DMS Tech  
DMS Tech provides solutions for electronic payment, banking, security, networking, vending machine, GPS. Networks used includes PSTN, Mobitex, GSM, GSM SMS, GSM Data, GPRS, WAP.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Atchik is a developer of solutions for mobile devices that enable content providers, service operators and device manufacturers to capitalise on the potential of the internet mobile phone network data service.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Enghouse Systems Limited  
Enghouse Systems Limited [TSE:ESL] is a Canadian-based software engineering development company offering products that provide automated mapping and facilities management through geographic information systems (known as AM/FM/GIS). The Company's products enable telecommunications and power utility companies to more efficiently map, design, build and manage their spatial assets, such as fiber optic networks, power grids, switches and plants.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
PBX Software  
PBXSoftware Ltd. is a small company which works in the CIS telecommunication market more than 8 years. Experience in PBX installing, programming and maintanance. Also on our Web-site we collect software related to PBX and Telecommunication area.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Telecorp Products, Inc.  
Call center management software. Includes ACD historical reporting, real-time agent monitoring, forecasting, sheduling and quality monitoring capabilities.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
ATDI, Ltd.  
Suppliers of PC based radio network planning software for communications companies.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
BVRP Software  
BVRP Software, editor of the communication software, PhoneTools, PhoneTools graphics and FaxTools (WinPhone and WinFax) and soon PhoneTools Suite.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
COMMON LANGUAGE® Products combine numerics and mnemonics to establish code sets that are easy to remember and easy to use. They help telecommunications companies achieve OSS interconnection in order to exchange critical information with accuracy and precision
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Communications Engineering Technology, Inc.  
Providers of wireless planning, licensing software applications and related services. CET's technology and services are designed to more efficiently plan and license wireless sites whether their use is Wireless Internet, PCS/Cell, Public Safety or other Land Mobile Radio.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Gamma Projects  
Gamma Projects is a progressive development and consultancy company providing Gamma NetOne, an infrastructure management system, to telecommunications companies worldwide.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Intelcan Technosystems, Inc.  
Telecommunication and air traffic management products,systems and services. Turnkey contractor for international infrastructure projects in telecommunication, civil aviation and building management systems.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Wireless Microsystems  
Wireless Microsystems Corp. works with Semiconductor and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) companies to develop innovative and cost-competitive Wireless products, including RF Integrated Circuits and subsystems for Cellular, Cordless, Wireless Data, Video and Satellite mobile, terminal and base station applications.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd (MEASAT Broadcast) is an integrated electronic media enterprise offering wide-ranging multimedia broadcasting services to Malaysia and the region. Equipped with the latest in digital broadcasting technology and positioned strategically within the Multimedia Super Corridor, MEASAT Broadcast sets the stage for Malaysia's advent into 21st Century broadcast, information and interactive technologies.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Conversant Communications  
Conversant Communications focuses on the telecommunications and data networking markets.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Intergraph Public Safety  
Intergraph Public Safety develops, markets and implements Computer Aided Dispatch systems for Public Safety agencies around the world. These systems include fire systems, jail management, law enforcement, geographic information systems, and mobile computing.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Oren Semiconductor, Inc.  
Oren's mission is to enable analog and digital broadband communication and image enhancement through the design, manufacture, and marketing of its patented digital filter and digital signal processing (DSP) technology.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
ReliaTel is a management tool for companies that would like to monitor and control telecommunications systems. Managed systems include Lucent Definity, Nortel Meridain, NEC, Siemens/Rolm, Octel, and others. Every ReliaTel sale includes implementation, site specific customization, and training.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Silicon Graphics, Inc.  
Silicon Graphics Inc. is the leader in computing technology for 3D graphics and animation, visual desktop workstations, web servers, and high-end supercomputers for manufacturing, government, science and education, communications and entertainment. Silicon Graphics computing tools combine power and interactive visualization to accelerate our customers' time to insight in applications as DIVerse as manufacturing, entertainment, science and the World Wide Web.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2001
Station 12  
Station 12 provides: satcom services for voice, fax and (high-speed) data for mobile communications solutions based on the Inmarsat platform VSAT oriented business networks and Internet access solutions based on the Intelsat and Eutelsat platforms services for maritime and (remote) land environments across a wide variety of business sectors
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Sytel Ltd.  
Sytel Limited- predictive dialer software for outbound call centers (auto automatic dialer dialler dialling centre telemarketing phone power speed).
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Wireless eSystem, Inc.  
Wireless eSystem,Inc. provides Wireless technology solutions for real-time Web-Based testing & assessment, interactive classrooms, course administration, tracking, survey and collection applications.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
ZLEC Communications, Inc.  
ZLEC-Communications, developers of calling card platforms, call center solutions and CTI application servers.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
Access Softek  
Access Softek specializes in custom Windows software development, consulting, MAPI, E-mail, Outlook, Windows CE, personal finance, import and export filters, multimedia and quality assurance testing.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2001
Advanced Network Systems  
ANS offers extensive expertise in emerging and established market sectors, providing a unique brand of product knowledge, technology integration and professional support services to clients delivering voice, data and video over wireline and wireless networks. Through its software application development division, ANS provides mediation software packages (customer care and billing) for the telephony industry, designed to unify the management of core business activities and automate the process of customer care.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Customer care, billing and order management systems for telecommunications carriers and Internet services providers.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Suppliers for all types of telecommunications solutions: engineering, networks, software and systems.
Submitted: May 12, 2001
ANADIGICS combines research & development, innovative design, and manufacturing expertise to deliver high performance RF ICs (radio frequency integrated circuits) for consumer-oriented electronics and telecommunications applications.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
Angeles Group  
Angeles Group offers facilities management software for call accounting, call master, traffic engineering, traffic analysis, and cable management. Also telemanagement for carrier billing, switch administration.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2001
Apache Software Consulting, Inc.  
Offers the Klondike family of WAP and WML products. Also, offers software consulting services.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Aplion Networks, Inc.  
Aplion Networks designs, manufactures and markets communications network products consisting of hardware and integrated software, targeted to competitive communications service providers (ISPs, CLECs, DLECs, IXCs).
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
aQtive offers onCue - context-sensitive intelligent access to internet information, free downloads, tools for developing interactive sites, web-based services for users, a community of users with discussion forums.
Submitted: Dec 26, 2000
Archie Marshall, Inc.  
Archie Marshall, Inc is a Network Systems Integrator specializing in networking for the Internet. Products include Cisco access concentrators, access servers, Cisco Secure, Cisco IOS software, CiscoWorks2000, DSL equipment, interfaces and adaptors, network management, optical, routers, switches, telephony, unified messaging, video, web and wireless.
Submitted: Dec 28, 2000
Argus Associates  
Specializes in developing telecom hardware and software, including systems for data transmission, image processing and telemetry.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2001
Astral Tele* Foundation Pvt. Ltd.  
Customer Care and Billing Software for the telecommunications, Paging and Cellular industry along with expertise in RDBMS. Programming experience on Oracle and other RDBMSs such as Informix, SQL server, and Sybase and tools like SQL Forms, Menus, SQL Plus, Reportwriters and Graphics.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Attention Software, Inc.  
Attention Software provides quality software solutions for the system and network management marketplace. The Attention product family addresses the needs of any organization striving to achieve efficient, effective utilization of valuable Information Systems resources.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Barr Systems, Inc.  
Barr Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, markets and supports high-performance remote printing and SNA communications software and hardware for personal computers. Barr Systems' products provide connectivity, high-volume printing and file transfer through high-speed dedicated, dial-up, or LAN connections.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Bear Creek Technologies  
Bear Creek TechnologiesTM is an information technology company specializing in the development of software solutions, automated software products, and technological services for telecommunications industry.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Becomm Corporation  
BeComm offers world-class products with advanced networking, communications, and multimedia capabilities.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2001
C&C Software Solutions, Inc.  
C&C Software Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in the discovery, support, and distribution of high-quality software products: Connectivity Software, File Transfer Software for sharing and transferring files, Security Software to ensure system and data are protected from intrusion and Messaging Software.
Submitted: May 03, 2001
Developer of computer-telephone integration software with products for business and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) applications.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Offers a Web based total solution for telecommunications management, includes call accounting, reporting tools, work order management, long distance resale, and more.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
ComTek International  
ComTek is a developer and integrator of comprehensive communications and data integration capabilities to meet the needs of today's complex business solutions.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Connexn Technologies  
Connexn Technologies is an established provider of software application solutions designed to meet the business process and operational support systems (OSS) needs for the telecommunications industry.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
CTI Group (Holdings), Inc.  
CTI Group (Holdings) Inc. (CTIG) is a provider of telemanagement software and services for managing telecommunications systems.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Cylink Corporation  
Cylink Corporation develops, markets and supports a comprehensive family of secure e-business solutions that protect and manage the access, privacy and integrity of information transmitted globally. The Company's products secure local-area networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs), and public packet-switched networks such as the Internet.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Datastream Systems, Inc.  
Datastream provides all software, installation, training and consulting to assist customers with controlling spare parts inventories, scheduling tasks that reduce equipment downtime and expediting the purchasing process.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
DCSi (Diversified Computer Systems, Inc.), a privately-held software company founded in 1984, develops and markets 16 and 32-bit Windows terminal emulation/connectivity and 3D graphics software products.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Definite Solutions  
Definite Solutions develops secure and reliable communications software for the DOS, Windows, and OS/2 operating environments.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
Digicon is a information technology business with expertise in networking, software development, and client-server technologies.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
DSET Corporation  
DSET Corporation - provides the leading telecommunications companies with TMN tools, OSS gateways, professional services, and local number portability applications.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Provides DSP and Systems expertise in the area of wireless communications in order to enable clients to reach their goals and achieve competitive advantage. DSPOne Systems Inc. consists of a group of highly skilled engineers who are familiar with wireless systems and DSP algorithms, and are highly experienced with today's tools and systems.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
ECI Telecom  
ECI Telecom supplies telecommunications network solutions, including systems for ip telephony, voice over atm, voatm, hdsl, adsl, xdsl, sdh, digital cross connect, hfc, dcme, compression, network gateways, data networking, broadband access, wireless local loop and, VoIP.
Submitted: Dec 02, 2000
Manufacturer of digital audio products, including computer telephony products.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2000
Emerson Energy Systems  
Emerson Energy Systems is an established major global supplier of telecom energy solutions.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
eMIS provides billing and customer care solutions for utility and telecommunications service providers. Includes company and product information.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Empower Interactive Group, Ltd.  
Empower's technology provides a customizable, fully integrated, cost-effective solution.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Provider of telecom software solutions focused on fraud management, mediation, cdr and switch administration, network analysis, and custom development.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Ericsson Developers' Zone  
Ericsson provides total solutions covering everything from systems and applications to mobile phones and other communications tools.
Submitted: Dec 22, 2000
Esker, Inc.  
Connectivity software for enterprise, including Corridor product.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
Future Software  
Future Software are providers of communications software products and services in emerging technology areas to the global communications industry.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
GAO Research, Inc.  
GAO Research Inc. is the leading provider of embedded communications software for telecom, semiconductor, and electronics companies worldwide.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2001
HotCage is an Internet-based Enterprise application designed specifically for Telecommunications providers to manage the agreement/lease information for an unlimited number of buildings and facilities.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Howe Digital  
Howe Digital specializes in call control, media processing and applications software.
Submitted: Jan 14, 2001
InfoRad Wireless Solutions  
Provider of software solutions that deliver "Instant Information" to PCS phones, alphanumeric paging receivers, PDA's and other wireless receiver technologies.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
Internet-enabled, standards-based, hardware and software solution utilizes patent-pending technology to automatically discover and monitor physical port connectivity in data centers, comms rooms and wiring closets in real-time.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2000
OfficeDomain® is focused on offering a broad range of messaging products targeted to the exploding Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) market.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Milestone Technologies, Inc.  
Milestone Technologies Inc. (MTI) develops software for data broadcasting applications. Specializes in software that is designed to transfer files reliably over a broadcast (one way) data link, such as satellites, FM subcarriers, TV using VBI and other applications.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2001
Netscient is a primary developer and supplier of network planning and design systems to the telecommunications industry.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Network Wizards  
Network Wizards creates unique hardware and software solutions for the computer and communications industry. Products and services include wireless electronic mail systems, computer control of cellular telephones, electronic jewelry, satellite delivered usenet news receivers and protocols, computerized temperature sensors, and computer console management systems.
Submitted: Apr 10, 2001
Nevada Space Net  
Nevada Space Net is a company focused on one visionary objective-to construct and maintain the world's most sophisticated, ultra-secure and high-speed data and telecommunications network available to the business world.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
NightFire Software, Inc.  
NightFire Software Inc. is a e-infrastructure software provider for broadband service fulfillment. NightFire enables companies in the broadband value chain to bring high-speed, always-on Internet access and services to consumers and businesses faster, more reliably and more efficiently.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
OPEN Networks  
The OPEN Group provides local loop access products and solutions to telecommunications service providers in the Australasian and selected international markets.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2000
OpenCon Systems, Inc.  
OpenCon Communication Systems (OCS) delivers highly-flexible access and transmission solutions to telecommunications service providers. OpenCon's standards-compliant solutions address billing mediation, GR-303 and V5 interface implementation, DCC challenges, and other key challenges.
Submitted: Jan 14, 2001
Osage Software Systems, Inc.  
FUNL provides telcos with real-time collection, analysis, and monitoring of call detail records. This real-time system for telecommunications switches allows you to collect data from network elements, distribute network information, and collect data in real time and via polling. FUNL is an invaluable tool for cellular, rental, and real-time (hot) billing, and fraud control application, while performing regular data collection. It works in conjunction with your billing, traffic analysis, fraud control, and other systems.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
OTEX Corporation  
OTEX offers OEMs complete integrated network solutions based on OTEX technology and industry standard architectures. This makes most devices infinity more useful and practical in real time applications, OEM devices can now act as miniature servers and clients on a standard office LAN.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
Performance Telephone Services, Inc  
Service provider of voice and data integration hardware, software, service and performance-based business solutions.
Submitted: May 12, 2001
SAI, the telemanagement applications service provider, develops, manufactures, and markets the Sierra Gold™ line of web-centric virtual telemanagement products, services, and solutions for Fortune 500 companies in a broad base of industries including hi-tech, financial, utilities, education, and retail. SAI's software applications and telemanagement services enable users to oversee telecommunications volume and activity, monitor toll fraud, and allocate telecommunications expenses internally.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Seattle Lab, Inc.  
Seattle Lab Inc., developer of Web-based software for Windows, creates server software that provides communications, remote administration and connectivity solutions to ISPs, portals and enterprises -- all accessible via any Web browser.
Submitted: Dec 02, 2000
Spartac, Inc.  
Producers of a user friendly interface to send text messages to alphanumeric pagers / messaging devices from a computer.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2000
TDS Incorporated  
TDS Incorporated provides cost effective solutions for tele-communications and electronic systems needs. Services include: LAN/WAN and Network Systems, Communications (Wireless and Terrestrial), High Speed Digital Communications, Internet/Intranet and Applications.
Submitted: Feb 09, 2001
Manufacturer of voice and baseband modems, LAN/WAN access products, fax and telex automation.
Submitted: Dec 26, 2000
TOSsoft Solutions LLC.  
Offers Telcom software to manage customer orders, internal workflow, telephone numbers, network equipment and more.
Submitted: Feb 10, 2003
Varros Telecom  
Varros Telecom develops next generation OSS solutions for rapid deployment of Element Management Systems (EMSs), Optical Networks Management Solutions and Differentiated IP Services.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Provides communications management software including network accounting, internet tracking, telemanagement, call accounting, network fraud , network billing, and telephone bill consolidation. Also internet and web monitoring.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000

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