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Financial Engineering  
Learn how MATLAB and add-on computational finance toolboxes help you apply mathematical finance to price, value, and understand risk of financial instruments. Resources include webinars, examples, and software references for analyzing and modeling risk.
Submitted: March 6, 2012
Learn how MATLAB is used for DSGE modeling, whether standalone or with key third-party tools such as Dynare and IRIS Toolbox. Resources include webinars, examples, and software references.
Submitted: March 6, 2012
MathWorks - Financial Derivatives Toolbox  
Provides components to analyze interest rate derivative instruments and portfolios. The Financial Derivatives Toolbox allows you to calculate prices and sensitivities of derivatives and to perform hedging analysis and visualize the results.
Submitted: Nov 16, 2000
MathWorks - Financial Toolbox  
The Financial Toolbox is used for a wide array of applications including fixed income pricing, yield, and sensitivity analysis; advanced term structure analysis; coupon cash flow date and accrued interest analysis; and derivative pricing and sensitivity analysis.
Submitted: Jul 01, 1999
Financial Freebies  
Claimed to be the internet's greatest collection of financial free stuff.
Submitted: May 13, 2000
R-Quant - an Object Oriented Framework for Financial Data Analysis  
An object-oriented data mining and analysis framework for projects ranging from simple portfolio management to full-scale trading systems. C++ open source.
Submitted: Oct 01, 2001
StockFusion Studio  
Powerful market scan of whole world finance universe (up to 100000 symbols per portfolio). Automated forecasting expert, technical indicators, digital filters and performance tests. ARIMA, Stepwise regressions, trend patterns. Native connectivity with MetaStock®, Yahoo, CSV, TC2000®, QuotesPlus®, MS SQL, MS Access®, DB2, Oracle. Open API SOAP, DCOM and C++.
Submitted: Aug 23, 2004
BrainMaker Neural Network Software  
BrainMaker Neural Network Software lets you use your computer for business and marketing forecasting, stock, bond, commodity, and futures prediction, pattern recognition, medical diagnosis, sports handicapping... almost any activity where you need special insight.
Submitted: May 05, 2000
MARVIN Software, Adfin is a set of financial libraries available in C/C++ for Windows/UNIX or as spreadsheet add-ins for Excel/Applix. Adfin supports most financial insturments: bonds, options, forex and mm, swaps, caps, floors and mbs.
Submitted: Jun 03, 2000
Option valuation software which is available as spreadsheet add-ins that calculate classic and exotic option prices, bond values and risk sensitivities.
Submitted: Jun 03, 2000
Jurik Research Software  
Why be late? Remove lag in your indicators and avoid delays that erode profit. Jurik Research technical analysis modules for various financial charting software packages employ military-grade algorithms that eliminate market noise without adding lag. You have to see it to believe it.
Submitted: Jul 28, 2000
MBAWare: Financial & Accounting Software  
Offers a wide selection of powerful, off-the-shelf finance software including tools for amortization, bond analysis, business valuation and planning, ratio analysis, financial statement analysis, forecasting, options analysis and risk management.
Submitted: Jul 19, 2002
DYNARE is an simulation tool box for models with consistent expectation, linear or non-linear, deterministic or stochastic. For nonlinear deterministic models, it uses the Laffargue-Boucekkine-Juillard algorithm, for linear models is uses generalized real Schur decomposition and for non-linear rational expectation stochastic models, it uses a quadratic approximation.The tool box works on top of MATLAB or SCILAB or GAUSS (only for deterministic models). It is developed my Michel Juillard at CEPREMAP, Paris.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2003
Derivative Solutions Inc.  
The Fixed Income System, developed by Derivative Solutions Inc., is a high-end commercial software application used by institutional traders, analysts, portfolio managers, and risk managers at major financial institutions for the valuation and risk management of fixed income securities with a strong focus on structured products and derivatives.
Submitted: May 12, 2000
Financial Engineering Associates  
Financial Engineering Associates (FEA) publishes software for the evaluation, hedging, and risk management of derivative securities.
Submitted: Jun 03, 2000
TechHackers develops software tools and enterprise systems for securities trading, risk management and financial operations. They specialize in solutions for quantitatively complex market sectors and business areas such as derivatives, fixed income, asset securitization and risk management.
Submitted: May 05, 2000
J.P. Morgan Government Bond Index  
The J.P. Morgan Government Bond Index is the most widely-used benchmark for measuring performance and quantifying risk across international fixed income bond markets. The indices measure the total, principal, and interest returns in each market and can be reported in 19 different currencies. By including only traded issues available to international investors, the Index provides a realistic measure of market performance.
Submitted: May 06, 2000
CVP optimizer: the Sharpe approach as used in application to logistics  
The CVP optimizer uses the Markowitz-Sharpe approach as applied to logistics problems to increase profitability of a company’s production and trading activities. Any purchases and sales are regarded to be portfolio investments with predicted returns on the investments optimized. The program builds a variable expenses and maximum of margin income graph from the price and demand forecast data and gives the information for every point: optimal price for each item of the product group, variable expenses, inventory control data, and so on. The program works with the statistical (interval) data and experts can use this tool for preliminary planning, pricing, investment project estimation, and inventory control support. CVP optimizer can be used with input data sources such as Access, Excel, Lotus, dBase, FoxPro, and Paradox.
Submitted: Oct 03, 2000
Financial Software Limited  
Rule based software for stockbrokers and fund managers.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
EZ-R Stats for Windows  
Free Finance and audit software which includes a command language for the Auditor, Researcher and Analyst. Included are a variety of analytical review tools such as Benford's Law, identifying outliers, providing population statistics, random sampling (dollar unit, interval and random), histograms, pareto charts, and other tools for both audit, analysis, cash recovery and fraud investigation. Can be used for detection of curb stoning in surveys (through Benford's law). Includes audit software, CAAT, Benford's Law, duplicate payments, internal audit, fraud detection, audit analysis, cash recovery, command language.
Submitted: Oct 02, 2006
Develops useful and intelligent state-of-the-art financial software solutions to financial departments worldwide.
Submitted: May 26, 2000 - Stock technical analysis stock software  
Amazing stock technical analysis stock software catches stock trend change signal in the very early stage when a stock trend is changing and alerts stock buy sell signal when stock trend is formed.
Submitted: Feb 22, 2006
ARGUS Financial Software  
Makers of the industry standard real estate software tools for cash flow and investment analysis, lease analysis, property valuation, due diligence, asset management, and budgeting.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
OptionVue Systems International delivers OptionVue 5, the ultimate options trading software, and other wealth-building resources for serious option trading investors.
Submitted: May 06, 2000
Trendvest provides daily ratings and standardized data for easy analysis of 6,000 common stocks, over 3,000 stock mutual funds, and the stock, bond, and gold markets. Trendvest's powerful custom analysis system and trading simulator show you how to make money in any market with long purchases, short sales, and hedge portfolios. Trendvest has been helping investors with highly accurate electronic investment services since 1984.
Submitted: May 06, 2000
Advisor Software  
Advisor Software provides online financial tools for individual investors. We specialize in business-to-business online applications. It is our goal to provide best of breed products that seamlessly integrate with your web site. We offer a full range of products and services including custom solutions, hosting, training and customer service.
Submitted: May 07, 2000
Venture Complete ™ from AnalytX, Inc. is the premier private equity system with in-depth financial capability, using Microsoft technology.
Submitted: May 07, 2000
CEO Software  
CEO offers corporate financial planning and forecasting software for PC: CEO*Plan, CEO*PlanPlus, CEO*Risk, CEO*Demographics.
Submitted: May 18, 2000
EcoWin AB  
EcoWin AB serves clients throughout the international financial and business community, providing macro- and Financial information together with sophisticated software applications. EcoWin is an Internet-based product, which is totally Windows-integrated and used in the business of macro economic and financial time-series analysis systems and asset allocation software.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
Lombard Risk Management  
Lombard Risk currently offer the following trading solutions: Oberon® - an integrated trading system for the management of interest rat and FX portfolios; FirmRisk® - for the evaluation of market risk, credit risk and VaR as well as providing netting and P&L analysis; Consultancy and Training - on various aspects of risk management and the finacial market.
Submitted: Sep 05, 2000
Nirvana Systems  
Nirvana Systems offers OmniTrader - automated market analysis software, and SignalWatch - the web service designed to provide free daily commentary on the markets and teach you how to use Technical Analysis more effectively in your trading.
Submitted: May 07, 2000
Optionomics' Orion is a premium risk management and analytical suite comprised of many tools for a wide range of trading needs. Optionomics offers packages for the FCM to distribute client position information securely over the Internet, global risk management systems, floor trader systems, institutional systems, and non-professional systems.
Submitted: May 05, 2000
The lofty goal of this project is to work towards the implementation of a private, vendor-backed, digital coupon system for the opensource community.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
Broker's Helper  
AIMR-compliant portfolio reporting and contact management software for Registered Representatives, investment advisors, and other financial services professionals. Time-weighted reporting, full-color graphics, and a number of sophisticated portfolio tools merge with CRM tools.
Submitted: Jun 28, 2002
FAME is a provider of financial data warehousing solutions, historical database management systems, and financial data manipulation tools to global financial organizations.
Submitted: May 17, 2000
Account&See is a full featured Invoice Generating Program. Download a free shareware version now. Handles all your sales ledger requirements including Statements of Account, Aged Debtors and Account Ageing. View all your sales by Product and Customer Breakdown.
Submitted: May 11, 2000
ACL Services  
ACL offers data inquiry, analysis, and reporting solutions. ACL provids integrated solution for auditors, combining software with a full range of training and consulting services, a worldwide support network, and industry-focused publications.
Submitted: May 18, 2000
Corporate finance software for performance measurement and valuation which supports the Economic Value Added, EVA, framework.
Submitted: Jun 05, 2000
MYOB Accounting Plus offers power and flexibility in a full-featured business management solution. The easy set-up wizard and 100 business templates let you get started quickly and its award winning design makes mastering MYOB a breeze. Easily produce all the financial and management reports you or your accountant will ever need.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
Peachtree Software  
Peachtree Software creates accounting software for small businesses. Their products include Peachtree Accounting, Peachtree Complete Accounting, Peachtree First Accounting, One-Write Plus and Peachtree 2000.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
The Cratchit Project  
The Cratchit Project is an initiative to create a full-featured open-source general accounting system for Linux.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), formerly code-named XFRML, is an open specification which uses XML-based data tags to describe financial statements for both public and private companies.
Submitted: Jun 12, 2000
Advent Software Inc.  
Advent Software is the provider of financial software solutions for portfolio management, investment management, partnership accounting, reconciliation processing, and trade order management.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
Barkley International's OASIS™  
Barkley International Incorporated provides high quality business services. These services include: capital market consulting, litigation support, and technological solutions. Barkley's OASIS™ software permits a portfolio or risk manager to quickly survey actual open positions as well as ones under consideration, RAMS® takes Measure, Monitor and Manage approaches to risk management.
Submitted: May 05, 2000
With NOVA Check Mates merchants accept online checks and bank drafts through Internet, email, Web, telephone and fax orders. One click import to software, product and customer database.
Submitted: May 12, 2000
Learning Insights  
Learning Insights is a provider of interactive multimedia training and development programs focused on corporate finance, risk management, capital markets, accounting and continuing professional education.
Submitted: Jun 07, 2000
Comprehensive financial planning software for professionals. Powerful analysis for taxes, retirement, estate, education planning and more.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
NewViews gives you the ability to custom design an accounting system that fits your business or organization perfectly. NewViews also makes your day to day bookkeeping and accounting functions incredibly quick and easy.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
Palm Boulevard  
Financial software for Palm Pilot.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
PMpublishing's Professional Options Program is the state-of-the-art software tool for options traders.
Submitted: May 19, 2000
Timberlake Consultants  
Timberlake Consultants Ltd. supplies software for statistics, econometrics, time series forecasting, market risk and mathematical computations and also provides consultancy and training in these areas.
Submitted: May 12, 2000
VPD Financial Software Consulting AB is a Consulting company providing Software solutions to the Financial markets. VPD mainly develops customised solutions, i.e. using existing infrastructure at the customer and existing knowledge and objects at VPD. VPD develops solutions rapidly by using the VPD Development Procedure, Objects and Third party systems.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
Boston Investment Services, LLC  
Boston Investment Services, LLC (BIS) is a developer of performance measurement and risk analysis software for individual and professional investors, financial services companies, and brokerage firms. BIS delivers software that provides objective portfolio performance measurement, comparative market index benchmarks, and risk analysis.
Submitted: May 12, 2000
Consult Commerce  
ConsultCommerce Ltd. is a international business consulting company working in the field of financial, management and software development services. ConsultCommerce has a strong programming team highly educated and experienced in financial applications and accounting packages, as well as banking and accounting software development for financial, mortgage, automotive and management industries.
Submitted: May 11, 2000
dTech, Inc.  
Document Technologies (dTech) the Creators EDGARization software, offers software, production and training services that created specifically for the conversion of finanical documents to EDGAR, HTML, and Newswire formats.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
Offers remote banking software and related services. The page is in italian.
Submitted: May 18, 2000  
Investing resources for members and guests of the Investors Alliance, a non-profit association.
Submitted: Jun 12, 2000
Ragan Lockette Software  
Software By Ragan is your source for financial management software for Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and NT : Bill Scheduling Software, Clipboard Management Software, etc.
Submitted: May 12, 2000
Asset Business Software Cash Register Polling, The Asset polling software transfers prices out to the cash registers and retrieves sales from the registers.
Submitted: May 18, 2000
M & R Technologies  
Download the easy and powerful inventory, invoice and billing software for Windows 95/98/NT. You can try it free.
Submitted: May 12, 2000
O'Donnell Software  
O'Donell Software produces software that helps you take control of your personal finances to complex financial software to help most sophisticated financial advisors in their decisions. The software includes Money Manager, Money Mate, Target Plus, Centrelink COmparator and many many more suited to different situations and different needs.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
AY Software  
An internet software for small business, online business and home business from AY Software Corporation.
Submitted: May 12, 2000
Big Business  
Business management solution for Macintosh, Windows95, and Windows NT 4.0 that integrates four critical business functions - sales, purchasing, inventory, and accounting.
Submitted: Jun 11, 2000
Concentrex Online is a complete, modular, end-to-end online financial services solution. Concentrex Online comprises a browser client, branded web applications for consumers and small businesses, a web server, a middleware server, bill payment processing, and interoperability with Concentrex lending and deposit applications.
Submitted: May 07, 2000
Deltek Systems designs, develops and supports enterprise and government contracting project software including financial accounting, ERP, customer relationship management, CRM, employee timekeeping, reporting, information management, team projects, and more.
Submitted: May 18, 2000
Felitec specializes in the development of software for the home and office. In addition to the shareware programs that you can try free of charge for a limited time, we also provide custom software development services. These services include analysis, design, development, testing and implementation.
Submitted: May 11, 2000
Kettley Publishing  
Proposal software for the financial professional specializing in Estate Planning, Charitable Giving, and Business Continuation. An affordable alternative for common estate planning needs.
Submitted: Jun 09, 2000
PrimaSoft PC  
Windows 95, 98, NT, 3.x - easy to use, powerul, flexible databases, organizers, catalogs, utilities, Internet tools for business and home PC users.
Submitted: May 11, 2000
Software provides access and monitoring of real time market data from DTN, S&P Comstock, Signal, BMI and PC Quote. Reads TC2000 historical data.
Submitted: Jun 12, 2000
The Lackner Group, Inc.  
Producers of Estate Administration Software for Windows and Macintosh. Lackner 6-in-1, provides an integrated solution to those who wish to easily produce the Federal 706, Federal 1041, State Death Tax, State Fiduciary Tax, Court Account and Inventory.
Submitted: Jun 09, 2000

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