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Noise and Vibration Control

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The NVH page with descriptions, calculations, conversions and material data.
Submitted: Mar 06, 2005
XlNoise is committed to developing Microsoft Excel add-ins for a wide range of noise and vibration problems.These tools allow you to do everything from getting the input data through intuitive graphical user interfaces, to carrying out reliable computations and to visualizing results, directly from Excel.
Submitted: Apr 15, 2003
Eurotools vibration control systems  
New vibration control systems for industrial uses.
Submitted: Sep 03, 2004
Prosig.com - Data Acquisition, Signal Processing and Noise & Vibration Analysis  
Prosig offer a number of vibration monitoring and control systems such as the PROTOR turbine health monitoring package and the PROTECT vibration monitoring system for high speed machine applications.
Submitted: Mar 04, 2001
Offers totally integrated air handling technology that reduces noise, controls vibration and directly reduces the operating costs of a new or existing building.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
Andrea Electronics  
Andrea’s breakthrough patented Digital Super Directional Array (DSDA®) far-field microphone technology cancels background noise and transmits a clear voice signal, even when the speaker is at a distance from the microphone source, enabling a hands-free enhanced PC communicating experience.The Company's patented Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) microphone and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) earphone technologies help toensure the clearest speech in PC and telephony headset applications..
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Noise Solutions Inc.  
Providing acoustical noise attenuation for industrial applications.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Architectural acoustics and lighting  
Architectural acoustics, noise control and architectural lighting definitions and practical concepts introduced by Ph.D.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
Institute of Noise Control Engineering  
The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA is a non-profit professional organization incorporated in Washington, DC. A primary purpose of the Institute is to promote engineering solutions to environmental noise problems.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
ISTIQ Noise Control  
ISTIQ Noise Control is highly specialized and well recognized in applications involving Generator Sets, Blowers, Compressors, Press Machine and HVAC systems. All of our works in controlling the noise on these applications either meet or exceed the requirement set by the Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE) and Department of Safety and Health (DOSH).
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Acoustic Sciences Corp. ASC Tube Trap  
ASC / Tube Trap TM - Acoustic products for recording studios, hi-fi rooms, home theaters; noise baffles for computers & FAA radar facilities; acoustics for churches, gymnasiums and offices. If you have an acoustic or noise control problem, ASC has the treatment.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
Noise Control Corporation  
Noise Control Corporation specializes in eliminating unwanted noise, controlling sound from machinery, oilwell drilling rigs, construction sites, excavation sites, blowers, pumps, generators, soil remediation equipment, vertical turbines, and pile drivers.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Environmental Concepts Inc.  
Represents manufacturers of acoustic, noise, and vibration control products.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Industrial Noise Control, Inc.  
A resource for noise control products and systems for industrial, commercial and recreational facilities. Site contains detailed product and applications information.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Noise Control Engineering, Inc.  
Detail design of noise control treatments, testing, and monitoring in the following areas.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Orpheus Acoustics  
Architectural acoustics including noise and vibration control for auditoriums, churches, synagogues, and other critical listening spaces.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
Active Vibration Control System  
Vistek Inc manufactures and supplies a wide range of active vibration control systems and vibration isolators. These vibration isolation systems are compact, robust and easy to use.
Submitted: Mar 15, 2007
Industrial Acoustics Company  
Industrial Acoustics Company has been providing sound control products and systems to architects and engineers in industry and government since 1949. IAC's extensive experience and expertise can provide turn key solutions to your sound control problems.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
Ingenieria para el Control del Ruido  
ICR, Engineering for the Noise Control, is a company dedicated to resolving problems of noise and vibrations. Industrial necessities are always taken into account and feasible solutions at a viable cost turn out to be our goal. This premise is applied to every field we work in, always providing the latest analysis methods and developing new technology if necessary.
Submitted: Nov 03, 2006
Silent Source  
Silent Source is a supplier of Interior Acoustical Products such as, acoustic foams, sonex, whisperwedge, profoam, tecnifoam, fireflex, cutting wedge, barriers, baffles, acoustical steel and wooden doors, bass traps, diffusors, fabric wrapped panels and wallcoverings, isolation enclosures, gobos, tin ceilings, clearsonic, acoustic foam, acoustic foams, acousticfoam, used to control sound in applications of industrial noise, recording studios, project studios, home theater, auditoriums, gymnasiums, churches, schools, offices, workshops, etc.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Acoustical Solutions, Inc.  
Acoustical Solutions offers acoustical accoustical materials and enclosures for sound control and noise reduction. For use with all types of applications from broadcast and recording, industrial, manufacturing, educational, religious, auditoriums, multi-purpose rooms to residential and gymnasiums.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Sound Solution  
Offers worldwide supply and installation of electronic entertainment noise/sound control equipment.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Tech Products Corporation  
Manufacturers of elastomeric noise and vibration control solutions including rubber shock mounts, vibration isolators, damping, and acoustical materials.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Predictive maintenance through vibration analysis, ultrasonic testing, noise control, thermography, laser alignments, balancing, structural modifications, and diesel engine analysis.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
CCR ASSOCIATES LLC is the leading consulting practice that specializes in turnkey acoustical solutions.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Advanced industrial noise control solutions for Acoustical Problems industrial noise control solutions.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Metex Corporation  
Manufacturer of knitted wire mesh, seals,automotive products,filters,sound attenuator,shock and vibration isolation.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Talaske Group  
Acoustics consultants specializing in building design, mechanical and electrical system noise control, and audio/video system design.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
Bright Star Audio  
Manufacturer of vibration control and resonance isolation products for audio and video systems.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Colin Gordon & Associates  
Colin Gordon & Associates provides consulting services in acoustics, noise and vibration control.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Empire Acoustical  
Empire Acoustical Systems provides custom engineering, fabrication and installation of acoustical enclosures, noise barriers and sound absorptive wall mountings.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Kejuruteraan Semangat Maju Sdn Bhd  
Design, manufacture and application of the full range of Phoenix Noise Control equipment.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
NCT is a leading technology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of Active Wave Management applications--the electronic manipulation of sound and signal waves to reduce noise, improve signal-to-noise ratios and enhance sound quality.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Sonex Acoustical Surfaces  
Features a complete line of noise control products and services.Supplier of acoustical materials that either absorb, soundproof, deflect or isolate most noise and vibration sources.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Offers machinery installation, vibration isolation, and noise control systems.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
Wilson, Ihrig & Assoc., Inc.  
Wilson, Ihrig & Associates, Inc. (WIA) is an acoustical consulting firm located in Oakland, California offering a complete range of professional services associated with acoustics and noise and vibration control.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Data Physics Corporation  
Data Physics Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets high performance solutions in signal processing for applications in noise and vibration.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
J&A Enterprises  
J&A Enterprises provides world-class noise and vibration control engineering services to the marine and other industries.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Kennedy Company  
Manufacturers of specialty filled vinyls, including a wide range of flexible noise control, noise reduction and soundproofing barriers, vinyl flooring and radiation protection materials.
Submitted: Jul 19, 2002
Lencore Acoustics Corp.  
Manufacturers of acoustical wall panels and sound masking systems for the office environment.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Lord Corporation  
Designs, formulates, manufactures and markets adhesives, polyurethane coatings, and devices and systems to manage mechanical motion and control noise.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
MPC, Inc.  
MPC, Inc. (R) manufactures Silent Wall (R) acoustical panels, tack surfaces, QuieTile(R) ceiling inserts and baffles, all of which are designed to help drastically reduce distracting noise.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Ostergaard Acoustical Associates  
Ostergaard Acoustical Associates provides consulting services in architectural acoustics, community noise, industrial noise control as well as audiovisual and masking system design.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
Para-Chemie, a Röhm subsidiary, is specialized in manufacturing cast acrylic and is the only supplier of transparent noise control material with integrated silver retention system.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Roush Anatrol Inc.  
Roush Anatrol is a premiere engineering resource in the field of noise and vibration control.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Sound Seal  
Sound Seal noise control products are manufactured by United Process, Inc. - a wide variety of cost effective, high performance acoustical products.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
Soundcoat Company,Inc.  
Soundcoat is the global leader of innovative and quality noise control solutions serving the domestic and international original equipment marketplace.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Offers a comprehensive range of products for noise and vibration control including viscoelastic sheets and compounds, sound barrier mats, deck covering systems and sandwich metal.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Tamer Industries  
Manufactures machine enclosures designed to control pollutants such as: smoke, dust, lubricant/coolant splash, and NOISE.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
West General Associates  
WGA is a Manufacturers Representative and Distributor wholesaling environmental control equipment and materials for noise control, wastewater treatment, and air pollution control.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000

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