HVAC Control

Digital Control Systems, Inc.  
Digital Control Systems, Inc. (DCS) provides reliable, cost-effective instrumentation and control modules to industrial, HVAC, and medical automation manufacturers. DCS produces an expanding line of standard products including temperature controllers, AC, DC, and brushless motor controllers, and C02 gas analysis instruments for both HVAC and OEM manufacturers and distributors.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Carmel Software  
Provider of Windows-based HVAC software.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
On-line sales of HVAC & HVAC Controls Equipment.
Submitted: Mar 04, 2001
Automated Logic Corporation  
Manufacturer of building automation systems, HVAC and DDC controls, graphical programming and gateway software.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
Simutech Systems  
Offers a wide array of simulators that cover nearly all areas of the Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration industry.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
California Economizer  
California Economizer, The Zoning System Company, manufactures a complete line of zoning products from a 2 zone residential system to a Direct Digital Control system that can handle up to 200 zones.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Staefa, HVAC/Building Management Systems  
No Description
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
TCS/Basys Controls Home Page - Manufacturer of Building Automation and Energy Management Controls, Thermostats and other HVAC products  
Manufacturer of building automation and energy management controls, thermostats and other HVAC products.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Trend Technology Centre  
Manufacturer of intelligent building controls. Trend systems provide control and monitoring of heating, ventilation and other building services.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
ASI Controls  
ASI Controls manufactures direct digital controls (DDC) for the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) and light industrial marketplace.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Andover Controls  
Premeire facility automation controls.
Submitted: Nov 10, 2003
Better Buildings Interactive  
Better Buildings Interactive, LLC is the developer of Better Buildings InteractiveTM, an interactive multimedia educational software tool that presents the principles of achieving thermal comfort and energy efficiency in buildings.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
Cristal Controls, Ltd.  
Cristal Controls, Ltd. specializes in "intelligent" electronic control systems with open communication network.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Regin HVAC Products, Inc.  
Offers products for controlling, testing and detecting heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Automation Components, Inc.  
Manufacturer of temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Building Automation Products, Inc.  
BAPI specializes as a manufacturer of temperature and humidity sensors for the HVAC/R industry. Related products include temperature transducers, air quality sensors, thermowells and power supplies.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Enertel Controls, Inc.  
Company specializing in remote controls by telefone and smart integreted HVAC/R controls.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Paragon Controls, Inc.  
Paragon Controls Incorporated (PCI) Primary Sensing Elements are designed for use in HVAC airside systems or industrial process control loops. They provide output signals readily convertible to air velocity, air volume, and differential pressures by devices such as indicating meters, transducers and controllers to meet the needs of all commercial and most industrial applications.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Alerton Technologies, Inc.  
Manufacturer of building automation controls for energy management and HVAC.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
Jackson Systems, LLC  
Makers of Temp-Stat temporary construction thermostats, producer and distributor of zone control systems and other HVAC control products.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Temco Controls, Ltd.  
Temco Controls is a manufacturer of the lowest cost sensors, valves, thermostats and end devices on the HVAC market.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Bottom Line Software, Inc.  
Manufacturer of Bottom Line Service System for Windows, is a Windows based service management software package for HVAC, plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
DAE instrument corp.  
The manufacture of digital energy meter ,multi function power meter, modbus i/o module,load survey power logger.We provide attrarctive solution for energy management with very attractive price and ranges of series product line.
Submitted: Aug 23, 2002
Environmental Technology, Inc.  
Specializes in sensors for melting ice and snow for both the telecom and construction/HVAC industries.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Heat-Timer Corporation  
Heat-Timer Corporation offers a complete line of controls for the HVAC/R and Plumbing Industry.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Mestek, Inc.  
Mestek is a family of 30 specialty manufacturers providing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning products, coil handling equipment, extruded aluminum products, and computer information systems and services.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
Twinco Supply Corp.  
Specializing in products and services to fulfill the automatic temperature control needs of the HVAC mechancal contractor.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
Coastal Computer Corporation  
Offers service management software and training for the HVAC and plumbing contractor.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
KRS Enterprises, Inc.  
Specializes in software development for plumbing, HVAC, and other service industries.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
Novar Controls  
Manufactures a broad range of building automation control products.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Team Management Systems, Inc.  
Software for plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical contractors.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000
BELIMO Aircontrols (USA), Inc.  
Electronic damper actuators for the operation of air dampers in HVAC systems.
Submitted: Aug 17, 2000
Test Plugs, Ltd.  
Manufacturer of test plugs, gauges, thermometers, and other accessories used to check pressure and temperature of live systems.
Submitted: Aug 18, 2000

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