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Industrial control equipment

B&R Automation Studio Integration with Simulink  
B&R Automation Studio integration with Simulink helps you design and implement a control system on B&R PLCs. Simulink enables you to model/simulate a controller and generate ANSI C code/IEC 61131 structured text for import into B&R Automation Studio.
Submitted: March 9, 2012
RSLogix Integration with Simulink  
RSLogix 5000 integration with Simulink helps you design and implement a control system on Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers. Simulink enable you to model/simulate a controller and generate IEC 61131 structured text for import into RSLogix 5000.
Submitted: March 9, 2012
Flow Design, Inc.  
Manufacturer of automatic flow control valves for the HVAC industry.
Submitted: Aug 06, 2000
Seller of PLC and distributed control system (DCS) surplus automation system parts. Site provides information on control system maintenance, technology migration, automation history and support vendors.
Submitted: Oct 09, 2003
Control Technology  
Control Technology is an engineering oriented firm manufacturing customized and off-the-shelf Servo Electronics, Analog and Digital Servo Control Systems and related Computer Interface Equipment which includes Signal Level Converters.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Engage Networks  
Engage Networks specializes in networking for the power monitoring and control industry. Quality requirements, production demands, and facility management issues create large amounts of data for management to utilize in production, quality, and validation processes. Industrial networking is a fast-growing and diversified market.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
Western Reserve Controls  
Western Reserve Controls is an international supplier of open-architecture components and systems used for industrial control, signal conditioning, solid-state relays, and data acquisition.
Submitted: Jul 29, 2000
Gagemaker, Inc. is a Houston based manufacturer of inspection and measuring devices for the Quality Control Industry.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
KB Electronics  
Manufacturers of solid state DC motor speed controls for permanent magnet, shunt wound, PWM and battery operated motors. Chassis, NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X enclosures available. Controls include full wave, SCR and 4 quadrant, regenerative and battery operated.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Measurement and Control Solutions  
Measurement and Control Solutions, Inc. provides industrial drive, web inspection, and data consolidation/archival solutions - specializing in web handling/roll goods industries.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Beta LaserMike  
Manufacturer of non-contact laser gauging, diameter measurement systems, process control instrumentation and ultrasonic testing equipment for wire, cable and fiber optic manufacturing, extrusion processes, and general gauging.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
BGV, Inc.  
Industrial control equipment including temperature, humidity, levels, flow, software, gas detection, etc.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
COR-VAL, Inc.  
Cor-Val, Inc. is a U.S. sales, manufacturing, and service organization based in Houma, Louisiana, providing a variety of standard and specialized services for process industries in the Petroleum, Chemical, Gas, and Power Generation fields.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
Fisher Controls  
Fisher Controls - one of the Fisher-Rosemount companies - is the world leader in providing control valves, regulators, instrumentation and performance services to the process control industries.
Submitted: Jul 29, 2000
Cambridge Applied Systems,Inc.  
Cambridge Applied Systems, Inc. offers an elegant and simple solution to viscosity control.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
Cormon is a supplier of corrosion control solutions for industries which operate continuous processes or have corrosion related asset integrity concerns.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
CIMTEK Automation Systems  
CIMTEK Automation Systems is a Systems Integrator supplying high quality Design and Manufacturing Functional Test Solutions to the electronics, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, defense and utility industries.
Submitted: Aug 05, 2000
Control Chief Corporation  
Manufacturer of industrial wireless remote control products and accessories.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
Davis Controls Limited  
Davis Controls is a distributor, representative and licensed assembler for international manufacturers of instrumentation and control products. The company offers a comprehensive range of products for the industrial market.
Submitted: Aug 06, 2000
Eugene Ernst Products Co.  
Specializing in Processing and Industrial Plant Equipment for hundreds of Electric Utilities, Refineries, Industrial Plants, Hospitals and Government institutions.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
F&J Specialty Products, Inc.  
Manufacturer of microprocessor controlled air samplers and digital air flow calibrators. F&J's line of digital air samplers and calibrators provide an unsurpassed accuracy compared to standard analog models.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
Governors America Corp.  
GAC is vertically integrated with complete design, development, production, and marketing capabilities for a family of electromechanical and electronic devices utilized for precise engine control.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Hampshire Control Corporation  
Providing standard and custom designed electronics to the biomedical and industrial markets, including:motor speed controls, temperature controls, single and multi-point temperature monitors/alarms, and general purpose data logging and alarm systems.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Inspired Solutions LLC  
Inspired Solutions is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm, which provides Professional Engineering and Technical Consulting Services to a variety of manufacturing, distribution, processing, and engineering related industries.
Submitted: Jul 29, 2000
John Kopplin Company  
Helps customers with industrial control applications.
Submitted: Aug 06, 2000
Load Cell Central  
Manufacturer of load cells, weighing systems, digital indicators, platform and floor scales, and load cell repair.
Submitted: Jun 09, 2003
Mangra S.A. is a pioneer company in the area of manufacturing controls and the installations equipments for several systems used in the feed mills.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Mesure Controle Commande  
Mesure Controle Commande designs, manufactures and sells a complete range of instrumentation and industrial control equipments. These equipments: controllers, recorders, indicators, calculators, data acquisition systems, sensors, transmitters are used in a wide spectrum of industrial processes.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Microsmith, Inc.  
Manufacturer of quality industrial distributed control peripherals, standard, custom, and special products for the industrial controls industry.
Submitted: Aug 06, 2000
Murphy Switch of CA, Inc.  
Supplier and manufacturer of sophisticated industrial control equipment.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Roofing Technology  
Providing controls and sensors to manufacturers or roofing products.
Submitted: Jul 23, 2000
Rosemount Analytical  
Manufacturers of process gas analyzers, systems and chromatographs, emissions monitoring systems, combustion and oxygen analyzers, and combustion control systems.
Submitted: Jul 23, 2000
Square D Company  
Square D is a supplier of electrical distribution, industrial control and automation products, systems and services.
Submitted: Jul 24, 2000

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