Financial and Insurance Mathematics  
This is the home page for the financial and insurance mathematics group within the mathematics department of the ETH Zürich.
Submitted: Jun 07, 2000
Computational Finance  
The Financial Engineering program at Oregon Graduate Institute.
Submitted: Jun 07, 2000
Dow Jones University  
Dow Jones University is an online education center offering you the opportunity to learn critical investing principles from Dow Jones instructors with years of experience covering the financial markets.
Submitted: Jun 08, 2000
Empirical Research in Finance  
This course represents an advanced study of empirical research methods in financial economics (formerly, it was entitled "Specifying and Testing Econometric Models of Asset Pricing"). It focusses on the empirical techniques used most often in the analysis of financial markets and how they are applied to actual market data.
Submitted: May 02, 2000
M.S. Programs in Finance at U.S.  
A set of links to specialty masters programs in financeat U.S. Universities.
Submitted: Jun 07, 2000
EasyReg conducts various econometric estimation and testing tasks under Windows 98/98/NT4, simply by clicking the mouse. EasyReg is designed for use in empirical research and for teaching econometrics. In the latter case the user can choose his or her own econometrics level. EasyReg is almost self-explanatory: there should be no need for a manual, provided that the user chooses the appropriate econometrics level.
Submitted: Apr 28, 2000
M.Sc. in Financial Markets  
The original master's degree in financial markets, with concentrations in financial engineering, trading, portfolio management, energy markets, compliance, risk control and market infrastructure. Located in Chicago.
Submitted: Jul 28, 2000
Educational Resources for Commodities Traders  
Seminars, books, charting software, CD-ROMs, tapes, data and systems for learning to trade commodities. Series 3 exam preparation materials. Larry Williams CD-ROM.
Submitted: May 20, 2000
Global Financial Markets Institute  
Global Financial Markets Institute (GFMI) is dedicated to training, educating and consulting in the Treasury, Capital Markets and Investment Banking arenas.
Submitted: May 12, 2000
Allen Resources  
Allen Resources provides total traning for the CFA exam, including study plan, video and softvare tools, etc.
Submitted: May 04, 2000
Competence Software  
Online Finance and Investment Education that will improve your financial communication skills rapidly and inexpensively.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
Global Investor  
The online resource for financial courses and conferences.
Submitted: Jun 03, 2000
Textbook and Case Publishers in Finance  
This page lists key educational publishers in finance and names some of each publisher's leading books and the acquisition editor with responsibility for finance.
Submitted: Jun 07, 2000
Digital Actuarial Resources - Study Guides  
Order study guides for the standardized actuarial tests. Equation guides are currently available for exams P, FM, M, and C.
Submitted: Jun 23, 2006
Indian Actuarial Science Community  
This is a community website for actuarial science students and professionals in India. Our mission is to provide people the path to become actuaries
Submitted: Jan 12, 2006

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