Economics Working Paper Archive  
This service (provided by the Economics Department of Washington University), is devoted to the free distribution of working papers in economics. There are 22 subject areas, along with a test posting area, a meetings area, an area for programs and an area for data. Other areas are added when demand dictates.
Submitted: May 06, 2000
Economics of Financial Networks  
This is a collection of papers on financial exchange networks, electronic trading, call markets, and market liquidity. The main issue of these papers is the micro-structure of financial exchange. Many of them discuss the extent to which market liquidity affects the efficiency of trading, including bid-ask spreads and transaction costs.
Submitted: May 03, 2000
American Association of Individual Investors  
Through programs of investment education, information, and research, AAII assists individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets. contains informative, educational and practical articles on various investment topics.
Submitted: May 26, 2000

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