Telenetworks supplies communications protocol source code. Offers ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay, Multi-Link PPP, X.25, L2TP, PPPoE, PPPoA, QSIG, DASS-2, DPNSS, GR-303, ARINC, MGCP, SIP, Megaco, VoIP, SS7, AAL2, AAL5 and other protocol stacks.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
ActiveX controls, OCX components, COM objects, DLL libraries, OLE, toolkits for Internet & Intranet, inDistinct Corporation  
ActiveX / DLL components; tools for debugging, scheduling, monitoring, deploying network applications; ONC RPC / XDR for client / server development; terminal emulators; file transfer / access utilities.
Submitted: Apr 09, 2001
Protocol stacks in source code for developers. elemedia H.323, dynamicsoft SIP, Telesoft ISDN, CAS E1 R2, T1 RBS, Frame Relay, X.25 and related stacks.
Submitted: Jun 12, 2003
AT&T Data and IP Services  
AT&T Data & Internet Services offers Internet access, network security, data networking, web hosting, electronic messaging, virtual private networks, always-on DSL internet service, and more.
Submitted: Mar 08, 2001
Industrial network communication hardware and software products for factory automation connectivity. Networks include ControlNet, DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet, LONWORKS, INTERBUS, AS-Interface (ASi). PLC (programmable controller) networks include Allen-Bradley, Modicon, Reliance, GE, Siemens. Fieldbus connectivity, I/O simulation, PLC backplane communications, gateway connectivity, fieldbus configuration tools, and device interfaces. Bus formats include PC, ISA, PCI, PCMCIA, PC Card, VME, CPCI.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2001
Circuit Vision  
Turn-Key OSS solution to manage network capacity, routing, assignments, ordering, workflow, scheduling, and troubleshooting.
Submitted: Jan 14, 2001
NetPlane Systems, Inc.  
NetPlane Systems is a supplier of portable, networking, protocol software and systems for the control plane. The company's software expertise includes MPLS, IP Routing, ATM, PNNI, Frame Relay, and simulation test tools.
Submitted: Feb 08, 2001
PanAmSat Corporation  
Provider of global video and data broadcasting services via satellite. The company builds, owns and operates networks that deliver entertainment and information to cable television systems, TV broadcast affiliates, direct-to-home TV operators, Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and corporations.
Submitted: Jan 11, 2001
Cyberwatch Security Communication. Inc.  
CYBERWATCH Communication technologies is focused on development of system software for Internet based CCTV systems. Providing Network management and switch functionality for IP based CCTV peripherals. CYBERWACTH Communication is focusing engineering efforts in applied research for secure transmission of data specifically the streaming video and audio over Internet and Intranet infrastructure
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
Mentat, Inc.  
Supplier of high performance kernel-level networking software including TCP/IP, STREAMS, IPv6, and XTP networking software. Mentat has brought its vast experience in computer networking to the satellite industry where the Mentat SkyX Gateway overcomes the limitations of TCP/IP to allow high performance Internet access over satellite-based networks.
Submitted: Apr 09, 2001
Offering a full spectrum of products and systems in semiconductors, electron devices, communications, computer peripherals, imaging, and computers.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
RGB Systems, Inc.  
Computer networking and data communications company providing solutions and service in LAN, WAN, remote access, frame relay, ISDN, Novell, Microsoft and document imaging.
Submitted: Apr 29, 2001
Interphase Corporation  
Interphase Corporation is an international supplier of high performance enterprise networking technologies including: Fibre Channel, ISDN, Digital Modems, Synchronous, Remote Access, ATM, FDDI and fast ethernet.
Submitted: Feb 24, 2001
POWERflex Corporation is the developer and manufacturer of PFXplus, the high-performance multi-user software product for application development. Create network business applications that are portable between MS-DOS, OS/2, Unix and Windows (3.1, 95, 98 or NT).
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
SilCom Manufacturing Technology, Inc.  
SilCom provides a variety of specialized network connectivity solutions, including the award-winning Freespace wireless links, intelligent Token Ring and Fast Ethernet managed hubs and switches, industry-standard LAN transceiver modules, and a growing line of CATV hardware and software.
Submitted: Apr 11, 2001
Development of integrative software and telecommunication systems for AS/400, VAX, ALFA, UNISYS, IBM MF platforms and interconnected PC networks. SilverNet's innovative products and customized applications for these platforms provide vital support for IT and data network managers, and comprehensive solutions for appreciative end-users.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Vertical Networks  
Integrated voice and data communications platforms (ICP) for branch offices / small businesses. Integrate PBX, voice mail, voice over IP, IP telephony, LAN hub, multiprotocol router, multiservice WAN access and more into single remotely manageable system.
Submitted: Apr 11, 2001
Adapte connectivity, and network products  
Adaptec manufactures high-performance SCSI, connectivity, and network products.
Submitted: Feb 23, 2001
AlphaNet Solutions  
Alphanet Solutions is a Information Technology professional services firm, specializing in network design, operations, management, and security. AlphaNet works in partnership with clients to provide expert advice, reliable solutions, and unrivaled responsiveness--every hour of the day.
Submitted: May 27, 2001
Alptech Logic Products, Inc.  
Alptech Logic Products Inc. is a professional manufacturer of Industrial grade boards and other key related components.
Submitted: Feb 06, 2001
Arcon Microsystems  
Arcon Microsystems offers professional design, installation, maintenace and support of land-based and internet based databases, web sites and accounting software.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2001
Ascender Technologies  
Providing operating system solutions and networking solutions.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
Aurora Information Systems, Inc.  
Aurora Information Systems, Inc. provides Middleware, B2B, E-commerce, Back End, Enterprise Application Integration, Project Management and Outsourcing, Staff Augmentation, and Project Review/Analysis services to IT/IS organizations worldwide.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
Avnisoft Corporation: Protocols, Test Tools and Custom Software Development  
Avnisoft is a leading supplier of sophisticated custom software development services and solutions. The company operates exclusively in four closely aligned segments, computer and storage systems, networking equipment, embedded systems, semiconductors.
Submitted: Jun 09, 2003
Bullseye Systems  
Creators of helpdesk, call tracking, and technical support software for PC networks.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2001
C.A.L. Enterprises  
Offering custom networking solutions, specializing in vertical market software applications.
Submitted: Apr 21, 2001
Century Systems  
Providing consultations, network designs, installations, network training and full service support.
Submitted: Jan 20, 2001
Cplane, Inc.  
Specializes in network control software products. The CPlane solution adopts a fundamentally new approach to network control and service deployment: CPlane’s Service Control Platform (SCP) is a real-time communications resource control layer that has the ability to establish connectivity on demand, end-to-end, through a multi-vendor, multi-technology Service Provider network.
Submitted: May 09, 2001
Cubix Corporation  
Cubix manufactures high availability, multi-server systems. These systems contain multiple PC subsystems (single-board computers) that are managed as a single platform.
Submitted: Mar 23, 2001
Specializing in Network and Internet connection, installation and configuration.
Submitted: Apr 25, 2001
Dearborn Group, Inc.  
Dearborn Group, Inc. specializes in technology for in-vehicle and automation networks. Provides hardware and software products, test equipment, consulting, and various training seminars.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2001
DSA specializes in e-commerce systems, information security, network infrastructure, and Web-based enterprise applications.
Submitted: May 11, 2001
Echelon Corporation  
Echelon Corporation is the developer of LONWORKS networks, recognized internationally as a standard for open, interoperable control networks.
Submitted: May 11, 2001
Electronic Tele-Communications, Inc.  
Electronic Tele-Communications, Inc. ETC designs, manufactures, and services advanced network peripherals. Products include Digicept Emcee network peripherals, Audichron time/temperature/weather announcers, and MAX Terminator Disconnect Units. Additionally, ETC offers professional recording services.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
Emulex Corporation  
Emulex Corporation is a leading designer, developer and supplier of a broad line of Fibre Channel host bus adapters, hubs, ASICs and software products that provide connectivity solutions for Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs), network attached storage (NAS) and RAID.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
EtherCom Corporation  
Designs, manufactures, and markets a range of high quality, cost effective networking products providing connectivity solutions for virtually any organization.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
Frontier Technologies Corporation  
Frontier Technologies introduced TCP/IP solutions, including pioneering the first VxD kernel implementation for the Microsoft Windows environment. SuperTCP Suite, which has received more industry awards than any of its competitors, includes well-integrated software modules for NFS, X, and emulators to connect to UNIX and mainframe hosts. SuperTCP supports all Microsoft platforms (Windows 3.1x, Win 95 and NT).
Submitted: Jan 26, 2001
Genuity, Inc.  
Genuity Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of managed Internet infrastructure services, including: Internet access through dial-up, dedicated and digital subscriber lines; web hosting and content delivery; and value-added e-business services, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), security services and voice-over-Internet Protocol.
Submitted: Mar 25, 2001
Global Technology Associates, Inc.  
Develops and sells Internet firewall security systems, Internet servers and consulting services.
Submitted: Apr 09, 2001
Globetek, Inc.  
Manufacturer of high-performance serial and parallel products used worldwide for personal computer connectivity, remote access, point-of-sale, industrial control, and factory floor automation.
Submitted: Apr 09, 2001
GraphOn Corporation  
GraphOn's award-winning Bridges software provides access to any application, from any desktop or display device, over any type connection. This powerful technology provides instant web-enabling of Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications with no software modification required.
Submitted: Jan 26, 2001
Provider and technology consulting firm in the area of Server based and Web based computing. It provides customers with services and products enabling them to easily and cost-effectively access any application and information in an enterprise network, intranet or the internet.
Submitted: Apr 09, 2001
Hummingbird Ltd.  
Hummingbird specializes in the development of enterprise software solutions, including network connectivity and business intelligence products that provide high performance access to internetwork-based information and applications.
Submitted: May 03, 2001
InCom LLC Computer Services  
Provides all aspects of network design, installation, configuration, integration and sales. Specializea in Windows 95, 98, and NT/2000 migration, groupware, and client/server software development.
Submitted: Apr 26, 2001
Information Technology Toolbox, Inc.  
A networking community for IT professionals. Focusing on connectivity, network management, network operating systems, security, and other aspects of networking.
Submitted: Jan 26, 2001
Internetworking Technologies, Inc.  
Specializes in network design, implementation, troubleshooting, and connectivity.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
ISNetworks is a Seattle-based software development company specializing in creating secure software in the Java programming language. Offers a full range of consulting services including security auditing and general software design and development.
Submitted: May 05, 2001
J. River, Inc.  
E-commerce and network connectivity software.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2001
Level One Communications, Inc.  
Level One Communications, Inc., an Intel company, located in Sacramento, California is a semiconductor supplier providing silicon connectivity, LAN switching and WAN access solutions for high-speed telecom and network applications.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
Mahon Communications Corporation  
Mahon Communications, a COMPEL company is an expert in designing, building and maintaining mission critical voice and data communication systems as well as high performance premise cabling systems.
Submitted: May 05, 2001
mANX Dial Services from Ideal  
Provides dial-up access to the Automotive Network eXchange (ANX), a business-to-business Virtual Private Network (VPN).
Submitted: Apr 19, 2001
Mobiliti, Inc.  
Developers of Network/Unplugged, a synchronization and backup product for mobile and remote users. Network/Unplugged is Mobiliti’s software that enhances and empowers mobile users by backing up files (including large e-mail files) and synchronizing network files, while replicating the network structure onto mobile laptop PCs.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2001
NetPlane Systems develops embedded protocol communications software for networking equipment including Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), MPLS, Frame Relay, IP Routing, RSVP, LDP, PNNI, AAL2, Redundancy.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2001
Network Design and Analysis Corporation  
Network Design and Analysis Corporation (NDA) provides customized Network quotation, inventory and account management solutions to the Telecommunication Carriers and Resellers.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Nextira, LLC.  
Specializes in voice, data, and converged solutions with: a proven record in the planning, design, implementation, support, and management of mission-critical network solutions; comprehensive network management and monitoring through National Technical Resource Center (NTRC); proven success and experience in design and implementation of advanced contact center applications and converged solutions; strategic relationships and advanced certifications with leading manufacturers including Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks; and a broadly diverse, vendor-independent portfolio of best-in-class data, voice, video, IP, and multimedia products.
Submitted: May 13, 2001
Novell, Inc.  
Novell, Inc. is a leading provider of Net services software that delivers services to secure and power all types of networks - the Internet, intranets, and extranets; wired to wireless; corporate and public - across leading operating systems. Novell's Net services software provides the foundation for one Net -- a single global network that supports new applications and forms of business.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2001
Onix Networking Corp.  
Onix Networking specializes in technologies that make networks communicate securely, reliably and efficiently. Onix Networking Corp. carries a full line of enterprise software including Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Business Intelligence/Data Mining, Asset Management and Help Desk, Enterprise Anti-Virus Software, and Network Security.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Paradyne develops, manufactures, and delivers products that provide and enhance high-speed access to the wide area network and digital subscriber loop, enabling network computing, Internet access and multimedia applications.
Submitted: Feb 06, 2001
Perle Systems  
Perle Systems provides network connectivity solutions that link users reliably and securely to central servers for a multitude of essential business applications.
Submitted: Feb 08, 2001
Planet 7 Technologies  
Planet 7 Technologies' XML Network software provides XML messaging, routing, and transport infrastructure, which enables content-based routing, real-time data exchange, and simplified, plug-and-play enterprise application integration (EAI).
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
PMC-Sierra is a provider of high speed internetworking component solutions emphasizing ATM, IP, SONET/SDH, T1/E1 and T3/E3 applications. The company's quality system is registered with the Quality Management Institute to the ISO 9001 standard.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2001
Process Software, LLC  
Process Software is focused on providing the most advanced, secure and reliable networking software available. The company's products include a suite of TCP/IP applications and services for Compaq's OpenVMS Alpha and VAX systems, and a family of Internet messaging software for OpenVMS, NT, Solaris, and UNIX.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Proginet Corporation  
Provides software solutions for integrating IBM mainframes, midrange computers, UNIX systems, Novell, Microsoft Windows NT, and other distributed client/server environments.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
RASnet Limited  
RASnet Offers a wide range of both hardware & software networking products, which coupled with on and off site services, including design, installation, certification, breakdown and preventive maintenance can offer your company a complete networking solution.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
RVS Datentechnik GmbH  
RVS Datentechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of ISDN communications software.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Seattle Lab, Inc.  
Developers of Web-based messaging and connectivity server software.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Solucom, Inc.  
Solucom provides Virtual Private Network (VPN), Internet Firewall Security, Intrusion Detection and Managed IT security services. This includes consulting, the technologies, configuration and installation, and ongoing support.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Free estimates for SONET OC-N connectivity. Optical carrier levels OC3, OC12, OC48, and OC192 available.
Submitted: Sep 21, 2004
Stonefield Systems Group, Inc.  
Stonefield Systems Group, Inc. is a computer software and services company committed to client service. Provide quality LAN design, installation, and support services that make networking affordable, productive, and pleasant.
Submitted: Apr 11, 2001
Strategic Concepts Group  
Specializes in the following hardware and services: WindowsNT Migrations, NT Network design, migration from Novell/Pathworks, Vax to DEC Alpha upgrade strategies, HP9000 server migration, implementation and upgrade strategies, NT Server Integration – MSEXchange, BackOffice, NT clustering, Networking, LAN/WAN design, implementation and management, Thin Client/Remote Access strategies, design and implementation.
Submitted: May 03, 2001
Tarantella, Inc.  
Tarantella, Inc. promotes a range of web-enabling software technologies and products that address the needs of a world driven by the Internet, thin-client computing, and open systems. Tarantella is a fully scalable, cross-platform solution that makes it easy to deploy mainframe, Windows, Linux and UNIX applications over the Internet or intranet.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Technology Management Corporation  
TMC designs and develops e-business application software; plans and implements advanced networking technologies.
Submitted: Apr 29, 2001
Telos Corporation  
Telos Corporation is a provider of products and services in five core technologies - information assurance, wireless networking, enterprise management, data integration, and advanced messaging.
Submitted: Apr 29, 2001
Thursby Software Systems, Inc.  
Thursby Software Systems, Inc. is a leader in cross-platform networking and markets and supports connectivity solutions worldwide including DAVE, MacSOHO, MacNFS, and TSStalk.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2001
TimesTen Performance Software  
TimesTen provides the real-time data infrastructure behind time-critical Internet applications, including VoIP, eCRM, and e-commerce.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2001
TriplePoint, Inc.  
Developer of network drivers for Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, ARCnet, Starlan, Wireless, ISDN (PRI/BRI), ATM, Fibre Channel, SMDS, X.25, and Frame Relay.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Twincom is a software house focusing on Unix system software for disk mirroring and volume shadowing, with operations in Europe and the USA.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2001
Vector Informatik  
Suppling quality integration services and powerful development/analysis tools for the Controller Area Networking (CAN) industry for the past decade.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Verdant Telecom  
Specializes in network applications for finance, insurance & mortgages, innovative internet applications, universal telephony framework software.
Submitted: May 03, 2001

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