and 7X24 helpdesk. Experts in Pen Computer and Wireless LAN.
Submitted: Apr 22, 2001
Narad Networks  
Cable access networks to deliver unconstrained bandwidth over Virtual Fiber networks by accelerating the delivery of broadband IP services and giving cable network operators new opportunities to market and support next-generation, demand-driven, high-margin services.
Submitted: Apr 22, 2001
NetMobility Wireless Communications  
NetMobility provides industry with cutting-edge web centric services, WAP/SMS application design and programming, and personalized consulting services for identifying niche markets.
Submitted: Apr 22, 2001
Provides broadband corporate Internet services and VPNs.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
Partner Communications and Services  
Provides internet access and telecom services to apartment residential communities of the Midwest and other selected U.S. markets. Offers wired and wireless T1 solutions.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
SensCom, Inc.  
SensCom provides wireless Internet banking and securities trading services that utilize the latest in wireless technology to put the power of wireless Internet financial services in the hands of customers.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
The Wireless InterNet Corporation  
The Wireless Internet Corporation, (TWIN) provides high speed Internet access. Speeds of transmission can be established up to 1.54 Megabits per second at incredibly low prices.
Submitted: Dec 25, 2000
WaveRider Communications Inc. is recognized as becoming an international industry leader in wireless data communications through the introduction of high speed, low-cost alternatives to traditional "hard-wired" Internet service.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000

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