Analog and Linear

Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.  
Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. (ALD) develops, manufactures and markets precision low power linear integrated circuits for manufacturers of industrial controls, electronic instrumentation, computer, peripheral equipment, medical instrumentation, automotive, and telecommunications systems.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
Micrel Semiconductor  
Designs, develops, manufactures and markets a range of high-performance analog power integrated circuits and mixed-signal and digital integrated circuits.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
Benchmarq Products  
Designer and supplier of power management components, such as analog semiconductors and power management components in the areas of power supply control, interface, and battery management
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
Signal Processing Technologies, Inc.  
Signal Processing Technologies, Inc. develops, manufacturers, and markets a broad range of analog and mixed-signal data conversion products from low-power, low-cost CMOS data converters to high-performance data converters and signal processing devices built on world-class analog processes.
Submitted: Nov 22, 2000
Capella Microsystems, Inc.  
No Description
Submitted: Dec 12, 2000
Elantec Semiconductor, Inc.  
Elantec designs, manufactures and markets high performance analog integrated circuits primarily for the Video, Optical Storage, DC/DC Converters and XDSL markets.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
Impala Linear Corporation  
Impala Linear Corporation is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer of power management products for portable electronics.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
Linear Integrated Systems  
Manufacturer of speciality linear semiconductors. Signal Discrete Product line consists of: Bipolor Transistors, Current Regulating Diodes, JFET's, Low Leakage Diodes, MOSFETS, and Voltage Controlled Resistors.
Submitted: Nov 19, 2000
PhaseLink Corporation  
PhaseLink Corporation (PLL) manufactures standard products for frequency and timing generation, clock synchronization, crystal oscillator drivers, voltage controlled crystal oscillator, and analog signal processing. provider of high performance and low-cost clock chip solutions for personal computers, printers, scanners, mass storage, multimedia, and a wide range of other electronics systems.
Submitted: Nov 22, 2000

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