Test Equipment

Applied Precision  
Applied Precision develops measurement, analysis and process-control systems for semiconductor test, assembly and packaging, as well as for biomedical and biotechnology research and analysis (especially cell microscopy, genomics and proteomics).
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
B&G International  
Semiconductor industry failure analysis equipment and systems for the decapsulation and test of plastic packaged IC devices.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
ITA GmbH  
ITA GmbH was founded in 1985 in Hamburg, Germany with funding from Siemens to develop an in-circuit test system for testing circuits previously labeled untestable with existing ATE systems. ITA is a privately held company providing technology and services around the world with over 400 Scorpion test systems installed world wide.
Submitted: Nov 13, 2000
Advanced Testing Technologies, Inc.  
Advanced Testing Technologies, Inc. (ATTI) is a multimillion dollar corporation that has, in less than a decade, become recognized as an acknowledged leader and innovator in the design, development and production of Automatic Test Equipment. ATTI developed and introduced its Benchtop Reconfigurable Automatic Tester (BRAT®) in 1989.
Submitted: Nov 12, 2000
Bridge Technology  
Bridge Technology is a manufacturers representative selling probe stations and other semiconductor and failure analysis equipment. Products include equipment for test and measurement and production applications within the semiconductor industry and other high technology industries.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000
Accuprobe manufactures fixed pattern probe card assemblies for use by semiconductor producers. Probe cards are used for semiconductor wafer sort and Hybrid circuit laser trim applications.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Advanced Microtechnology, Inc.  
AMT also designs and manufactures burn-in boards and burn-in board testers for semiconductors industry.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
IC test systems, electronic measuring instruments, and mechatronics.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Aehr Test Systems  
Aehr Test Systems designs and manufactures parallel test systems, known good die solutions, and dynamic and enhanced burn-in systems for the semiconductor manufacturers and test houses.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Aetrium develops and integrates proprietary technologies into production-based test and handling systems used by the worldwide electronic component and semiconductor industry.
Submitted: Oct 15, 2000
Amkor Technology, Inc.  
Amkor Technology, Inc. is an independent provider of semiconductor packaging and test services. Amkor also is a developer of advanced semiconductor packaging and test technology.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
Analysis Tech  
Manufacturer of electronic reliability testing products for the electronic packaging industry.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Artest Corporation  
Artest Corporation is a provider of semiconductor test services including test engineering, production test and manufacturing management, specializing in mixed-signal, RF, and high-performance digital IC technology.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
ATFab locates and sells (brokers) pre-owned semiconductor test systems such as Advantest, Ando, Credence, HP (Hewlett Packard), LTX, Megatest, MOSAID, Teradyne, Schlumberger, and SZ.
Submitted: Dec 11, 2000
August Technology Corporation  
August Technology Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets automated inspection equipment for the semiconductor industry.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Cohu, Inc.  
Cohu is a supplier of test handling solutions used by the global semiconductor industry as well as a supplier of closed circuit television, metal detection and microwave radio equipment.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Credence Corporation  
Manufacturer of automatic test equipment that serves the semiconductor industry.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Manufactures ic handling, laser and label marking, testers, programmers, taping and testing equipment, and is the exclusive provider of Particle Interconnect contactors.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
FET/Test, Inc.  
FET/Test, Inc. provides automatic test equipment for manufacturers of discrete semiconductor components, including bipolar transistors, diodes, zeners, TRIACs, SCRs, surge suppressors, voltage regulators, and all types of FETs, in single and multiple device packages.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
GOEPEL electronic  
This website provides information about GOEPEL electronic's intelligent boundary-scan solutions, customized test equipment for functional testers, run-in testers and test systems applying machine visio
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Innovative Semiconductor Test Solutions  
ISTS is an independent designer and manufacturer of innovative hardware products and test interface solutions for probe and final test.
Submitted: Jul 10, 2003
Integrated Measurement Systems  
IMS manufactures, markets, and services a family of versatile, high-performance IC Validation Systems (Verification and Characterization Systems) and test software designed to verify complex integrated circuits.
Submitted: Sep 09, 2000
LeCroy Corporation  
LeCroy Corporation develops, manufactures, sells and licenses signal analyzers, principally high-performance digital oscilloscopes and LAN (Local Area Networks) network analyzers. Digital oscilloscopes capture electronic signals, convert them to digital form and perform sophisticated measurements and analyses.
Submitted: Oct 16, 2000
Providing interconnection testing solutions for companies producing everything from simple cables to satellites, aircraft, radar systems, telecommunications transmission and switching equipment, automotive subassemblies, medical diagnostic systems and more.
Submitted: Nov 13, 2000
High technology manufacturer in automated visual inspection equipment ensuring top quality control in micro electronics, micro computers, semiconductors industries.
Submitted: Dec 11, 2000
Thermal Engineering Associates  
Provides consulting services, information services, testing services, products, and reference material for the semiconductor thermal measurement, modeling and management field.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Wells Electronics, Inc.  
Offers a complete line of burn-in, test, development and production sockets.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
inTEST Corporation  
inTEST Corporation, is a independent designer, manufacturer, and marketer of test head positioners, docking systems, and related products used for the mechanical positioning and docking of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) comprised of semiconductor test systems, wafer probers, and packaged integrated circuit (IC) handlers.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
ISTS, Innovative Semiconductor Test Solutions  
ISTS is an independent manufacturer of test products for probe and final test.
Submitted: Jul 10, 2003
Keithley Instruments, Inc.  
Keithley Instruments, Inc. specializes in equipment that accurately makes extremely low level electrical measurements for research, design engineering,and production test applications in a wide range of electronics industries.
Submitted: Oct 16, 2000
LMO Test Systems, Inc.  
LMO manufactures, markets and supports high-performance engineering and production automated test equipment (ATE) designed to test and validate complex integrated circuits. LMO manufactures turnkey ATE production test equipment for digital devices including FPGAs, CPLDs, ASICs, PALs and complex fixed logic.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Lorlin Test Systems  
Semiconductor Testing Equipment for mixed signal, digital, linear, optos, leds, hybrids, discretes and passive devices. Low cost, high performance component testers. Lorlin® semiconductor device testers are used in all component test applications such as incoming inspection, quality control, engineering, wafer test, and final test.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Micro Component Technology, Inc.  
MCT is a global corporation that designs, manufactures, markets, services, and distributes IC test handling equipment satisfying the complete range of handling requirements for the semiconductor industry.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
PSi Technologies, Inc.  
Independent semiconductor assembly and test service provider to the power semiconductor market. Provides comprehensive package design, assembly and test services for power semiconductors used in telecommunications and networking systems, computers and computer peripherals, consumer electronics, electronic office equipment, automotive systems and industrial products.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2000
QFI - Quantum Focus Instruments Corp.  
Manufactures and services emmi and Infrascope microscopes for semiconductor failure analysis.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Data analysis software and training for semiconductor manufacturers. Q-YIELD software diagnoses yield problems in semiconductor processes.
Submitted: Sep 09, 2000
RADA is a public company dedicated to delivering cost-effective, efficient, user friendly solutions for commercial and military aircraft maintenance. RADA also provides special on-board systems for military aircraft, in order to better assess air crew performance during training exercises and combat operations.
Submitted: Oct 16, 2000
Saunders & Associates, Inc.  
Manufacturer of software based temperature test systems, final frequency plating systems, and quartz crystal test and sort syste
Submitted: Sep 09, 2000
Manufacturer of ATE including flying probes, bed of nails and component testers.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
SV Probe, Inc.  
SV Probe is an innovative, solutions driven designer that manufactures, markets and services high performance probe cards and test interface products used within the semiconductor industry.
Submitted: Oct 17, 2000
Manufacturer of wafer, semiconductor, and hot thermal range temperature testing and probing equipment
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Thermonics Incorporated furnishes temperature test solutions for engineering, R&D, and production environments. Product offerings range from temperature forcing systems for testing single ICs, to sophisticated environmental handlers designed for tray-to-tray testing of SMDs (BGA, SOIC, PLCC and other devices).
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
Trio-Tech International  
Trio-Tech International is a supplier of test equipment and test services for the semiconductor and electronic industries. Manufacturing and test facilities are located in USA, Europe and Asia.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000
TTI Testron  
Manufacturer of interconnection devices for electronic testing capable of providing the full spectrum of ATE solutions.
Submitted: Nov 13, 2000
UniDyn Corp.  
UniDyn Corp. is a designer and manufacturer of vibration test systems and circuit board manufacturing and test systems.
Submitted: Oct 16, 2000
Supplier of back-end inspection systems for the semiconductor industry and one of the premier suppliers of machine vision solutions for industry. In addition to Vanguard, the RVSI family of companies includes RVSI Electronics, RVSI Systemation, RVSI Acuity CiMatrix, and RVSI Northeast Robotics.
Submitted: Dec 03, 2000
Innovative solutions in interfacing, docking, probe card changing and inking that allow chip makers to test more product, while reducing the total cost of test.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2000

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