Computer Memory

Denali Software, Inc.  
Denali Software's unique Memory Modeler TM technology is the market-proven standard for system-level verification, simulation, and design. Supplier of efficient memory models for VHDL and Verilog simulators.
Submitted: Sep 09, 2000
SofTec Microsystems  
SofTec Microsystems product portfolio includes EPROM and memory emulators, logic analyzers, PC I/O interfaces, serial converters, microprocessor and microcontroller emulators, gang programmers.
Submitted: Dec 05, 2000
Alliance Semiconductor  
Designs, develops and markets high-performance memory and memory-intensive logic products to the personal computer, networking, telecommunications, instrumentation and consumer markets.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2000
ATMOS Corporation  
ATMOS develops enabling technology for building System-on-a-Chip (SoC) applications in the post-PC, internet-powered world. Focusing on development and automation of embedded semiconductor memory designs with emphasis on embedded eDRAM.
Submitted: Nov 21, 2000
MOSAID Technologies  
Supplier of engineering memory test and analysis systems that address memory device design and quality.
Submitted: Nov 14, 2000
MQP Electronics  
MQP Electronics manufactures solutions for programming memories, micro-controllers and logic devices of all kinds. Products include single-site and gang programmers, and a very wide range of package converters and programming adapters.
Submitted: Sep 09, 2000
Simtek Corporation  
SIMTEK Corporation manufactures the world's fastest reprogrammable nonvolatile memories. The entire nvSRAM commercial and industrial product line from SIMTEK is guaranteed nonvolatile for a minimum of 100 years, without any source of external power, special handling, storage or care. SIMTEK nvSRAM products contain no internal batteries. These extraordinary characteristics of Simtek's Quantum Trap technology are also ideally suited for embedding nonvolatile capabilities into Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs).
Submitted: Nov 22, 2000
Triad Spectrum, Inc.  
Providing the most advanced, cost-effective memory module test solutions through product excellence & superior customer support.
Submitted: Sep 09, 2000
Virage Logic  
Virage Logic's products include memory compilers, software tools that enable the development and reuse of memory, and custom memory design services. Customers include the leading semiconductor and electronic systems companies designing system-on-a-chip applications. The memory products developed by Virage are available for fabless companies and also optimized for semiconductor companies.
Submitted: Nov 27, 2000
Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden  
ZMD develops and manufactures ICs for innovative applications in various sectors of the electronics industry. Activities focus on Mixed-Signal solutions and special memory components, Gate Arrays and a Foundry service extend the range offered.
Submitted: Nov 20, 2000

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