Sensor based Remote Environmental Monitoring Devices  
AKCP, Inc was established in 1980 as a SNMP based remote environmental monitoring appliance solution provider. The sensorProbe and sensorArray has been used for monitoring Remote ATM, server room, network and communication equipments for temperature, humidity, security etc. It notices any variations and sends email and alert via SNMP. Integrated with HP Openview, Tivoli, WhatsUp Gold and Unicenter Tng etc.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2002
Sensor Measurement  
Sensor Measurement is a wholly owned Western Australian Company involved in the marketing and servicing of process control instrumentation and sensor controls.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Sensorsoft Corp.  
Sensorsoft Corporation produces low-cost sensors (temperature, humidity, moisture, power, etc.) and supporting software.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
SpaceAge Control, Inc. - Position Transducers and Air Data Products  
Miniature, rugged position transducers (potentiometers, string pots, encoders, synchros, encoders, LVDTs, RVDTs, displacement sensors, displacement transducers) and air data products (pitot tubes, pitot static, air data probes, air data booms, angle of attack, angle of sideslip, TAT sensor).
Submitted: Jan 04, 2001

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