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Temperature Control Systems

Independent Temperature Control  
Provide Turn-key services for complete automatic temperature control systems for both Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems and pneumatic control systems.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
BASS (Building Automated Systems & Services)  
Building Automated Systems & Services (BASS) one of Michigan's largest full service, independent, temperature control, building automation and energy management contractors.
Submitted: Jul 29, 2000
Eurotherm Controls  
Manufacturer of temperature controls, multi loop control systems, SCR or SSR power controllers, motor actuators for proportional gas valve control.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Love Controls  
Love Controls produces a broad range of instruments and sensors for temperature and process control. Instruments range from the simplest of single board controls to sophisticated microprocessor based products capable of computer communication. Temperature sensors include thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor assemblies and accessories.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Heatsource specializes in thermal process heating and control, from injection molding to chemical processing, Heatsource can provide components for measurement and control.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
Heat exchangers, liquid cooling, cold plates, oil coolers & thermal management solutions.
Submitted: Oct 29, 2002
New England Temperature Solutions  
Distributors of temperature controllers, chillers, scr power controllers, thermocouples, infrared sensors for industrial temperature control.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
Avatar Instruments  
Providing power controllers and custom temperature control solutions with over 40 years of industrial power control experience.Our products are high performance proportional controls for industrial electric heaters.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2003
Applied Technology Concepts  
ATC offers an array of sensors, smart transmitters and data acquisition systems for monitoring infrared or non-contact temperature applications.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
Manufacturer of specialized electronic control components and systems for plastics machinery, heat treating furnaces, and thermal process control applications.
Submitted: Jul 21, 2000
Gordinier Electronics, Inc.  
Temperature control systems serving the cryogenics and plastics industry.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Instec, Inc.  
Precision temperature control instruments and hot stage microscopy equipment to the world's scientific and technical communities.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
ISE, Inc.  
ISE, Inc. specializes in supplying temperature controls, process controls electric heaters, thermocouples, data loggers, recorders, timers, sensors and power controls.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
Linseis International  
Linseis International manufactures recording instruments, data acquisition, and thermal analysis equipment.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
McGoff-Bethune features Barber-Colman temperature control, Yokogawa process temperature control, electric heaters, Partlow recorders, thermocouple, recorders, SCR power controllers and instrument repair.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2000
Application, design, and packaging of the temperature or process controls and sensors.
Submitted: Aug 03, 2000
Wako Electronics (USA), Inc.  
Wako Electronics (USA), Inc. is a manufacturer of temperature and pressure controlling devices including bimetal disk thermostats, for the automotive and appliance industry.
Submitted: Aug 03, 2000
Eurolec Instrumentation  
Manufacturers of robust portable thermometers, probes, and manometers.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
Marsh Bellofram  
Marsh Bellofram products are sold worldwide by a network of stocking distributors who are experts in the field of precision control and pressure and temperature measurement.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
REOTEMP Instrument Corporation  
REOTEMP Instrument Corporation manufacturers temperature measuring instruments for commercial and industrial applications. REOTEMP products include; bimetal, vapor/gas actuated, and digital thermometers; thermocouples, RTD's; thermowells. REOTEMP also carries a complete line of pressure gauges and related accessories.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2000
SYSCON International  
SYSCON International of South Bend, Indiana is a manufacturer of temperature control instrumentation, production management systems for the plastics industry, and screens and stencils for the microelectronics industry.
Submitted: Aug 02, 2000
Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc.  
Manufacturer of valves and controls for temperature control, freeze protection, steam tracing and conservation of energy.
Submitted: Aug 07, 2000
Zesta Engineering Ltd.  
Manufactures and distributes heaters, sensors, power and temperature controllers, and custom control panels.
Submitted: Aug 03, 2000

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