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Control and Automation Systems

B&R Automation Studio Integration with Simulink  
B&R Automation Studio integration with Simulink helps you design and implement a control system on B&R PLCs. Simulink enables you to model/simulate a controller and generate ANSI C code/IEC 61131 structured text for import into B&R Automation Studio.
Submitted: March 9, 2012
RSLogix Integration with Simulink  
RSLogix 5000 integration with Simulink helps you design and implement a control system on Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers. Simulink enable you to model/simulate a controller and generate IEC 61131 structured text for import into RSLogix 5000.
Submitted: March 9, 2012
Applied Industrial Controls  
Applied Industrial Controls is the High-Tech Automation Company. AIC specializes in high-tech process instrumentation, PLCs, industrial hardware and software, flow and level, and SCADA RTU solutions.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
Industrial Electronics & Controls, Inc.  
Advanced automation/conrol solutions, IE&C's product line includes PC-based controls, I/O modules, operator interfaces, servo controls.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
Applied Controls, Ltd.  
Designs and manufactures automation and process and control systems.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
The OPC Specification is a non-proprietary technical specification that defines a set of standard interfaces based upon Microsoft’s OLE/COM technology. The application of the OPC standard interface makes possible interoperability between automation/control applications, field systems/devices and business/office applications.
Submitted: Jul 29, 2000
American Digital Corp.  
ADC specializes in efficient plant/control system solutions, including measurement, telemetry, monitoring, control, automation, and "MES" data exchange between corporate MIS and the supervisory system computers.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
Super Tech Associates  
Super Tech & Associates makes computer controlled XYZ tables, Stepper Motor controllers and the SuperCam CAD/CAM program, a direct machine control Graphics User Interface with a CNC code generator for CNC machine tool control and CNC code file import features for stepper motor control via the parallel interface port on a Desktop computer.
Submitted: Jul 24, 2000
Botech AB  
Botech AB develops software for web based integrated building management systems. All building systems on a single web page, two-way real time control & monitoring,alarm logging/sending to alarm printer, website, mobile phone, pager. System performance analysis database. Open protocol communication pc, java based system graphics generation software, Greyhound webserver solution and ASP facility. Connectivity via broadband, dial-up modem, cable modem, radio link. Web based database interfacing allowing rational 'on the fly' report retrieval from older unwieldy databases.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2002
Worldwide supplier of pneumatic and electronic components and controls for industrial automation.
Submitted: Aug 06, 2000
Agile Systems Inc.  
Agile Systems designs and manufactures distributed motion control products including amplifiers and drives for industrial machinery, robotics and the automation industry.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2002
Windward Automation  
Designer,manufacturer and distributor of computer control systems.
Submitted: Aug 03, 2000
Eurotherm Group  
Industrial and process automation for control, recording, drives and gauging.
Submitted: Jul 29, 2000
Paul Davis Automation  
Paul Davis Automation provides sales and marketing for leading manufacturers of safety, automation and control products, specializing in machine guarding solutions.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
Flolo Corporation  
Engineering, design and assembly of custom automated control systems for industrial applications. Experience and expertise in many industies including chemicals (products & processing), motion control, food & beverage, water & wastewater, packaging, pharmaceuticals. Allen-Bradley Systems Integrator.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
Foks Automation Systems  
Automation Company is a Automation project,software and system Development Company that heavily involved in industrial automation application.
Submitted: Nov 30, 2005
Xiris Automation Inc - Inspection Solutions with Vision  
Developer of custom machine vision automation systems and software for inspection, gauging, verification and machine guidance.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2006

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