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Video, Audio, DSP, and Computer Vision libraries  
VideoLab is Video capture, process, playback, generate, and analysis library. The library supports VFW, DirectShow, DMO and uses the MMX CPU extensions. AudioLab is Audio capture, process, playback, generate, analysis, and visualization library. The library supports ACM, WaveAPI, DirectShow, DMO and uses the MMX CPU extensions. SignalLab is DSP signal processing and visualization library. It includes logger, player, huge set of digital filters, FFT, DFT, Goertz, Signal generators. The library uses the MMX CPU extensions. VideoLab, AudioLab and SignalLab include Scope, and Waterfall visualization components. VisionLab is a basic computer vision library. It includes a full set of capture and motion detection components. The libraries support Delphi, C++ Builder and Visual C++.
Submitted: Jan 29, 2005
Signal Processing using C++  
A c++ library of efficient and reusable DSP building block objects. Thus allowing a transition from System design to implementation in either programmable DSP chips or hardwired DSP logic.
Submitted: Dec 03, 2006
Digital Signal Processing Algorithm Implementation  
The aim of the work is to investigate an accelerator implementation on a XILINX FPGA of one or more critical DSP tasks which are executed in the base-band (BB) of base stations (BS) for wireless systems. The first part is to understand what the critical DSP tasks in a specific standard are. The second part is to use a tool that relies on object-oriented technology (Handel-C or OCAPI) and advanced HW synthesis methods that allow an integrated design, simulation and synthesis of DSP systems. The third part is to design an accelerator (FPGA) in which a critical model is implemented. The last part is to make experiments in a laboratory and to make accurate analysis of the obtained results. The final report shall be written in English. The work is expected to 20 weeks, full time. This thesis work is suitable for one M.Sc. student having an interest in programming language, signal processing and micro-electronics. Good knowledge in VHDL programming language is expected. Notions in Telec
Submitted: Jan 13, 2000
Real-time C programming framework  
There are four (4) important ideas underlying the method used to add user-defined 'C' routines to real-time DSP code... To achieve these goals, a routine called "userproc.c" has been defined in standard Hypersignal DSP Source Code interfaces which represents a general entry-point for user-defined 'C' code. UserProc is called after each analog input/output buffer combination is processed by the analog I/O drivers and has been presented to the foreground processing layer in the DSP operating system. This occurs before analog input buffers are sent to host PC software, such as Hypersignal, or Windows programs using DSPower-HWLib DLL software (e.g. application-specific C/C++, Visual Basic, or MATLAB programs). In this way, both analog input buffers (before they reach host PC applications) and output buffers (after they are sent by host PC applications) can be modified by real-time DSP code.
Submitted: Dec 09, 1999
Libsndfile is a C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound (such as MS Windows WAV and the Apple/SGI AIFF format) through one standard library interface. The library was written to compile and run on a Linux system but should compile and run on just about any Unix. It now also compiles and runs on Win32 systems using the Microsoft compiler and MacOS using the Metrowerks compiler.
Submitted: Nov 22, 1999
DSP Derby Pvt. Ltd.  
We are a DSP consultancy house in Mumbai, India specializing in porting and optimization for Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 family. We have expertise in the following domains: Error Control Coding, General DSP component libraries, Digital Control and Cryptography implementation.
Submitted: Feb 04, 2006

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