Steeplechase Software, Inc.  
Steeplechase Software, Inc. is a factory automation solutions provider and developer of the leading PC-based control software package - the Visual Logic Controller™ (VLC®).
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Wonderware® Corporation, a business unit of British-based Invensys plc, was established in April of 1987 to develop and market human-machine interface (HMI) software products for use on IBM PC and compatible computers in industrial and process automation applications.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
ICONICS, a leading manufacturer of modular automation software, using OPC Technology. Products: GENESIS for Windows, GraphWorX+, ControlWorX+, OPC ToolWorX, AlarmWorX+ and TrendWorX+.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Ci Technologies is a world leader in industrial automation software and a dominant provider in Australia of systems integration services for industrial automation.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
ControlSoft, Inc.  
The company with leading control technologies, ControlSoft, Inc. solves process control problems with software and systems including MANTRA 47 and INTUNE.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Host Engineering Inc.,  
Provide programming software, communication software and Ethernet Communication modules for PLCs sold by PLCDirect.
Submitted: Jul 14, 2000
Vortechs Automation, Inc.  
MAESTRO PC Monitoring and Control SCADA hardware for use in Building Automation, Process control, Equipment monitoring, HVAC, lighting or other applications.
Submitted: Aug 03, 2000
Faro Technologies  
Technologies, Inc designs, develops, markets and supports portable, software-driven, 3-D measurement systems that are used in a broad range of manufacturing and industrial applications. The Company's products integrate the measurement and quality inspection function with CAD, CAM and computer-aided engineering technology to improve productivity, enhance product quality and decrease rework and scrap in the manufacturing process.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Provider of industrial automation solutions including PC-based control software, HMI, SCADA, real-time Windows NT extensions, industrial computers, monitors, operator interface displays, and system integration services.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Wind River  
Integrated Systems is now part of Wind River, and is a leading worldwide provider of embedded systems software for a broad range of industries, including telecommunications, data communications, automotive, digital office and consumer electronics.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Control Arts Inc.  
Control Arts Inc. specializes in software and consulting services for refineries, chemical plants and the telecommunications industry.
Submitted: Jul 15, 2000
Eicon Inc.  
Providing innovative computer control systems for the irrigation industry. Offers a complete line of computer control components and systems designed with state-of-the-art technology to solve your irrigation control needs. Control systems include the Universal radio central control system and the CERES central control system. Maintenance remote controls include the standard MRC maintenance controls and the remote-ready MRC maintenance remote controls.
Submitted: Aug 06, 2000
Supplier of process management instrumentation and services, including control valves, regulators, transmitters, analyzers, and software.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Taylor Dynamometer  
Taylor Dynamometer manufactures water-brake style engine dynamometers and chassis dynamometers, dynamometer accessories and data acquisition and control software.
Submitted: Aug 02, 2000
FIDIA S.p.A.  
Manufacturer of CNC for milling and copying, high speed milling machines, analog scanning probes and CAM software.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000

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