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Embedded Control

Cyber-Physical Systems  
Learn how to design cyber-physical systems. Resources include videos, examples, and documentation.
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)  
Discover how to implement algorithms to control electrical power using pulse width modulation (PWM). Examples and videos demonstrate the use of simulation software for controlling pulse width modulation.
Submitted: January 30, 2012
Static Code Analysis  
Explore examples and other resources for improving embedded systems code quality, without program execution or test cases.
Submitted: April 22, 2011
Embedded Systems Design  
Learn more about MathWorks solutions for embedded systems, including tools to help you model, simulate, implement, and verify embedded software and hardware.
Submitted: April 22, 2011
Embedded Automation  
Manufacturer of EA2000, is an integrated PC-based controls system for industrial automation applications and supports leading operating systems,programming methods and industrial I/O interfaces.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Embedded Systems and Microcontroller Electronics  
Articles, news and references about embedded systems and microcontroler electronics, including new chips, sdk and other development tools, development boards, modules and also electronic circuit collection
Submitted: Aug 23, 2006
Advanced Digital Logic, Inc.  
Embedded and stand-alone PC/104 microcomputer modules for OEMs and application developers.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2000
Axtend Technologies  
Axtend Technologies provides consulting services in the areas of electronic hardware, embedded software and device driver design and development.They specialize in embedded hardware and software development in the areas of communications, networking, industrial control and data acquisition.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2000
Electronic Concepts and Engineering Inc.  
Electronic Concepts and Engineering, Inc. designs, develops, and produces embedded electronics and real time control systems for aerospace, automotive, industrial, and military applications.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Ashling Microsystems  
Ashling Microsystems design and manufacture embedded development tools for the major 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microprocessor families.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2000
Square One Industries, Inc.  
Square One manufactures and distributes Single Board Computers in the PC/104, 3.5", and 5.25" embedded form factors. Accessory products include GPS, data acquisition and control, power supply and I/O modules.
Submitted: Sep 09, 2002
VMIC manufactures over 200 products for CompactPCI CPCI, VMEbus PCI,PMC,PLCs, embedded CPUs, reflective memory, fibre channel, real-time networks, and PC-based control software.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Arcom Control Systems  
Manufacturer of industrial computers, embedded PCs, single board computers plus development kits for Windows CE, QNX and MediaGX.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2000
Cole Design & Development  
Specializing in development of microcontroller-based devices, and interfacing to controlling PC's.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2000
Diamond Systems  
Mnufacturer of PC/104 analog and digital I/O modules.Products include data acquisition and control, communications, and power supply modules.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
DSP Design  
DSP Design Ltd designs and manufacturers PC compatible computers for industrial and embedded applications. These include boards for the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus buses, as well as the GCAT range - possibly the smallest PC in the world. We also make the Integrator range of flat panel PCs.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Mosaic Industries, Inc.  
Manufactures embedded controllers, microcontroller, single board computers. Designes the QED line of embedded controllers/microcontrollers.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Whyron Embedded Directory  
List of available Development Tools for embedded applications like C compilers, assemblers, HLL debuggers, real time emulators as well as related products and services for microprocessor, microcontroller and personal computer applications.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
ZF Linux Devices, Inc.  
Manufacturer the MachZ System-on-a-Chip, LCD flat-panel touch-screen PCs, miniature PC-compatible OEM modules, and PC 104 and 5.25-inch single board computers.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Megatel Computer Corporation  
Specializes in designing and manufacturing embedded PC/104 and small format single board, PC compatible computers for the OEM. PC104, 4x4 SBCs are built to order.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
TERN, Inc.  
Designer and manufacturer of 16/32-bit x86-based embedded controllers and single-board computers.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
WIN Enterprises  
Develops embedded process controllers, custom PC platforms, LCD panels, touchscreens, and motherboards for OEM customers.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Adastra Systems Corp.  
Adastra Systems is a leading manufacturer of board-level embedded-PCs for the use in embedded OEM applications.
Submitted: Aug 10, 2000
Ampro Computers, Inc.  
Ampro Computers, Inc. is the inventor of the highly popular PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and EBX embedded-PC module standards and is the foremost manufacturer of board-level embedded-PCs.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2000
Manufacturer of Embedded PC with Linux support, Single Board Computers with PCI and Ethernet.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2000
Hitex Development Tools  
Developer and manufacturer of in-circuit emulators and debugging tools for embedded systems.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Development tools for applications in the embedded systems market. Manufactures and markets the C-TAC line of real time, non-intrusive, embedded systems analyzers.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
P&E Microcomputer Systems  
Powerful, inexpensive embedded systems design tools for a variety of Motorola microprocessors.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Solutions Cubed  
Specializes in prototyping and/or manufacturing embedded systems using PIC microcontrollers.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Tri-M Systems, Inc.  
Tri-M Systems offers a variety of hardware products for embedded applications. Available are CPU modules, I/O boards, GPS hardware, power supplies, and much more.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Producer of embedded single board computers used for embedded systems, machine control, and dat.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
A leading manufacturer of Single Board Computers(including Half-size cards,Full-size cards),Embedded PC(5.25" Miniboard,Mini-ITX Board),and Industrial Computers.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2002
DRS Advanced Programs, Inc.  
DRS Advanced Programs, Inc. delivers custom TEMPEST, rackmount, rugged, portable, realtime and other specialty computer systems to the US Defense Department, other US agencies, foreign governments, and civilian customers world-wide.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
ICOP Technology Inc.  
ICOP Technology, a company of DMP group, is a designer and manufacturer of embedded boards and modules in Taiwan.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Micro Industries  
Provides off-the-shelf OEM products for embedded computer applications from board-level to system-level integration.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
MicroSystems Development Technologies, Inc.  
Offers custom microprocessor application design and development for consumer and industrial products as well as a variety of engineering productivity tools and diagnostic products..
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
TECI is a manufacturer of development tools for Motorola 68HC05 and 68HC11 microcontrollers.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Tempustech, Inc.  
Tempustech is a leading edge manufacturer of superior embedded computer products. Hardware and software developers will find the technical product specifications, documentation, support, tools, performance and platform technologies information they need to develop advanced systems and software.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Single Board Computers (SBCs), PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and STD 32 Bus. Industrial computers for embedded and industrial control applications. EBX and PC/104-Plus SBCs. Complete catalog, specs, pricing, and more.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
Wild Bear Systems  
Specializing in embedded system hardware and software design services for smaller companies and start-ups.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
WinSystems, Inc.  
WinSystems, Inc. manufactures PC/104 modules, single board computers and STD Bus products for embedded computers.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000
WoodTel, Inc.  
Designs, manufactures, and markets a line of stand-alone microcontroller-based telecommunication switch/dialers as well as home automation and private branch exchange controllers.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2000

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