Electronic Design

Goal Semiconductor, Inc.  
Goal Semiconductor Inc. is an innovative, fabless company specializing in the design and supply of mixed signal CMOS ASICs to a variety of industries.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
EMI Software  
Electromagnetic Interference prediction and analysis tools.
Submitted: Jul 26, 2004
Andigilog, Inc.  
A semiconductor design consulting company that develops standard products for the temperature sensor and portable telecommunications markets as well as providing semi-custom design services.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
AnSem - Analog Semiconductors  
AnSem is a fabless design company specialized in the design of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits.
Submitted: Jul 19, 2002
Clarkspur Design, Inc.  
Clarkspur Design, Inc. is a leading independent designer of configurable core integrated circuits for digital signal processing. These Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) provide the benefits of a programmable processor with a fixed instruction set while having the flexibility of selectable data-path precision, different memory types and sizes, additional peripheral circuits like D/A converters and a variety of input/output interfaces.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Eureka Technology  
Eureka Technology provides PCI & PowerPC bus controllers, SDRAM, DMA and memory controllers, system controller, 8086 microcontroller and UART cores in the form of reusable IP, Intellectual Property, for ASIC, FPGA and system designs.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
K Tech Telecom, Inc.  
K Tech Telecom is a broadcast electronic equipment manufacturer which specializes in 8-VSB and digital communications technology.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Massachusetts Group for Numerical Analysis of Semiconductor  
The principal objective of MAGNUMS research, led by Professor Tang, is to model the behavior of highspeed and high-power semiconductor devices. Recent work has been focused on bipolar transistors and heterostructure junction devices.
Submitted: Dec 11, 2000
PICCO provides IC design services, full chip designs and embedded macro blocks for microprocessors, system-on-a-chip (SOC) and ASIC designs.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Silicon Group, Inc.  
Provides a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for solving complex silicon design problems.
Submitted: Oct 31, 2000
Speedline Technologies  
Speedline Technologies Fluids Dispensing Systems designs and manufactures automated liquid dispensing systems for surface mount, advanced electronics packaging and semiconductor assembly applications such as encapsulation and flip chip underfill.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
3tronics Technical Services  
3Tronics provides consulting services in electronics product design and development specializing in embedded microcontroller products.
Submitted: Feb 10, 2003
Advanced Silicon Technology  
Provides full IC design and layout services for CMOS, bipolar, analog and digital.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Amkor Technology Design Services  
Amkor’s Design Centers are the benchmark for global design services Amkor’s Design Centers are the benchmark for global design services.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2001
Analogue Integration Limited  
An independent design house providing full custom (and semi-custom) analogue, RF and mixed-signal (analogue + digital) ASIC design and supply.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
APK Engineering, Inc.  
APK Engineering is a complete electronics system design house, specializing in microprocessors and embedded processors, with expert designers in architecture, integrated circuits, analog, digital and software.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Argo Transdata Corp.  
Argo manufactures/assembles custom hybrid, chip on board (COB), surface mount (SMT) and through hole electronic circuits and modules. Service capabilities range from circuit layout design through production and test.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
ASIC Designers, Inc.  
Provides modular design and intellectual property for complex ASICs.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Astek Corporation  
Provides application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) design services, including: project planning and management, systems-level engineering, detailed design, and design verification.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Baradine Products, Ltd.  
Resolving design difficulties for firms throughout North America, BARADINE became oriented towards real-time electronics systems, specializing in the design, programming and application of microcomputer systems.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Billions of Operations Per Second, Inc.  
BOPS develops and licenses the highest-performance, scalable and reusable DSP IP cores. BOPS also provides world-class software and hardware development tools and training.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Chameleon Systems  
Chameleon Systems is a start-up semiconductor company developing the industry's first reconfigurable communications processing platform.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Creative Integrated Systems, Inc.  
Creative Integrated Systems, Inc. (CIS) develops custom integrated circuits as well as communication systems, products and software.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Dressler specializes in the design and manufacturing of electronic RF Power systems for Semiconductor-, Plasma-Processing, EMI-testing and Medical applications.
Submitted: Dec 11, 2000
e-MDT specializes in the design of sub-micron, ASIC and ASSP integrated circuits along with intellectual property, "IP" necessary to design the new innovative products for the emerging markets.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
GDA Technologies  
GDA offers value added electronic design services for system and chip as well as synthesizable core (IP) designs.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
GigaTest Labs  
GigaTest Labs is an independent electronics company located in Cupertino, CA, USA specializing in high speed and high frequency measurement, modeling, and design. GigaTest Labs is fully setup with measurement and design tools including network analyzers, TDRs, microprobes, electromagnetic simulators, frequency domain simulators, and convolution based time domain simulators.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
HiNT Corporation  
HiNT designs and markets high-performance system and communication ASICs and IP cores including PCI-to-PCI bridges, Host-to-PCI bridges, PCI-to-Localbus bridges, PCI HDLC controller and PCI ISDN controller.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Intelliform provides ASIC and ASIC-based system design, verification, synthesis, and test services.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Jacobs Pineda, Inc.  
Jacobs Pineda, Inc. specializes in VLSI designs for high volume, cost sensitive, consumer audio applications requiring AC-3, MPEG, DVD, DAC, PLL and 3-D functions.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Kawasaki LSI U.S.A., Inc.  
Provides advanced semiconductor technology primarily ASIC’s and Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP).
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Microelectronics Laboratory  
A jewel in the University of Illinois crown, the Microelectronics Laboratory is one of the finest university based semiconductor research facilities in the United States. Semiconductor research facility that is the home of the Center for Compound Semiconductor Microelectronics.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2000
NewPort Communications  
Supplier of mixed-signal integrated circuits for the high-speed communications infrastructure market. NewPort's primary business objective is to develop highly innovative integrated circuits for the high speed Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) fiber infrastructure in North America and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) networks in Europe and Asia.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Octera Corporation  
Provides a broad range of services from transistor level circuit design to system architecture. The Octera team has leading-edge expertise in design, synthesis, verification, design reuse and project management of board, FPGA, ASIC and system-on-a-chip designs.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Palmchip Corporation  
Palmchip provides "pre-built" platforms, hardware/software, co-development environments and configurable customization to the computing, digital consumer, mass networking, portable and wireless communications, and semiconductor markets.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
Quadic Systems, Inc.  
Provider of custom and semi-custom integrated circuits design services to merchant semiconductor vendors and original electronic equipment manufacturers.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2000
RocketChips, Inc.  
RocketChips, Inc. develops and licenses high-performance CMOS integrated circuit (IC) solutions and related intellectual property (IP) cores. These "silicon proven" cores are optimized for use in "Systems-on-a-Chip" solutions and Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs).
Submitted: Oct 31, 2000
Santa Cruz Wireless  
Santa Cruz Wireless is a Silicon Valley consulting company specializing in system architectures and signal processing for communication systems and modem ICs.
Submitted: Jul 19, 2002
SIDSA offers complete ASIC design solutions from system specifications to layout, as well as a variety of reusable IP modules.
Submitted: Oct 31, 2000
Sierra Circuit Design  
Designs and sells synthesizable VHDL models that our customers can incorporate into their system chip designs.
Submitted: Oct 31, 2000
Silicon Logic Engineering, LLP  
Silicon Logic Engineering, LLP specializes in all aspects of, high-speed, high-density, leading-edge IC and system design.
Submitted: Oct 31, 2000
Siliconians, Inc.  
Siliconians Inc.'s wireless communications IC products are cost-effective solutions for digital cordless phones, wireless local loops, wireless PBX systems, and other cost-sensitive consumer applications.
Submitted: Oct 31, 2000
SliceX, an IP design center, specializes in customizable IP and development of mixed-signal engineering solutions emphasizing shorter development cycles and cost reduction. SliceX is a skilled developer of low power ADC, DAC, and PLL mixed-signal blocks for such industries as semiconductor, consumer, medical, and R&D.
Submitted: Oct 31, 2000
Technologies and Devices International, Inc.  
Research and development in crystal growth and device fabrication of wide band-gap semiconductors. TDI is developing bulk crystals, epitaxial structures and devices over a range of materials with applications in short wavelength optoelectronics and high power semiconductor electronics.
Submitted: Dec 12, 2000
Technology Applications Group  
The Technology Applications Group is composed of senior individuals who have chosen to offer their exceptional mixed signal integrated circuit design experience to the commercial and military markets as an independent team rather than as a staff member of a systems or product group or a semiconductor fabrication facility.
Submitted: Oct 31, 2000
VLSI Solution Oy  
Technology creator which applies its system level experience on DSP to very large scale mixed-signal design.
Submitted: Oct 31, 2000

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