Process Equipment


Semitool, Inc.  
Semitool designs, manufactures, markets, and services equipment used in the fabrication of semiconductors. The Company's products include batch and single wafer spray surface preparation and cleaning equipment, electrochemical deposition tools for copper interconnect and other metal deposition applications, thermal processing equipment, and software control systems for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Submitted: Dec 08, 2000
Accord Semiconductor Equipment Group  
Accord SEG specializes in providing high quality, preowned front-end capital equipment to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Accord's core competence is in the area of thin film deposition and etch technologies in multi-chamber or cluster tool platforms.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
ASM International N.V. dedicates its resources to the research, development, manufacturing, marketing and servicing of equipment and materials used to produce semiconductor devices.The Company provides solutions for the main areas of semiconductor production: wafer processing, assembly and packaging.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
Anorad Corporation  
Anorad offers the most extensive range of standard and custom positioning products in the motion industry, including but not limited to a wide variety of single and multi-axis linear positioning stages, complete gantry and air bearing positioning systems, rotary positioning stages, brushless linear servo motors, piezo ceramic linear servo motors, polymer composite molded machine bases, and high performance amplifiers, controls and software solutions.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
ARS Associates  
ARS Associates is a Manufacturer's Representative in the fields of Cryogenics, Vacuum / Semiconductor Process Equipment and Superconductivity.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2000
ASML develops, manufactures, markets and services advanced lithography projection systems, including wafer steppers (steppers) and Step & Scan systems that are essential to the fabrication of modem integrated circuits (ICs).
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
BTU International  
BTU International provides thermal processing systems for the electronics assembly, and semiconductor packaging markets, as well as specialty applications such as brazing; sintering of ceramics, powdered metals, and nuclear fuel; and deposition of precise, thin film coatings.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
Allegheny Bradford Corporation  
Allegheny Bradford Corporation is an ASME code shop that manufactures stainless steel equipment specifically designed to meet the requirements for pharmaceutical, biotechnical, chemical, semiconductor and other ultra-pure process applications.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2000
Amtech Systems, Inc.  
Amtech Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells products used in the fabrication of semiconductor devices, including, logic devices, micro-controllers and memory chips.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
Asyst Technologies, Inc.  
Asyst is committed to delivering high-quality, intergrated automation solutions that make the IC manufacturing process cleaner.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
Excelteq Semiconductor Process Equipment  
Excelteq manufactures wafer spin processors (track systems) and provides support services for Silicon Valley Group (SVG) and Eaton wafer track systems.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2002
HELIX Technology  
Helix Technology Corporation provides critical enabling vacuum system technology to a broad range of electronic component manufacturers, principally for the production of semiconductors, data storage and flat panel displays.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
Ibis Technology Corporation  
Ibis Technology Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets SIMOX (a form of Silicon-on-Insulator technology) implantation equipment and wafers for the worldwide semiconductor industry. Ibis’ implantation equipment consists of proprietary high-current Ibis 1000 oxygen implanters. SIMOX-SOI wafers enable the production of integrated circuits with significant advantages over circuits constructed on conventional wafers.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
JEOL USA, Inc.  
Manufacturer of electron microscopes, such as SEMs and TEMs , and various types of analytical instruments including mass spectrometers, NMRs and ESRs.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
Provider of marketing, sales, service and support solutions to semiconductor materials and equipment suppliers and semiconductor manufacturers.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
Mr. Prober Technology, Inc.  
Mr. Prober Technology, Inc. is the world-leading Remanufacture of previously owned Electroglas Automatic Wafer Probers and self-developed Computer-Based Vision and Motion Automation Systems. The company's comprehensive portfolio of high-quality product support, analysis skill, service and prober expertise is essential to optimize productivity and maximize critical production uptime for wafer probers that are used in the semiconductor industry.
Submitted: Dec 08, 2000
MRL Industries  
MRL Industries manufactures wafer and semiconductor processing equipment including industrial furnaces and heating elements; horizontal, diffusion and vertical furnace systems; semiconductor heating elements, and thermal processing equipment.
Submitted: Dec 11, 2000
Orbital Welding  
Orbital Welding System, Gas Mixing Systems, Process Gas Supply System, Cylinder Quad, Laboratory Gas Handling System, Gas Cylinder Cabinet, Gas Purifier Console, Gas Quick Changeover Modules, Pressure Regulating Valves, Gas Cylinder Brackets, Trolley, Sampling Bottles, Gas Flow meters / Rotameters,Flow Control Valves, Sample Cooler, Gas Blending Systems, High Pressure Cylinder Changeover Manifold
Submitted: Apr 24, 2005
Precision Cut & Inlay, Inc.  
Company designs and fabricates a wide variety of architectural and industrial products using its high technology computer-controlled waterjet cutting process. Offering comprehensive machining to clients in the semiconductor, aerospace, medical, commercial, and other high-tech industries.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2000
Semifab Incorporated  
Manufacturers of semiconductor process environmental control systems, including equipment and systems from manufacturing operation, support contamination-free manufacturing of microelectronics and other products at production facilities all over the world.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
Solid State Measurements, Inc.  
Solid State Measurements is the global leader in supplying equipment for use in measuring the electrical properties of semiconductor device materials.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
Sonicor offers a wide range of standard and custom-engineered vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning systems.
Submitted: Oct 18, 2000
The Micromanipulator Co., Inc.  
Designes analytical probe stations for semiconductor professionals, provides solutions for almost every test requirement; choose from a classic manual test station or one with a motorized stage.
Submitted: Oct 18, 2000
Ultratech Stepper, Inc.  
Ultratech Stepper, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets photolithography equipment used worldwide in the fabrication of integrated circuits, micromachined devices and thin film heads for disk drives.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
VLSI Standards, Inc.  
Offers engineering design and an integrated systems approach to provide automated, defect free, wafer handling solutions.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000

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