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Communication Software

Universal Serial Data Monitor  
USDM is a high performance Windows PC based RS232 serial port data monitor/analyzer software application designed for technicians, engineers, programmers, and students.
Submitted: Dec 21, 2000
Satellite Tracking Software for Broadcasters, Satellite Dish Installers and Ku Uplink Truck Operators. Computes AZ-EL data for all geostationary satellite
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
The Kermit Project  
Communications software for Windows, UNIX, DOS, VMS, OS/2, IBM Mainframes, and hundreds of other platforms, offering serial and network communications, file transfer, online sessions, international character-set translation, and powerful, easy-to-use cross-platform scripting.
Submitted: Dec 21, 2000
ADONTEC Computer Systems  
ADONTEC offers tools and components for serial programing, industry protocols 3964,LSv/2,RK512, cryptography, driver and interrupt development, ISDN, CAPI, TCP/IP, WinSock.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
Automated Solutions, Inc.  
Automated Solutions offers OPC Servers and runtime-free ActiveX controls for PLC SCADA, HMI, and MMI applications. Support for most major PLC brands: Allen Bradley, GE Series 90, Modicon, and PLC Direct.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
TAL Technologies  
TAL Technologies specializes in RS232 data acquisition software, instrument control, serial and TCP/IP communications software, bar code software, barcode ActiveX and bar code DLLs.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2000
Area Code Fix  
Area Code Fix, the solution to the area code split confusion affecting more than 50 million telephone numbers in the United States, is now available from Corex Technologies on this Web site.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
NDS Group plc  
NDS Group plc is a supplier of open conditional access software, interactive applications, and datacasting solutions. NDS technologies secure the delivery of entertainment and information to TVs, set-top boxes, personal computers, and mobile devices.
Submitted: Apr 29, 2001
ROI Corporation  
ROI markets software and services to users of the IBM AS/400 midrange computer enabling them to implement high Return-On-Investment applications by connecting real-time devices using our exclusive software only link.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2000
Area Code Update  
Provides Area Code Update ™ software to update your data files, news, and professional consulting services focused on the area code change problem.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
The AT&T Advanced Speech Products Group offers software and hardware-based speech recognition and synthesis, speech coding, and audio coding technology platforms.
Submitted: Feb 23, 2001
Navigation Technologies  
Provider of digital map data for Vehicle Navigation, Internet & Wireless applications and Business Solutions.
Submitted: May 11, 2001
SoftLink develops file transfer technology and solutions for distributed heterogeneous environments, operating across UNIX, Windows NT/2000, Windows 95/98, and OpenVMS platforms. FASTCopy file transfer technology for TCP/IP networks fits mission critical business needs such as data distribution, replication, synchronization and data warehousing.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2000
Trillium Digital Systems, Inc.  
Trillium Digital Systems is the provider of communications software solutions for the converged network infrastructure. Trillium's source code solutions are used in more than 500 projects by industry-leading suppliers of wireless, Internet, broadband and telephony products. Trillium's high-performance, high-availability software and services reduce the time, risk and cost of implementing SS7, IP, H.323, MGCP, ATM, Wireless and other standards-based communications protocols.
Submitted: Jan 14, 2001
VyPRESS Research  
The creators of instant messaging and real-time chatting software for the network or intranet environment. Vypress Messenger allows sending and receiving of text messages (up to 32 KB) over local area networks, VPNs and the Internet. The program operates using modern TCP/IP protocols and also allows users to receive messages over standard SMB protocols as found in applications such as WinPopup, 'net send', and others.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2000
Westronic Systems, Inc.  
Westronic Systems, Inc. (formally Harris Alarm Products) provides network management and remote alarm monitoring solutions for Telecom companies. Full service products include alarm mediation and protocol conversion including TL1, TABS, TBOS, E2A, TELTRAC and HASP (Harris ascii serial protocol). Host reporting options are TCP/IP, OS or serial ASCII including RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Alcatel USA  
Alcatel builds next generation networks, delivering integrated end-to-end voice and data communications solutions to established and new carriers, as well as enterprises and consumers worldwide.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
Andrea Electronics  
Designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art communications products for the "natural language human/machine interface," is fast becoming one of the leaders in the rapidly advancing areas of speech recognition and network communications.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
Boomerang Software, Inc.  
Instant messaging for chat, instant messages and real-time file transfers with security. Uses RSA encryption.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
CIENA Corporation  
Developer and manufacturer of intelligent optical networking solutions for telecommunications carriers worldwide. These solutions span the access, interoffice transport and core of service provider networks - changing the fundamental economics of carrier networks by simplifying network architectures and reducing cost.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Developer, publisher, and support company for the DGAteway range of Lotus Notes/cc:Mail to IBM office email gateways and other OS/2 communications products.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2001
The first XML-based operations support system (OSS) for communications service providers (CSPs).
Submitted: Jan 14, 2001
eVerticals Group  
Provides comprehensive, mission-critical, end-to-end e-business solutions - eCRM, B2B and B2C, for specific industry verticals such as Communications, Financial Services and Media & Entertainment.
Submitted: Mar 31, 2001
FacetWin software for UNIX: terminal emulator, file server, print server, modem server, Windows to UNIX, tape backup, and multi-session for ASCII terminals like vt220, wyse 60, ibm 3151, 3152, 3161, 3164, vt100. File sharing and printer sharing uses SMB (CIFS) protocol instead of NFS.
Submitted: Jan 24, 2001
FTT Consultants  
FTT performs technical requirements analysis, develops the design and architecture, aids with vendor selection and provides implementation assistance and application testing. Specializes in E-mail and Messaging Solutions, Directory-enabled Intranets and Extranets, E-business/EDI Networks and Systems, Web-enabled Call Centers, LDAP/X.500 Training Class, Secure E-business Training Class.
Submitted: May 11, 2001
GE Smallworld  
GE Smallworld develops software products that solve specific problems for the communications industry.
Submitted: May 13, 2001
Hilgraeve, Inc.  
Provides hyperACCESS Communications Software and services.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Hughes Software Systems  
Hughes Software Systems (HSS), the Communications Software company in India, offers the full spectrum of communications related software services, products and solutions.
Submitted: Jan 09, 2001
Inprimis, Inc.  
Inprimis develops product designs, set-top box, customizes embedded system software and offers systems engineering and manufacturing consultation services for interactive-television, video-on-demand, Internet-access and other convergent-technology appliances.
Submitted: May 12, 2001
Kongsberg anaLogic AS  
Kongsberg anaLogic as (KaL) offers several LONWORKS products that communicate the LonTalk protocol over radio. The protocol is handled by the intelligent transceiver interfacing to the Neuron via Special Purpose Mode.
Submitted: Apr 26, 2001
Lara Networks, Inc.  
Lara Networks, Inc. is a pioneer in the networking communications industry. The company architects, designs, and markets Network Application Processors (NAP) for mission-critical high speed Internet and networking Infrastructures.
Submitted: Mar 17, 2001
Linkdata Communications, Inc.  
Specializes in wide area network development and analysis, network hardware sales, network security, corporate internet access, internet strategy development, HTML, CGI, Active Server and Java programming, and the most comprehensive web maintenance and development program anywhere.
Submitted: Mar 17, 2001
MultiSource developer of DataCom2000, FaxWizard, PIM Pro, MultiWeb & WorldTime.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
Offline Usenet Interface  
OUI is a full function Usenet (newsgroup) and E-mail client program for Win3.x thru Win95/98 and NT.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
OSE provides custom software development and web design services throughout the United States. Offers Internet services and custom software development for all customers in the continental United States.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
Pentek, Inc.  
Pentek is the most comprehensive source for off-the-shelf digital signal processing (DSP), software radio and data acquisition system design products.
Submitted: May 06, 2001
Performance Technologies, Inc.  
Performance Technologies is a supplier of packet-based telecommunications and networking products that enable convergence of wireline, wireless and next-generation Internet Protocol networks. Solutions include network access products, embedded Ethernet switching products, and SS7/IP signaling products.
Submitted: Feb 24, 2001
Picazo Communications, Inc.  
Picazo Communications, Inc. designs, develops, and markets business communications solutions specializing in highly integrated standards-based solutions.
Submitted: Mar 17, 2001
Praya gives you one window to all your messages: It ships with many protocols, including: DICT, IRC, gale (uses Jacques Frechet's java gale client), Maildir, A simple timer, Yahoo! Pager (adapted from libyahoo), Adding new protocols is relatively straightforward.
Submitted: Jan 24, 2001
ProMobility interactive is in the business of fast and effective communication relay through the use of wired and wireless high speed technology.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
Qwest Communications International, Inc.  
Qwest Communications International, Inc. is a leader in Internet-based data, voice, image and multimedia communications. Specializes in Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) services for video and data, Wireless communications services, Advanced broadband Internet communications services, Local and long-distance services, Leadership in hosting, applications services and Internet Protocol.
Submitted: May 12, 2001
Smith Micro Software  
The Company Smith Micro Software, headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, is a developer and marketer of e-Commerce and communication software products and services. With a focus on the Internet and broad-band technologies, products enable e-commerce, Internet communications (voice-over-IP - VoIP), video conferencing, wireless communications, and network fax along with traditional computer telephony.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2000
Synapse Communications, Inc.  
Developer of second-generation connectivity products for IBM midrange systems.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Synergy Software Technologies, Inc.  
Synergy Software Technologies Inc. is the Nation's provider of eldercare software solutions to the National Aging Network.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2000
Talking Technologies  
Talking Technologies maintains this free on-line product guide, shopping centre, technical manual, and link hub, for speech recognition software, microphones, talking software, and training.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2000
TEK DigiTel Corporation  
TEK DigiTel is a state-of-the-art high technology company formed to provide integrated communications solutions for the small to medium business and SOHO marketplace. By integrating traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) technology with data routing and the latest advances in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, the company is producing Internet access devices used by the new generation of Service Providers to deploy integrated voice/data services to their customers.
Submitted: Mar 17, 2001
Telaid designs, deploys, and supervises the construction of turn-key communication infrastructures.
Submitted: Jan 14, 2001
Telelogic is the supplier of software development solutions for the communications industry. The comprehensive tool solution, Telelogic Tau, comprises products for analysis, design and testing of event-driven, real-time applications. The tools are supported by an extensive range of related services, divided into four main groups: Development Management, Prototyping, Training and Implementation Services.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2000
Telelogic is the leading supplier of software development solutions for the communications industry. The comprehensive tool solution, Telelogic Tau, comprises products for analysis, design and testing of event-driven, real-time applications. The tools are supported by an extensive range of related services, divided into four main groups: Development Management, Prototyping, Training and Implementation Services.
Submitted: Feb 24, 2001
TeleManagement Technologies, Inc.  
TTI is a software development and consulting company specializing in PC based telemanagement solutions. TTI also provides telecommunications consulting services to companies who are interested in reducing telecom costs via Telecom RFP Development (Voice/Data Networks, Local/Long Distance Services, etc.), Telecom Bill Auditing Expense Reduction and Telecom Project Management Outsourcing services.
Submitted: Dec 21, 2000
Telepartner International  
Telepartner International is a provider of high-performance data communications products and services for remote and mobile computing.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2001
TGL Microsystems  
TGL Microsystems develops custom software for the Win32 platforms. Developer of custom communications software for communicating with main frame computers, BBS systems, Custom hardware and Telnet servers.
Submitted: Dec 21, 2000
Transcendent Technologies, Inc.  
Transcendent Technologies, Inc. develops revenue-enhancing solutions for owners of fixed bandwidth transport networks.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Vertel Corporation  
Vertel is a provider of middleware for the telecommunications industry. Vertel provides high performance, reliable middleware for connecting modern, distributed computing software. The company specializes in software that manages broadband, wireless and Internet networks and the embedded software that runs the hardware in these networks. Vertel middleware provides software-to-software communication for connecting telecom management systems together, connecting the distributed software inside telecom network equipment and connecting the communication software of mobile devices such as hand-held PDAs with network-based applications.
Submitted: Feb 06, 2001

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