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Electrostatic Discharge Protection


Ultron Systems, Inc.  
Ultron offers a wide range of value-oriented manual to fully automatic semiconductor assembly equipment and one of the largest selections of semiconductor adhesive plastic film -- which include everything from conventional blue tape to Silicone-Free and UV films -- for dicing and backgrinding processes.
Submitted: Nov 07, 2000
Applied Science and Technologies, Inc.  
ASTeX is a worldwide leader in the design, development, manufacture, and support of high performance reactive gas modules and power supplies used in semiconductor device manufacturing and medical markets, as well as etch and deposition systems for semiconductor advanced packaging, telecommunications, and magnetic sensors.
Submitted: Nov 06, 2000
GEL-PAK manufactures unique systems for handling and shipping fragile devices. Customers use GEL-PAK's Proprietary Materials Technology to ship a wide range of products including semiconductors, thin film heads, microwave devices, optoelectronics, micromachine sensors and medical devices.
Submitted: Nov 06, 2000
Trek Incorporated  
TREK, INC. is a supplier of quantitative electrostatic measurement instruments for the ESD community. Accurate measurements are important for identifying sources of charge generation, and for verifying the effectiveness of ESD countermeasures that are employed in ESD control programs.
Submitted: Nov 07, 2000

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