Computer Memory

Silicon Magic Corporation  
Silicon Magic Corporation is breaking new ground in the area of high performance embedded DRAM solutions for the emerging and evolving information appliances market.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
Elisra Microelectronics  
Elisra Microelectronics is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of high quality, highly reliable IF and RF receiving products, S-RAM and Flash Memory modules, and most advanced analog/digital Multi Chip Modules (MCMs).
Submitted: Dec 05, 2000
Enhanced Memory Systems, Inc.  
Enhanced Memory Systems provides ESDRAM, HSDRAM, and other performance memory solutions for demanding systems applications.
Submitted: Nov 19, 2000
Etron Technology, Inc.  
Specializing in high performance memory including synchronous DRAM (SDRAM/SGRAM), wide bus FPM and EDO DRAM, DRAM modules, and high speed synchronous & asynchronous SRAM.
Submitted: Nov 19, 2000
Integrated Circuit Technology Corp.  
Integrated Circuit Technology Corp. (ICT), with headquarters in San Jose, CA. designs, manufactures and markets user-programmable integrated circuits and offers licensable technology and IP for embedded Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Blocks and embedded Programmability-On-Chip (POC) re-configurable logic blocks for the emerging System-On-Chip (SOC) market.
Submitted: Nov 19, 2000
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.  
ISSI designs, develops and markets high performance memory semiconductors used in internet access devices, networking equipment, telecom and mobile communications equipment, and computer peripherals.
Submitted: Nov 21, 2000
Madrone Solutions, Inc.  
Developer of cost effective high reliability, high density embedded memory Intellectual Property (IP) and Application Specific Memory (ASM) solutions to the semiconductor industry.
Submitted: Dec 12, 2000
Micron Technology, Inc.  
Micron Technology, Inc. manufactures and markets dynamic random access memory (DRAM) components in EDO and Synchronous architectures and varying word widths; Graphics DRAMs; Synchronous SRAMs (pipelined and non-pipelined); and Flash Memory.
Submitted: Nov 19, 2000
MoSys Incorporated  
MoSys is a semiconductor memory technology company specializing in innovative, high performance, random access memories based on its patented 1T-SRAM technology.
Submitted: Nov 21, 2000
Ovonyx, Inc.  
DeveOvonyx, Inc. is developing a new type of high-performance non-volatile semiconductor memory based on the same phase change process used in rewriteable optical disk media.
Submitted: Dec 11, 2000
Ramtron International Corporation  
Ramtron is the leading supplier of Ferroelectric nonvolatile memory products and technology. Ramtron also develops and markets high-speed enhanced DRAM ”EDRAM®” products.
Submitted: Nov 22, 2000
Saifun Semiconductors, Ltd.  
Saifun Semiconductors Ltd is an Israeli fabless company whose breakthrough NROM technology is revolutionizing the design and development of non-volatile memories.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
SanDisk Corporation  
SanDisk Corporation is the world’s largest supplier of flash data storage products. SanDisk designs, develops and markets flash memory data storage products used in a wide variety of electronic systems.
Submitted: Nov 22, 2000
Supplier of nonvolatile memory products by offering pin-compatible, competitive to parts currently in the market through technology/design improvements.
Submitted: Nov 23, 2000
Wave Systems  
Manufacturer of high quality and cost effective I.C. products, specializing in Non-Volatile memory products and services.
Submitted: Nov 24, 2000

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