CMOS Sensor Inc.  
CMOS Sensor Inc. is an expert designer and maker of CMOS linear image sensor chips and CIS modules. CIS (contact image sensor) module is an input device using linear image sensor chips with silicon butting technology design. CIS can be used in variety of applications, such as digital copier, document scanning, OCR, and positioning.
Submitted: Aug 23, 2002
Associated Opto-electronics  
Manufacturer, sales of semiconductor laser, diodes, detectors, fiber communication modules and other Optoelectronic products.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
Banner Engineering Corp.  
Banner manufactures a photoelectric sensor for every application in a variety of operating voltages, outputs, sensing modes, and housing styles, as well as comprehensive lines of machine safety products and photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors for measurement and inspection applications.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
Lumex, Inc.  
Lumex is a major manufacturer of opto & photo electronic components and displays, including a full range of LEDs, LED and LCD displays and LED chips, IR emitters, light sensors, board-mounted assemblies, panel-mounted indicators, gas discharge devices including surgeprotectors, and subminiature incandescent lamps.
Submitted: Nov 19, 2000
Advanced Photonix, Inc.  
Advanced Photonix, Inc. is a supplier of innovative, silicon-based electro-optical products and technology solutions to a worldwide OEM customer base.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
Agilent Technologies  
Agilent is a supplier of semiconductor solutions for the connected world. Offer leading edge fiber optic, wireless, imaging, digital IC, and optoelectronic solutions for a range of applications.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
Allayer Communications  
Allayer produces high perfomance semiconductor solutions for Optical and Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet network designs, and fiber optic applications.
Submitted: Nov 14, 2000
Carrollton Semiconductor  
Manufacturer and distributor of fine quality optoelectronics components including discrete LEDs, LED assemblies, LCDs, LCD assemblies, relays and other electronic components.
Submitted: Dec 12, 2000
Centro Vision Photodiodes  
Thermo Centro Vision is a manufacturer of silicon-based electro-optic components. These semiconductor devices can sense ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared wavelengths of light and are used for various medical applications, such as blood oxygen and glaucoma monitoring, as well as for industrial controls, aerospace applications, telecommunications devices, and instrumentation.
Submitted: Nov 21, 2000
Discovery Semiconductors, Inc.  
Discovery Semiconductors manufactures High Speed InGaAs PIN Diodes and optical receivers modules in Fiber Pigtail Packages for telecommunications, data communications, RF over fiber and fiber driven wireless antennas.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
Fiber optic test equipment company, and Fiber U Training . Here you'll find technical and application information on fiber optics, training programs, and fotec products that can help you simplify fiber optic testing.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
Infineon Technologies AG  
Produces power semiconductors, opto components, microcontrollers, sensors and discrete semiconductors for automotive applications such as power train management, safety and dynamics systems, body and convenience systems and driver information and in-car entertainment systems.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
ISOCOM, Inc.  
Specializing in industrial and commercial Optocouplers/isolators, optoswitches/sensors, and discrete infrared Optoelectronic components.
Submitted: Nov 19, 2000
Microelectronics Division of Lucent Technologies  
Designer, manufacturer and supplier of systems products, communications software, optical and wireless networks, Internet infrastructure, communications semiconductors and optoelectronics.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
WZT Corporation  
WZT Corporation has emerged as the expert in optoelectronic components: optical detectors, receivers , lasers,transmitters, modules, WDM,Couplers and the related devices.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
GSI Lumonics  
GSI Lumonics brings laser-based automated advanced manufacturing systems,instrumentation and components to leading industrial companies worldwide. The Company supplies products and service to the semiconductor, electronics, medical, automotive and aerospace and consumer packaging markets.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
Supplier of advanced optoelectronic, semiconductor products and specialized CAE software.
Submitted: Nov 19, 2000
QT Optoelectronics  
QT Optoelectronics is a leading world supplier of optoelectronic products, including LED lamps, LED displays, optocouplers, infrared components and custom optoelectronic components.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
SDL, Inc.  
SDL, Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of semiconductor lasers, optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs), and system and fiber optic related products. Combining the leading attributes of optics and electronics, SDL's products are used to replace electronics or conventional light sources in a wide array of applications.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
Semicoa Semiconductors  
Semicoa Semiconductors is a world class manufacturer of small signal, small signal RF, power transistors and photodiodes for the hi-rel military and space markets.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
Tellium, Inc.  
Provider of high capacity optical switches in the telecommunications industry... providing a simple migration path to the all-optical solution. Tellium switches are easily and cost effectively upgradeable, infinitely scalable and ensure network survivability - without the inherent risks associated with untested technology.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
Terahertz Technologies, Inc.  
Terahertz Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures opto-electronic instruments, electro-optical instruments,and devices for the laser and fiber optic markets.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
Supplier of electrical and electronic connectors and interconnection systems including cutting-edge technologies in fiber-optics, wireless and sensors.
Submitted: Nov 14, 2000
IBSEN Micro Stuctures  
ADC Denmark, formerly IBSEN Micro Structures A/S, based in Copenhagen, Denmark develops, manufactures and markets micro-optical and optoelectronic products for the growing markets within the telecommunications and sensor industries.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
Opgal focuses on thermal imaging solutions and applications with spinoffs into similar general electro-optics applications. Products meet requirements of civilian and military markets.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
Oriel Instruments  
Oriel Instruments manufactures over 4000 components and instruments to make, move and measure light. These include UV-IR CW and pulsed light sources; nitrogen, HeNe, CO2 and solid state lasers; monochromators and spectrographs; detectors and detection systems; PDAs and CCDs for spectroscopy; FTIRs; fluorescence measurement instruments; Raman instruments; optical components; fiber optics; micropositioning equipment; optical mounts and much more.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
Phocus Systems, Inc.  
Phocus Systems, Inc. provides complete contract manufacturing and repair services of electronic & opto-electronic equipment. Individual components as well as Turn-Key design, fabrication, assembly, alignment, calibration and warranty service are available.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
Pixel Interconnect, Inc.  
Providing engineering solutions to your electronic interconnect needs related to optical networking, flat panel displays, and advanced semiconductor packaging.
Submitted: Nov 28, 2000
Saphikon manufactures sapphire products in virtually any size and shape using a proprietary continuous crystal growing process. Sapphire's unique optical, electrical, chemical, mechanical and nuclear properties make it an ideal solution for hundreds of wafer processing applications.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
Silonex Group  
The Silonex Group designs and manufactures electronic devices and assemblies including optoelectronic and hybrid components.
Submitted: Nov 22, 2000
Solid State Optronics  
Designer and manufacturer of miniature, optically-isolated power interface devices for telecommunication, instrumentation, and industrial control applications.
Submitted: Nov 23, 2000
Tecrys Ltd  
The nonlinear optical material portfolio include but not limited to Lithium Triborate (LBO), beta Barium Borate (BBO), Cesium Lithium Borate (CLBO) and Potassium Tytanil Phosphate (KTP).
Submitted: Nov 10, 2003
Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions (TAOS)  
Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions is on a mission to develop, manufacture, and market integrated optoelectronic products, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and mixed-signal functionality.
Submitted: Nov 23, 2000
VB Tek, LCC  
Distributor of optoelectronic components and contract manufacturer of opto related sub assemblies.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
Young Shin Quartz  
Provides quartz glass as a high technology material to such frontier industries as Semiconductor manufacturers and optical communication makers, playing a very important role in Promoting the development of both these industries.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2000

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