Circuit Simulation Resources  
Electronic circuit simulation resources - free software and calculators.
Submitted: Jun 16, 2005
Autosignal - signal analysis software  
AutoSignal ­ signal analysis & processing software. Spectral & time domain signal processing & analysis with a graphical interface & numerical summaries that do not require programming.
Submitted: Aug 08, 2001
HydroAcoustic Signal Analysis System  
HASAS (HydroAcoustic Signal Analysis System) is modular system for sonar signal analysis. It can be used from intelligence collecting to biological research. It is designed to be extremely scaleable... HASAS has many new processing and user interface features. For example 3D aural and data visualization using latest hardware. And also new architecture for combining data from multiple independent arrays to produce more precise location information and earlier detection (MISADaCom, somewhere between matched field and ordinary processing).
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Science prog  
ScienceProg serves scientific, embedded, biomedical engineering, physics based contents.
Submitted: Mar 14, 2006
Cosel USA  
Quality AC/DC and DC/DC Power Supply Solutions Where Performance and Reliability is Critical.
Submitted: Dec 07, 2005

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