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Center for Information and Communications  
The goal of the CICTR is to team with industrial partners to generate solutions to current and future technical challenges in the transmission, storage, transformation, switching and networking of digital information. These solutions most likely involve the amalgamation of commercial off-the-shelf technology, advanced prototype technology, and basic information & communications technology research. Some technological challenges on the horizon are broadband access, optical networking, interfacing RF/optical and digital radio components, miniaturization of wireless communication transceivers, broadband wireless access, mobile multimedia access & networking, quality-of-service IP routing, differentiated services for Internet, network management, next-generation-Internet and telepresence.
Submitted: Jul 09, 1999
NASA's Commercial Space Communications Program  
The mission of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA's) Commercial Space Communications Program conducted at the Lewis Research Center (LeRC) in Cleveland, Ohio, is to work in partnership with industry, academia, and other government agencies to enable new communications capabilities that enhance the United States communications industry's competitiveness, support NASA missions, and foster the development of the National Information Infrastructure (NII) and Global Information Infrastructure (GII). In support of this mission, one specific activity recently undertaken by this LeRC program is to assist NASA, and other government agencies where appropriate, with transitioning from their own dedicated communications infrastructure to emerging, cost effective commercial solutions.
Submitted: Jul 09, 1999
NASA Glenn Research Center  
The NASA Glenn Research Center defines and develops advanced technology for high priority national needs. The work of the Center is directed toward new propulsion, power, and communications technologies for application to aeronautics and space, so that U.S. leadership in these areas is ensured. To that end, NASA Glenn has developed a set of core competencies in which it conducts world-class research to develop and transfer technology to U.S. industry.
Submitted: Jul 09, 1999
Business Adresses  
business addresses in germany, austria and switzerland
Submitted: May 05, 2006

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