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Satellite Communications

Arrowe Technical Services  
Satellite link budget & sun outage software. Satmaster Pro is an easy-to-use software tool for satellite professionals. It performs digital or FM link budget preparation, sun outage prediction, satellite antenna aiming and much more.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2000
Developing satellite communications for ship management and distress and safety applications, Inmarsat currently operates a global satellite system which is used by independent service providers to offer a range of voice and multimedia communications for customers on the move or in remote locations.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
EMS Technologies, Inc.  
EMS Technologies, Inc. is a provider of wireless and satellite communications solutions, with a growing emphasis on broadband applications. EMS focuses its unique range of technologies on the needs of broadband and mobile-information users.
Submitted: Feb 08, 2001
Globalstar provides satellite based personal communications giving people both cellular and satellite phone calls via a mobile phone that can roam.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Nera Satellite Services  
Provider of dedicated satellite communications technology, expertise, integration and service provision.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2001
Center for Satellite and Hybrid Communication Networks  
The Center for Satellite and Hybrid Communication Networks (CSHCN) is in the forefront of a crucial convergence of satellite and terrestrial communications technologies.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Datumcom Corporation  
Datumcom Corporation specializing in AVL, GPS, Mobile Data, Satellite Networks, Commercial Security,Consumer Security and Wireless Video.
Submitted: May 10, 2001
Invictus Satellite Technology Services  
Invictus Satellite Technology Services provides full solution packages for today's highly advanced communication systems, specializing in Mobile Satellite and Internet connectivity systems.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Dolphin Software  
Dolphin provides eBusiness solutions that organizations use to optimize logistics, efficiency, and asset performance through satellite and terrestrial communications.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Ellipso™ extends Internet and voice communications anywhere in the world, anytime a user needs to be in touch, at prices similar to today’s cellular services. Through a unique and patented satellite system, an Internet Protocol (IP) ground network and a 3rd Generation (3G) interface to our wireless handheld, vehicular and fixed terminals, Ellipso™ offers Internet, voice, positioning, unified messaging, and other communications services.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Develops, markets, and licenses a patented advanced robust communication technology, ESC (Extended Spectrum Capacity), taht provides an important digital solution for wireless applications in Mobile / Cellular telephony, Satellite Mobile Communication Services and Direct Broadcast Satellite television services, Personal Communication Services (PCS), Wireless Networks, Wireless Local Loops, Government/Security, and Navigation.
Submitted: May 12, 2001
TRL Technology  
TRL Technology is a British developer of advanced radio and satellite communications solutions - for commercial, government and defence applications.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2001
AP Telecommunications  
AP Telecommunications -- using terrestrial and satellite networks to deliver information worldwide for companies looking for a single-source solution for managing data communications.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Canadian Satellite Communications consults on satellite-based solutions.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Colorado Satellite Services  
Specializing in small satellite telemetry/command/control software, and ground station design and installation.
Submitted: May 15, 2001
Spanish firm specializing in satellite and radio monitoring software, radio coverage engineering. Short product and services descriptions.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Developer of software and interfaces for Inmarsat based satellite terminals for high speed data transfers.
Submitted: May 10, 2001
eSAT, Inc.  
eSAT offers robust, wireless technology to create Internet access, Private Networks and Virtual Private Networks anywhere in the world.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
G-COM International  
G-COM INT'L is a worldwide provider of Internet Services and Satellite Communications including VSAT, Transponders, Transportables, Real Video & Audio streaming, Webcasting, Teleport Services, Broadcast Video, Broadband Services, and Video Conferencing.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Hughes Network Systems  
Hughes Network Systems (HNS), a Hughes Electronics Corporation company, is a world leader in telecommunications technology — satellite, digital cellular, frame relay, ATM, and IP switching. HNS designs, manufactures and installs advanced networking solutions for businesses and governments worldwide.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
KVH Industries, Inc.  
KVH Tracphone satellite telephone systems interface with the Inmarsat mini-M satellite constellation to deliver mobile two-way telephone, fax and data services throughout the world
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Seven Seas Communications  
Seven Seas Communications is the service provider and equipment supplier to the worldwide satellite communications market. For users with a need for reliable, secure communications on land or at sea, Seven Seas specializes in providing global and regional satellite communications solutions. Offers a complete selection of satellite telephones to satisfy even the most demanding applications.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Shiron Satellite Communication Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets Two-way multimedia satellite communication products, incorporating innovative system architecture, algorithms and digital signal processing.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
SSE Telecom, Inc.  
Provider of digital satellite communications products for systems integrators, service providers and enterprises in more than 110 countries. SSET's iP3 gateway enables systems integrators, service providers and global enterprises to leverage satellite's unique capabilities to quickly deploy reliable, revenue-enhancing, mission-critical IP-based services anywhere in the world.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Star Broadband Networks  
Star Broadband Networks is a provider of broadband Internet media networks, utilizing bi-directional satellite technology to deliver custom-designed Internet media networking solutions.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Storke Industries  
Producer of microwave sources and frequency converters, for use in both military and commercial satellite and wireless communications applications. Core technologies include proprietary digital phased-locked loop oscillators (PLO’s), synthesizers, and frequency converters. These devices accommodate a wide spectrum of applications ranging from advanced airborne communications intelligence gathering (COMINT) to commercial networks such as rural telephony.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Tachyon, Inc.  
Tachyon, Inc.™ is the first company to bring to market two-way high performance satellite delivered Internet. And, at this time, Tachyon is the only company offering high performance two-way satellite delivered Internet service.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Telespace Ltd.  
TELESPACE is one of the leading satellite communications consulting companies in the world today, providing overall program management and expert technical support for new and existing communications satellite systems.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Timestep Weather Satellite Systems  
RF design, manufacture, software and testing for radio data, cellular and satellite.
Submitted: Dec 21, 2000
Transfinite Systems Limited  
Provider of radio communications system spectrum-sharing software and consultancy.
Submitted: May 10, 2001

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